Bloody Monday

In Promo, Scissors by Scissors

You’re bleeding everywhere, little buddy.

You’ve got a little red on you. 

I think it’s safe to say we’ve got a gusher, folks.

Digging back into the memory of old Felix the Puppet here and I can see you’ve been bleeding for a long long time, Jackson.

I’m not your puppet.

It’s funny, Jackson thought the same thing of Jasper Redgrave.

In fact, both physically and mentally, he’s been busted wide open since he kicked down that door all those months ago. He’s been bleeding all over the place and no matter what he’s tried, he simply can’t stem the flow.

All that iron leaking about.

Jasper Redgrave bled you like a stuck pig. He cut into your heart, mind, and soul. He tore away flesh and replaced it with the open savage wounds of bloody agony and you had no choice but to bleed.

Emotionally with Riggs, you bled everywhere. When he physically hung you like the piece of meat that you are, you bled… everywhere.

You bled away all that blue.

And all that’s left is red. 

Lovely, beautiful, compelling red.

And when you tried to put a band aid on it, you started making others bleed too. Harold Attano is soaked in your bloody disgrace and Pegg? That poor guy is nearly dead.

To say you’ve got blood on your hands is an understatement, little buddy.

How long do you think you can keep bleeding before the end inevitably comes? You pesky little mortals only have so many pints of blood before the loss of it becomes too much.

You’ve got a problem though, Jackson.

All that blood around you in the water – blood that you cause, blood that you seep and gush, it beckons.

And Shark’s like me can smell it from a mile away. I can taste the iron, Jack.

It’s on the tip of my tongue.

In these waters of Olympus, you have a hierarchy of dominance and I’m the Shark that sits right at the very top. I’m the Apex Predator.

You’re bleeding so profusely, so badly, so frequently, that Jackson Cade is the most prominent and tasty treat on this entire roster. You’re finger lickin’ good, Jack. Nom nom, get in my belly, little fishy.

Yum yum.

This coming Bloody Monday, I’m getting to chow down on one hell of a feast. Because when Jasper Redgrave stuck you, he started a chain reaction that leaves Jackson Cade as one bloody meal for the right hungry Shark.

And I’m hungry, Jack.

I can smell the blood in the water.

I can see the red from a mile away.

On Bloody Monday, the table is set.

All that’s left is to eat.