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Blood Runner

Every member of the surgical team must perform their duties expertly and cohesively in order to preserve the best possible outcome for the patient.

The difference between life or death could all simply boil down to whether or not someone can properly do their job during a critical juncture of surgery.

I was performing a routine tooth extraction on a man who, despite his horrific dietary choices, cooked and provided for a large number of Arcadians that he led through tough times in the Bleak.

You could say he was the head of the snake, and his long tail constituted his loyal followers.

Well, when I pulled that black fang out of his mouth, out flowed a seemingly endless fountain of blood.

Unable to properly cauterize it, I called for the blood runner to transfuse packed red cells.

But the blood runner didn’t play his part within our team, and my patient exsanguinated and died.

When I first saw your dirty, rotten, cavity-filled mouth it reminded me of that black day, Blacktooth.

Besides needing to bathe in a fountain somewhere, my first impression was that you, like that patient of mine, desperately needed a tooth extraction.

You’re the head snake of the Bloodrunners. You slither around the dirt, dragging your underbelly through the grime to blaze a trail for your clan. Your diet of human meat, though it provides a means of sustenance for you all to be able to survive, will ultimately be the downfall for you and your followers.

You see, not only is cannibalism frowned upon by society at large, but also the cholesterol and fat from all the red meat you’ve eaten has built up and damaged the enamel on your teeth.

See, the choices you make all add up eventually, and in order for your body to work cohesively without failure, you must make choices that will lead to the best possible outcome for yourself.

One way or another, your tooth rot is going to kill you because your critical functioning has been compromised.

Now unfortunately, I have no surgical intervention planned to cure your tooth infection and it’s secondary gingivitis.

No, I’m aiming for a bigger target than your measly tooth…

I’m targeting the head of the snake, and I’m going to amputate your whole fucking head.

No cautery or other form of hemostasis will put a stop to the fountain of blood that erupts from your neck, and without your Bloodrunners at ringside to protect you, you have no hope of surviving me, Tooth Rot.

You and I both know what happens when you cut the head off a snake:

The tail fails to function properly.

Death is the only intervention for you, dirtbag.

Say goodbye to your all followers, because after I render you unable to lead or provide for them, your Bloodrunners will have absolutely no use for your services any longer.

Your cohesive unit is going to fail you at Clash 311.

It’s time for your amputation.

Now take a deep breath, and close your eyes…

See you on the other side, Blacktooth.

Dr. Death