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Breath Deep…

Observation is my favorite part of the scientific method and I’ve been studying the inhabitants of Deathrow for years now. 

They think they’re in control of their destiny?

That the air they breathe is free? 

But I can tell them all that Free will is the biggest illusion that anyone could ever have.  There’s always someone pulling the strings. 

You can surround yourself with your friends, family, and sycophants, it’ll never be enough to escape the pull. 

I’ve observed it firsthand.  I saw the strings of so many, it was the most exhilarating experience of my life.        

As I walked through that level of Arcadia, my people, my army, ready to go to war 

I held their strings in my hands, and I could pull on any of them. 

Now, the Uprising has come to Deathrow and my observation is the same.  They’ve surrounded themselves with men yearning to breathe free. 

Trapped down here believing their free will can deliver them to the levels above.   

They think they control their futures. 

Their hope is that defeating Max Meadows’ contingent of prisoners will lift them from here to freedom. 

But I think Uprising is forgetting one thing… 

They’re not my equals. 

Redgrave you think your art will bring you control. 

While Dahlia and the failed grade school project of Doom’s attempt will themselves to freedom. 

Grey surrounds himself in your fog of mystery and ambiguity. 

At the same time Escher, a man after my own heart observes his little box. 

All of them believe they are exercising their own “Free will” however the keen observer realizes that CJ Thorpe is simply pulling the strings of all of them for his war. 

They are nothing but test subjects in my scientific process but honestly, I have grown tired of being an observer. 

So, breathe deep as Nox the variable floods your world. 

While you feel your alleged free will slip away with every breath you take. 

The entirety of Arcadia will witness in horror as Deathrow’s most psychotic fall to me. 

As Jasper Redgrave’s artistry becomes my weapon to unleash on them all as I take control. 

Dahlia and Doom’s mental wills break and their freedom becomes nothing but my plaything. 

A fog of Nox replaces Grey’s fog of ambiguity surrounding him as he becomes my undying servant. 

Finally, Harvey’s little box is flooded with my gas, and he becomes nothing more than my interior decorator. 

It is elementary, really. You all either succumb to Nox or you die trying to resist it. It matters very little to me because, in the end, everything dies. I will become the caustic ruler of Deathrow and Frostbite will be my first step in this process and all because you all believe free will is an actual thing.   

I will hold all of their strings and they will dance to my will, it will be exciting, and…    

All the more proof that we are not equals, remember this.