In Promo, Vision by Vision

Many things in life are not what they seem, the worst things never are.

I see a bouquet of roses.

Outwardly, the bouquet smells divine. It is well packaged and presented in a way that entices the common man to take a sniff. Unsure, wearily, followers approach the bouquet and they begin to take in the scent of the flowers.

With one sniff, they are hooked.

They believe in the flowers and the power they present. They do not question, because the common man cannot tell the difference between the scent of roses and the stench of bullshit.

When the evil one hands you a bouquet of roses, there’s always a dagger inside.

Things are not what they appear to be.

The foolish smell the roses, enticed by their scent. They hold onto the rose stems, ignoring the barbs cutting into their flesh for just another sniff. The rose will bring them freedom, they are told.

They would endure the dagger inside because to them it is the only way to smell the roses that they desire.

You leave them with no other way, Grimskull.

For they are your roses.

You tell your people that enduring pain is like sniffing the rose, it is the path to the freedom they seek. Enduring the life and the cards they are dealt will bring them a bouquet of roses in return.

Yet you never tell them about the dagger hidden in the bouquet.

That the more they smell the roses, the more pain they must endure.

The more the dagger stabs them, the more it drains them.

Pain brings emptiness, enduring this is only foolishness intended to drain the masses of their power to fight back. You have created a following of people that are not awakened, but drained of their own life.

Is that the freedom you preach of?

Freedom to put up with bullshit, simply because they cannot smell it over the stench of your roses?

I see them, crawling over themselves to get a sniff of the words you preach. To hold upon your message their hopes of something better.

And you only offer them promises of freedom upon death.

They cannot perceive what your words truly mean.

The real truth is multifaceted. The Third Eye offers something more than simply covering up the injustices of Arcadian life.

What if freedom shouldn’t be the only thing you aim for in this life?

The Third Eye enlightens and awakens. It allows people to smell the world for what it truly is.

To see that even though your roses smell sweet, truly heightened noses can smell the bullshit from a mile away.

For the dagger is laced in it.

But I can.

I have come to take your bouquet of roses and crush it upon the ground.

To expose the dagger of lies for what it truly is.

So that everyone can see just how much this world reeks of bullshit, without the mask of rose-tinted promises covering it up.

Wake up, Arcadia, and stop smelling the roses.