Child of Innocence

In Promo by Kaine Knightlord

Life is fragile for Kine. They are born to die, some violently some peaceful. When you look at a grave marker, you see the hyphen in between the years. All of their life, all of their existence in that one little mark.

A child is born, goes to school, gets a lover, starts a family, gets a job, works and dies.

A cycle repeated over and over, a meaningless existence. These kine believe they see it all in their lives, some refuse to accept the reality.

Some remain a child.

Unable to cope with what life throws at them, they protect themselves by a veneer of child-like innocence. They play with toys, watch cartoons, are unable to move past the blissful ignorance of childhood.

It’s a wonder watching them live their lives like this.

So broken, so unaware of what the world is like outside of their carefully constructed reality of innocence.

But it’s not always so easy to maintain such a sheltered world view.

The world doesn’t stand for rejection. And through the shattering, some will maintain this child-like behaviour. But now it’s darker, the world has infected them just enough to change them, and they don’t realize it.

You know what this is like. For so long you kept up this belief of yourself as a child. A good, innocent and pure being.

Untainted by the horrors of the world. But as time came in, you didn’t notice these cracks. Slowly the world infected you, ruined your views and you became a monster without ever seeing the change.

Time and again people looked at you and screamed, seeing the horror you really were. The child-like monster.

You tried to adapt, you tried to look like the others. But again, that child-like monster scratched and clawed until it came out. But this child was no longer oblivious, was he?

No, now this child knew what the rest of us did. You became an even worse monster, and even more twisted creature.

Before you could feign ignorance, the actions weren’t your own. They were nothing but the actions of an innocent being.

But now you play, like a child, but your monster is on full display.

The Child of Innocence is gone, and now the monster reigns supreme in our world, and you enjoy it.

The world has become your playground, your toybox. The people are nothing but your toys and nothing will ever take it away.

Except me.

Once again, life is knocking at the door. Your child-like behaviour is once again being threatened by the real world, tired of what you make of it.

You deny the darkness that this world exists in, pretend it’s not around.

Well, I’ll be sure to smash that veneer to pieces. I’ll make it irreparable so that you must lose every last bit of your innocence to survive in the dark.

Your toys, your wonder, won’t save you. Your Freeman Blasters and other weapons are useless.

Welcome to the World of Darkness.