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Inside the cemetery section of the Mortuary, a more heavily bandaged Burned Man is seen standing over Sarah’s grave. He sheds a silent tear as he looks over her resting place. With a shaky sigh, he wipes his eyes and looks down at his wife’s plot of land.

“Hello Sarah. I’m sorry I didn’t visit you sooner. I tried to get Faith to come down here with me, but he won’t even listen to what I have to say since I made a mistake going after the puppet master.”

Maxwell stews in silence for a moment.

“Look, I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for what I failed to do. Due to my failure, I’ve become blinded by rage and desired justice for your death. However, I’m only driving this family further apart with my obsession.”

Another beat.

“I wish you were still with us. You’d be able to help me see where I went wrong and tell me how to fix it. Instead, I’d have to rely on one of the preachers to guide me towards the right path.”

TBM balls his fists and shakes his head.

“If only they weren’t as blind as I am.”

The mummy proceeds to turn away from Sarah’s grave and looks up at the sky.

“V1sion in particular is blinded by his sheer hatred for Grimskull. He claims to see a war approaching, but he does nothing to prepare or prevent it from coming. Instead, he continues to provoke the opposing side as if he was bullying a child.”

A short pause.

“His desire to eliminate his old friend once and for all blinds all three of your eyes. He ignores his prisms and abandoned his teachings in favor of a shortsighted goal; finishing the job he failed to accomplish so many years ago.”

He sighs again.

“Say he succeeds in getting rid of the preacher of pain. What did he manage to accomplish other than killing a man? He didn’t prove that the Third Eye religion is superior, he just made the rest of Grimskull’s followers very angry and vengeful.”

He turns back to Sarah’s grave, calming himself down by taking a few deep breaths.

“I’m glad none of us were indoctrinated into his sect. We used our eyes to see through the bullshit and avoided the red hot poker. If we hadn’t, who knows where we’d be now? Probably buried right alongside you if his recent ritual is anything to go by.”

A third beat.

“I promise to find the ones who set fire to our home and make them pay. I promise to raise my boy into the hero we always saw him becoming. When I do, I won’t be blinded by short term obsessions any more.”

He begins to walk away from Sarah’s grave, not breaking eye contact with it as he moves backwards.

“But before I can, I have to remind V1sion what happened when he had his eyes removed. He wasn’t careful with it, and as a result, he got burned.”

We fade to black on Sarah’s grave as TBM walks out of frame.