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If there’s anything I’ve learned in this life, it’s that people will chase anything for a chance to be seen as beautiful.

They will cover themselves in ink. They will disguise their face with makeup. The most extreme will allow a paralysis agent to enter their bloodstream willingly simply so they don’t appear to age.

For the uninitiated, that act is more commonly known as botox.

A permanent grin and a face that cannot move is the most common sign that someone has chosen to proceed with the procedure.

They slowly get the feeling back to their faces but not before denying time its daily delight of carving wrinkles into the living statue that is the human body.

The fear of aging is prevalent within those who pursue beauty as an artform or who need it to function in their daily lives or personal and professional relationships.

It’s so prevalent in fact that people schedule these treatments months and months in an attempt to ensure they’re always ahead of the curse of aging.

The problem though is that every time they try to avoid looking like they age, they have the chance to expedite the final action aging normally leads to.

That’s because the same chemical that prevents wrinkles from happening is the same same chemical that causes botulism, an illness that not only paralyzes your face but all of your body.

It can make it hard to breathe, make every muscle shut down, and even kill you.

If the person injecting botox into the bloodstream miscalculated how much a person needs, that miniscule mismeasurement could be the difference between looking good on the streets and looking amazing in a box.

Why do I bring up botox and it’s properties?

Because this toxin is the perfect representation of toxic people.

Allure and danger wrapped up in one package.

They will make you feel like the most beautiful person in the room yet have the potential to take everything away the moment something goes wrong.

Look no further than Colt Ramsay.

I want you to really look into him, Drewitt and Drexl.

After all, he might make you feel more powerful, put that permanent grin on your face knowing that you have a former tag champion in your corner.

Someone rooting for you, ready to fight for you but let’s be very real, if someone on your team is going lose this match for you, it’s him.

We were the tag champions defeating the last two world champions in one night.

He didn’t win it for us, I grabbed those belts.

The moment they’re on the line, he’s still on his back leading to our defeat in the first round of Double Tap.

You can inject him into your team hoping for that boost in being noticed.

You do it wrong though and that toxin will do what it does best, make you lay down and take away any chance at success down the road.

You won’t even get to smile when the beautiful disaster happens.