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Burning Anger

“Have you ever felt betrayed?”

“It feels like being stabbed in the chest by the one person you trusted most. The physical pain of being stabbed hurts like hell, but the mental and emotional anguish that comes from it? It hurts way more.”

“And when they leave you for dead on the ground where you lay, a burning ember will sit in your stomach. If you happen to survive the traitorous act, you’ll try to snuff it out by burying it with other, more pressing issues.”

“But overtime, the more you try to push it aside and not think about it, it will begin to make itself known. That ember will turn into a massive fire that feeds off of your anger. Eventually, that measly little ember will turn into an inferno that cannot be stopped.”

“It’ll consume you, and all you can think about is getting even with the ones who wronged you. Looking for something, anything to fuel your flames.”

“You’ve recently learned that not everything may be as it seems, isn’t that right Falcon? I know that feeling all too well. I have a big and bloody reminder on my head to prove it.”

“It’s a new feeling for you. You’ve placed your full trust in this Zookeeper only for him to stab you in the chest after a janitor revealed he was formerly a member of your Kingdom.”

“You don’t understand why he would omit there being members of this group before you guys. You and your four friends were supposed to be first members of a group of crime fighting heroes, why would he withhold information about there being others before you?”

“Are you truly as expendable as the cleaner made you out to be?”

“Ruminating on this act of betrayal left you angry. And now you’re seeking something, anything, to fuel that soon to be fire.”

“Unfortunately for you, you’re in the path of an all consuming inferno. One that recently had the child he tried to keep out of danger level him with the weapon he passed down to him. A child that had no hesitation when it came time to push the inferno into the Odyssey Pool.”

“You’re in my war path. You’re just an ember that’s waiting to be consumed by my fire.”

“You’re inexperienced when it comes to feeding the fires, Red. Your anger towards the Zookeeper isn’t as strong as my need to save my son from Doom’s clutches by any means necessary. As such, you’ll simply be absorbed into my all consuming rage just like everyone else that dares to stand in my way.”

“By all means, Falcon. Take your best shot at me. Use those talons of yours to tear me apart. Channel your anger towards your master and take it out against me. It won’t be enough.”

“My anger is far more dangerous than any sort of temper tantrum you can pull.”

“Be careful when getting in the path of a raging inferno. You just might get burned.”