Chasing the Story.

In Colt Ramsey, Promo by Colt Ramsey

When a really good story presents itself, many people will chase it down.

And believe you me, they will find a way.

Some will be ruthless in their tactics.

They will take what they want by force, strong-arming witnesses to give them the scoop they desire.

Using violence where necessary, they will get everything they need to bring the story to print…or else.

Some will manipulate a situation to bend the story in their favor.

They’ll twist the words given to them to fit the narrative they demand.

Take advantage of those who don’t know better, just to get closer to that story.

Some are less evil but certainly assertive in their methods.

They know how to do it by the book, no matter what.

It takes a lot to get past the red tape, and trust me…there is a lot of red tape.

Plenty of hoops to jump through.

The aggressors will face pushback from those who don’t take kindly to abuse.

They will inevitably fall flat on their face, forced to go back to square one.

The manipulators will get caught telling one too many lies.

And when they do, their victims will flee to safety.

The assertive law-abiders will face a moral crisis when the story gets too close, too personal for them to follow.

They will have to bear with falling short of the goal because of a nagging sense of right and wrong.

As all these reporters get closer to the story they crave, they will trip themselves on these hurdles.

They will all be tempted by the impending lead to walk recklessly into a trap.

And that trap will tear them apart.

A lamb led right to the slaughter.

Just look at the slew of so-called journalists roaming around Arcadia.

Aggressors like Blacktooth, Mannfred Curze, and Jasper Redgrave.

They’ll be as ruthless and violent as they need, to accomplish their goals.

Manipulators like Damien Wolfe, Drexl, and El Mariachi Muerte.

They’ll have you eating out of the palm of their hand with every word they utter.

Assertive goody two-shoes like Jackson Cade, Kaiju Chiba, and Destructo Boy.

Holding that moral compass tightly in their hand until it bleeds.

The story they’re all after is far too big.

One by one, they will fall by the wayside.

They will be pummeled, sliced, and chopped to pieces in the process.

Because the aggressors will find themselves playing defense as they’re shoved back by those they oppress.

The manipulators will be outed, forced to face the consequences of their twisted words.

And the so-called righteous will be shaken by their doubt, revealed for the cowards they truly are.

Leaving only one behind to grab that all-important lead.

Colt Ramsey.

This is my story to chase.

Because my ways are not violent, manipulative, or overly-moralistic.

I’m simply after the truth.

The people deserve that much.

They want someone they can root for, the lamb that escaped the slaughter.

And you’ve got to give the people what they want.