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Had a watering hole I used to visit occasionally, I liked the quiet

Well one day this man walks in and says he could break any binding that was put upon him and started taking bets. 

The first time it was a set of APD hand cuffs, and he nearly shattered them in twain and the bar erupted. 

The next time, the place was a buzz as it was a large smuggler’s safe, and he was only locked inside before he kicked the door open. 

Now, when he walked through the door everyone jumped to their feet as they held up a set of thick slaver manacles, and when he snapped them that place went wild. 

He walked through the door on the final night, he issued an open challenge, and I rose from my seat producing a thin length of piano wire

He laughed until that wire went around his throat.  

Once he stopped struggling, the bar was quiet once more. 

CJ, you remind me of him. 

You have slipped whatever bonds that held you in your life. 

Nothing would hold you back, that’s why they call you Chainbreaker, right? 

You broke free of the hold of the APD’s hold you shattered those metaphorical handcuffs and became your own man. 

While you stood on your own feet you realized that you did need to do something to get ahead in this world. 

No matter what it took, you wanted to make a name for yourself.  

You became a smuggler, you became your own boss, and when crime lords attempted to lock you down or box you up.  

Well, you kicked the hinges off the proverbial safe they attempted to trap you in. 

You did it though by doing something so honorable. 

I mean it really could bring a tear to a glass eye. 

You saw someone who was in need, and you sacrificed. 

You stopped thinking about yourself being held back, if just for a moment, and you shattered the chains of someone else.   

You earned your spot here in Deathrow by breaking the manacles of slave and setting her free. 

Now you’re shackled again determined to make it off Deathrow yourself. 

You want to break the chains that the Hood has cast upon you. 

And I think you’re more than capable of breaking those bonds, too. 

However, your challenge is now me. 

The one man who knows how to keep you down. 

Don’t get it wrong, I know you’ll attempt to fight it, everyone has. 

What I know is in the end your eyes will bulge, you will wheezy, and gasp until eventually you surrender… 

Because the one chain you can’t break is my garrote

And when I wrap it around your throat the only bind that’ll break is the tenuous one tethering you to this mortal coil. 

Which is a shame, because I know at heart, you’re a semi-decent guy. 

Which is why I can promise you, in the end Nobody will miss you.  

Harold Attano