Blind Man

In Promo by Sir Bellator

He was born blind and wanted nothing more than to see. To gaze upon the world with his own eyes.

A beggar who called out the deepest desires of his heart, and the Lord granted him sight. By a miracle, he was given vision.

He rejoiced, his heart filled with a new found vigour for life.

Yet the vision granted that was life-changing for him, was a mere pittance compared to most. For the more he saw, the more he realised that what seemed like vibrant greens of nature and grass to others, what seemed like bright reds of flowers and beautiful artworks to the rest of the world… Seemed somewhat dull and boring to him.

What others saw as vibrant, he saw as shades of yellow, blue and brown. Though his blindness was healed, his affliction had stopped him from ever realising that he was in fact colourblind.

He had begged to be set free, and he was. But his freedom was granted into a world that he could never truly understand like others could.

You were once blind, Vigour.

Born into a monochrome world, it was all that you knew. Black and white, night and day. There was no room in your mind for colour.

Not until you experienced it.

Like the blind man healed by miracle, your eyes were opened.

Thrust into a world of colour. Our world. Yahweh’s world.

And you quickly found your friends to help you experience all the colours. Starboy showed you a soiree of rainbow, where any and all colours areĀ embraced, any manner of sin is accepted.

In your eagerness to experience the world, you were swept into that rainbow. It was all new, eye-opening.

So much so that you would reach out to the devil himself to keep it that way. Goro Nakamura was only too happy to take advantage of your desperation to stave off your blindness a little longer.

But you’re still seeing colour through a monochrome lens, you do not understand that which is in front of your face.

The greens of greed and deception, you see in dull tones of muted friendships.

The reds of love and passion, you see in tones of black and white.

In your monocrome existence, there is no room for the vibrancy and colour of the human experience.

Not truly.

The more colours you surround yourself with, the easier it is to hide the grey.

That you’re blind, seeing for the first time colours they do not understand.

That though you may see, you are still colourblind to reality.

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.

The blind man was never meant to see.

Ring King is not the place where the blind inherit the Earth, but where those who see the truth shine it for others to follow.

I am that light that you cannot perceive.

You will forever be blind to the truth.

Only the truth may set you free, so you will forever remain colourblind, pretending you see what we see.

But the blind man will always be blind.