Blank Canvas

In Jasper Redgrave, Promo by Jasper Redgrave

“Arcadia has seen it’s fair share of artist.”

“Some of them have even gone on to create works of art that become known throughout all of Arcadia as masterpieces.”

“To an untrained eye, these pieces are perfect. But upon further inspection, each of these pieces possess their own flaws. There’s never been a true masterpiece of perfection.”

“A young man once painted a huge portrait of a woman. She was supposed to be the ideal image of a flawless beauty. Many gawked in awe at the painting, citing it for it’s magnificence.”

“But on the right foot of the woman being portrayed, the side of the foot stuck out a bit too far. So much so that it could be interpreted as a sixth toe.”

“An old woman set out to sculpt the perfect statue of Zeus himself. While many looked at this beautiful sculpture as a truly flawless masterpiece, a closer glance would prove to show it was flawed as well.”

“For the most part, the sculpture was anatomically correct. However, there was a blemish in the marble that was used that meant the artist had to skip something as simple as a back muscle.”

“The fact is, none of these works of art could ever truly be considered a masterpiece.”

“As an artist, one of the most essential parts of their work is finding the perfect canvas.”

“Olympus is that blank canvas.”

“This week at Clash, I will begin work on the ultimate masterpiece.”

“A flawless work that will depict the true story of Arcadia in all of it’s gloom and glory.”

“Through the blood, sweat, and tears of my victims I shall paint the perfect illustration of chaos and beauty. Using the violence and evilness that dwells within Arcadia, I will create a work of art that will display this world’s story.”

“At Clash, I will draw the blood of my first subjects. I will pile the bodies of those who oppose me in the center of that canvas and I will make them the focal point of a masterpiece.”

“I will take their limbs and spread them across my blank canvas. I will use their lifeless bodies in such a position that it portrays the truth of Arcadia.”

“Old School Wrestling may be a blank canvas, but I can see the beauty that shall soon unfold onto it’s page.”

“And it begins here and now.”

“I will not stop until Olympus has been conquered. I will become the focal point of this masterpiece and it will be upon my head that the crown of Arcadia will come to rest.”

“For this blank canvas will soon become my pièce de résistance!”

“And it all begins with the flowing river of crimson that will flow from the bodies of those who oppose me.”

“Some may say that Arcadia is a cesspool of violence and chaos, but I will paint it in all of it’s glory.”

“A true work of art.”

“A masterpiece.”