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Bull Shit

In the depths of Sanctuary, sounds of angry animals come from a singular pen. We see the Yellow Python leap out from one with a backflip, landing safely away. This is quickly followed by the crash of something colliding into the wooden fence, and a pair of horns sticking out.

“You gotta give credit to a bull like Fernando here. They’re incredibly strong animals.”

He catches his breath briefly and walks forward to the horns, where Fernando struggles to remove himself.

“They’re incredibly strong animals, with an insane amount of force. There’s a reason we’ve got the term bull headed. When a bull sees a problem, they hunker down and charge forth, tearing everything up in their way.”

As he reaches the fence, we hear the panicked sounds of the bull, realizing that he’s become stuck.

“But when you lower your head down and push forward, you don’t see all that well. That’ll get you stuck if you aren’t careful, or worse. There’s been plenty of times we’ve had to get this fella out of some sticky situations.”

Grabbing the horns gently, he helps push Fernando free of the fence, who trots off somewhere with a snort.

“I see a lot of Fernando in people like that Chadwick fella. Got a good taste of his horns the last couple of months. When something gets him mad, he just charges the problem head on. Throwing himself into it again and again until the problem is pieces under him.”

“But like bulls, there’s one catch. He’s very easily distracted. I mean all it took was a flash of yellow to lure him away from the lamplight that caught his eye. And when he did, he charged forward and made me his direct problem.”

He looks down for a minute, the wear of everything showing through the suit for a minute before he continues.


“The thing was though, he had to have me pinned down. Like a bull, he moved only in a straight line forward. Once I was able to evade, slithering out of the way, I could read him. Because a bull focuses on movements, flashes of color to get around.”


“And Chadwick, you’re the bull. From the shit you’ve spewed to the way you fight, there ain’t a better animal out there for ya. Between you and the barnyard, you’ve certainly paved the way for all of Arcadia to smell the shit you’ve brewed.”

“See though, this time you don’t have the crew to back it up. There isn’t a team to tangle me up, no surprise to pin me down. You’ll charge forward as you always do, distracted by my yellow to not see it coming. Then Bam! You’re trapped up in the ropes.”

He looks back to the pen, before standing up. The weariness leaves his shoulders, and he turns to face us with a newfound strength and vigor.

“All you’ll see is a flash of yellow, and you’ll be on the ground. Just like the bullshit you are.”

The Yellow Python