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Big Game Hunting


“Long ago, there was a young boy who lived amongst the hunters of Arcadia.”

“The young boy wanted nothing more than to be the greatest hunter that Arcadia had ever seen. Only there was a slight problem.”

“The ritual of the tribe would be to gather at the end of each day with their captures. The tribe had great hunters, each of them bringing some of the biggest beasts back to offer the public.”

“Except for the boy. No matter what, his capture was always smaller than the rest.”

“He was often discarded as a hunter all together.”

“His peers would always laugh at his offering, shrugging him off and telling him that he wasn’t the hunter that he thought he was.”

“But the young boy was determined to prove them wrong.”

“And so, he sat out on the biggest journey that any hunter had attempted previously.”

“Legend had it that nestled deep in the groves was a mythical beast. One that had slain many of hunter who tried to disturb it. Going after this beast was considered a deathwish.”

“A few days go by without sight of the young boy. Each day would pass, the hunter’s would gather for their nightly ritual, but the boy would not show up with an offering. He was assumed to have fallen victim to the beast like so many before him.”

“On the third day, however, as the hunter’s were gathering to feast upon the day’s captures, the boy showed up.”

“Carrying the mythical beast that no other hunter could slay over his shoulder.”

“For months, I’ve been here in OSW trying to prove my worth, only to be discarded by Luther Grim as not the hunter I claim to be.”

“For months, this asshole has discarded my abilities. Despite becoming NXT Level Champion, he still refuses to acknowledge me on the same level as himself.”

“Just like the young boy, Luther has discarded me. He’s laughed at me and he’s overlooked me.”

“However, once again there’s a great mythical beast that dwells within Arcadia.”

“Her name is Gemini, and even Luther couldn’t topple this giant.”

“And just like that young boy, I have a determination burning in my stomach.”

“This week, I will set out on a journey of my own.”

“A journey to conquer the mythical beast known as Gemini. A journey to prove Luther Grim and the rest of Arcadia wrong.”

“I’m coming for your head, Gemini.”

“When the rest of the warriors are left licking their wounds, I will appear on the horizon with the biggest of prized trophies.”

“I will slay you, Gemini.”

“I will do what Luther Grim himself failed to do.”

“By ridding OSW of the plague that you are, Gemini, I will prove that I am the most prized hunter that Arcadia has to offer.”

“You’re the big game around here. You’re the prize that many of men have sought after, yet nobody has managed to slay.”

“At Thunder, I will drop your lifeless corpse at the foot of anyone who dare doubt my abilities.”

“And I will become the greatest hunter that Arcadia has ever seen.”[/terminal]