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Chef D’oeuvre

“Intelligence is an interesting thing.”

“Some of our world’s greatest geniuses use their intelligence in order to create and invent. They use their knowledge to build contraptions and gadgets that allow them to be successful in every day life.”

“Though the way the human mind and intelligence works, it can be duplicated.”

“Those same devices that one man pours all of his genius into, is capable of replicating that same bit of intelligence.”

“These gadgets can be programmed to complete tasks on command. They are used as devices to give the creator a bit of an advantage over the common man.”

“Of all the wonders of artificial intelligence, one thing that it cannot seem to manage is creating a beautiful masterpiece.”

“Several of intelligent beings have poured their soul into coding the perfect AI. One that can, at the drop of a dime, create flawless pieces of art, yet they’ve all failed.”

“While they are able to create art in it’s most basic of forms, it lacks the technique and prowess of the human eye to be able to correct the mistakes it may make. This leads to the art being blemished and unsightly. It leads to the subject of the piece being deformed or crooked.”

“Stubbins Doom, you and I share a similar vision.”

“A vision of an end goal here in OSW. One that we will not fall short of doing the most we can to see come to life.”

“You’ve managed to create artificial intelligence and use your fancy contraptions to keep yourself ahead of the competition.”

“Since arriving in OSW, you’ve managed to stay ahead of the game so much so that you now hold the biggest prize that Olympus has to offer.”

“But those gadgets can’t keep you ahead of the masses forever. All that tech can mimic what a human is capable of, yet it cannot replicate the artistic brutality of my work.”

“Soon all of the time and genius you’ve put into inventing those gadgets will prove to have been for nothing.”

“So send your drones. Send those messages of yours that you relay via hologram, because at Pandemonium, I will perfect my technique.”

“I will steady my hand and I will create my biggest masterpiece to date by turning your physical being into a ghost.. a hologram that you so desire to portray.”

“Because those creations of yours are artificial. They are blemished and tainted. They will never be able to carry out the vision that you see in your head.”

“But mine? My creation shall be pure and beautiful. A finely handcrafted piece.”

“It will be the greatest piece of art that the eye of man ever did see. And it will be painted in your blood.”

“A  chef d’oeuvre worthy of being dawned in gold.”

“A work of beauty that depicts the rise and fall of Arcadia’s resident mastermind.”

“A pièce de résistance worthy of making me the next OSW Champion.”

“Don’t worry, your hologram will make a nice addition to my gallery.”

Jasper Redgrave