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Carbon Monoxied

[We open on a reporter who’s been allowed to venture into Deathrow with a camera.  He sits in bulletproof glass chamber across from a man wearing an elaborate gasmask in a similar chamber with a desk.] 

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been allowed to come to Deathrow for a dTv exclusive with one of the Competitors fighting for their lives.  This man being as dangerous as he is we’ve been separated in these containment cell to ensure…” 

[Nox speaks, interrupting the reporter, his voice a low and thick English Accent.] 

“Yes, safety, exactly what it is there for, Let’s move this along I have an experiment I’m conducting and the longer you gab the more it’ll skew the results.” 

[Nox’s eyes light up indicating a smile as he reaches into the desk and produces a bundle of dynamite.  The reporter instantly gasps in fright.] 

“Sir, how did you get that?!” 

[The masked man ignores the reporter, he has a point to make, and a schedule to keep.] 

“Trinitrotoluene, to the layman TNT.  Deadly, volatile, and extremely powerful.  I look at this and I think of men like Prophet, Meadows, Aster Grey, and Deathrow Champion Amataga Tuga.  They’re all explosive, they’re all powerful, and they’re all destructive.” 

[The reporter’s breath panicked and rapid as his eyes flit from the Dynamite to Nox.  Before the reporter’s expression grows perplexed as Nox sets the TNT down and pulls out a stone bowl with crimson powder inside.] 

“Ah, inquisitive I see, this is mixture of aluminum and rust, it can be mistaken as simply dust.  But the combination creates what’s known as thermite.  A very versatile thing, it burns hot enough to melt most metals.  It’s capable of bringing down most structures here in Arcadia with the correct amount.  Its nature reminds me of men like CJ Thorpe, Jasper Redgrave, Haywire, and Harvey Escher.  Because all these men are adaptable and dangerous enough that they on any given day can bring down the largest men on Deathrow.” 

[We hear Nox take a deep breath through his mask.] 

“But here’s the thing dynamite and thermite both require an ignition point, a flame to get them going, something to drive them.  Do you have a light?” 

[Dumbfounded and appearing weak, the reporter pulls out a match lighting it and it burns for less than half a second.  Then the reporter sinks back into his chair almost appearing to go to sleep.] 

“Odorless, colorless, you breathe it like air until there is no air left, it’s carbon monoxide, and it’ll choke you out without lifting a finger.  So, think about it, when you’re out there battling for Deathrow Championship.  How can you survive when you can’t trust the air around you?  How’re you going to succeed when you aren’t able to find the oxygen to ignite the fires power you?  The short answer well, it’s elementary, you won’t, you’ll shrivel up and die at the hands of…”