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Ceyx in Church

[The First Church of Zion.]

[Ceyx walks unaccompanied through the first church, edging closer towards the backstage of it all.]

[He steps behind the curtain.]

Fuck me.

[There’s white powder everywhere.]


[He snorts it, duh.]

[Everything else is a blur.]

[Hours go by.]






“What in all of Zion is this?”

[One of Lionel’s followers arrives at a wrecked church, finding Ceyx naked in a pew, one leg in the air.]

[He immediately grabs his nose.]

“And that smell?

[Ceyx farts.]

[A little shit comes out.]

[There’s an uncomfortable plop.]

[The follower walks carefully down the aisle, looking right towards Ceyx who lays covered in cocaine, his leaky asshole on display.]

[The stage has been besmirched. A golden statue of a lion has its glorious mane covered in dripping cum.]

[The collection plate has a very liquid turd half hanging off.]


[Now it’s on the stage.]

[And the stench of piss is strong.]

[Even Jinx didn’t smell this bad.]


[The follower bellows at the top of his lungs, awakening Ceyx with a gasp and a choke.]

[The Sovereign checks himself over for clothing, realizing he’s naked and shrugging. He puts a hand down and feels the gooey shit between his legs, taking a whiff and gasping.]

“What have you done?”

[Ceyx thinks about it.]

“Coke, I think?” [He queries.] “Maybe some ecstasy? Shrooms. There were definitely shrooms.”

[The follower looks down at him with disgust.]

“I meant what have you done to our glorious church. Do you know who this church belongs to, young man?”

“Some Lion douchebag who doesn’t like Ceyx, right?”

[Ceyx grins.]

“Not that Lion,” [he says pointing to the Mane statue.] “He fuckin’ loves me.”

[Ceyx stands up, sloppy shit dribbling from his asshole down his leg.]

[He shakes it free.]

“I came here to speak to the Lion of Zion about Ceyx. Word on the street is that your boss doesn’t like…”

“Sex, you moron. SEX.”

“That’s what I fuckin’ said, ain’t it? CEYX.”

[The follower growls.]

“You came to the Church and defiled it because you believe our glorious leader, Lionel Troy, doesn’t like… you?

[Ceyx nods.]

“And what’s not to like? I love the same drugs as he does.”

“He does NOT take drugs.”

“I love Lions like he does.”

“He does NOT love Lions like that.”

[Ceyx shrugs.]

“Well, then I may have gotten the wrong end of the stick. I admit it. Okay? I thought he didn’t like me. I wanted to show him he was wrong.”

“By ejaculating on his lion statue or defecating in his church?”

[That shocks Sovereign.]

“How the fuck do you make friends?”

[The follower shakes his head.]

“For the small fee of…”

[Sovereign laughs.]

“I don’t pay for it, mate.”

“Tell your boss Ceyx Sovereign came to the Church of Zion, fucked a Lion, came on a mane, shat in the collection plate and ate all his shrooms. He wanted more donations, right? I donated the fuck out of this place.”

[Ceyx shrugs, pointing at the shit stained pew.]

“Don’t worry about that, I’m sure it’ll buff out.”

Ceyx Sovereign