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If there’s one thing people know about me, it’s my life’s mantra.

There is beauty in everything.

Not many people know exactly where it started.

You see, I had some learning disabilities growing up mostly when it came to reading.

I have dyslexia so without help or the training I have now, words just became cluttered.

Letters flickered like a dying light.

E and it’s amputee brother, F were particular villains for my mind.

Because of this, I went to classes with other students who had their own issues.

My best friend was a young boy the other kids called blind as a bat Matt, our teacher paired us up at first because of our strengths and weaknesses.

He taught me how to read braille, didn’t have to look at the letters if I could feel them.

In return, I explained to him how the world looked.

He didn’t know the different colors and specific aesthetic factors of the world so I had to figure out what he knew, what he could visualize, and instead of speaking concrete details, I had to use metaphors and how something felt instead of how something looked.

Whenever I described something, he was ecstatic.

He reacted to me describing a tree the same way a person reacts to fireworks.

His oohs and ahs weren’t contained to the objectively beautiful things in this world.

We went to a recycling plant on a field trip and while describing what others would call garbage, he was happy and said something that has stuck with me my entire life.

“Don’t you see how blessed we are, Cissy? We throw away metal that our ancestors would have held on to for dear life? We toss spices that people have died over? All these things are so precious and they’re thrown away, discarded and forgotten about, seen as nothing special the way the rest of the world sees me. I’m glad you see me as I see these things.”

The words hit me like a freight train.

I was always his third eye but he helped me to truly see.

If he could see the world as beautiful simply by the way I described it, I could see everything that way with the natural gift we are given.

Yet, some choose to not see the world, would rather give up beauty for prophecy.

They would rather see the world for what it will be rather than what it is.

They would give up two eyes for one and ouy of respect for my best friend, I have to simply ask why?

There are people out here who would do anything for what you gave up.

To see the world as it naturally is,all of its beauty and wonder from the Bleak to Mount Olympus.

Every vivid detail would be cherished by them and held on to like a prized possession.

For your sake, I hope the future is more beautiful than what we have now.

If not, it’s more than your eyes that got burned.

From one third eye to another, I really hope you see your mistake.