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That which is most fragile receives the most protection.

I see a glass vase.

There are many others like it, found all across Arcadia. But this vase sits within squalor. It is battered, brittle but hasn’t broken yet.

To many, it would be seen as worthless.


But not all that lies in the dirt is worthless. The vase is watched, noticed. It is wrapped and placed in a box where it can be safe.

I see what it is wrapped in. I see bubblewrap.

The wrapping holds the glass vase tightly, nestling it into safety as it escorts it out of harms way. That which protects the vase on the journey, ensuring a safe passage.

But what happens when the journey is complete, and the glass vase finds itself sitting back safe upon the mantle in its own rightful place?

What becomes of the once vitally important bubblewrap?

It gets tossed aside.



It has served its purpose and the only thing left is to find another vase to protect.

Arcadia is not a place where glass vases fare too well. The slums exist for the purposes of breaking such vessels, so that the golden shining chalices that live on the Upper Levels can glitter ever so more brightly.

Yet, walking amongst the brittle glass vases are the few heroic souls that exist to serve and save.

You are one such “Protector of the People”, Kpavio .

Where there is brittle glass that threatens to be crushed by the violence of Arcadia’s ways, you are the bubblewrap that encases it in its moment of need and stops it from being cracked. It’s what drew you to Gemini, her naivety shone to you like a fragile glass vase that you could shield from harm. Like a big brother that protects his little sister.

Like a roll of bubblewrap protecting a fragile vase.

But once the protecting has been completed, and Gemini shows you she can stand on her own two feet, your task is completed.

That which was fragile stands strong, and no longer needs to be wrapped tightly.

Where does that leave you?

Tossed aside.



Desperately seeking the next fragile glass vase in need of your protection. It is a thankless life. The bubblewrap was never the prize, only the protection of that which truly matters.

The glass vase. All those souls you saved, and for what purpose?

To fade into the night and start the cycle again.

I seek not to protect glass vases, Kpavio. For such bubblewrappery is ultimately cyclic and pointless. I seek to empower the glass to see the truth for itself.

That it was never worthless to begin with, it has been blinded to think so.

I am no bubblewrap. I am an awakener.

I cast visions and clear lies.

I do not protect.

For bubblewrap is only effective so long as it maintains its integrity.

Once the bubbles have all been popped, it serves no purpose at all.

And I’m pretty sure that if I stand on your skull, I can make it go pop.