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Big Game


“Big game hunting can be a dangerous venture.”

“Not only do you have to be strong enough to take down your prey, but sometimes you need to be able to outwit them. Sometimes you may be required to stay ahead of them.”

“The bigger the game, the harder the task. Sometimes, it takes your every effort to narrow your vision and focus not on what’s around you, but the target in front of you.”

“In the depths of The Groves, many dangerous beings may lurk the darkness. Disregarding your surroundings and focusing on one prey could leave you quite vulnerable.”

“You may have forgotten who I am, Luther Grim, but I have kept an eye on you. The last time we met, I told you that we will go around and around over and over again until you never forget who I am again.”

“I struck a desire within you. I fed the fire of a hunter that loves to track and I told you that we would meet again. For the past few months, I’ve watched as you’ve looked for another path to get to me.”

“Aarman Fidel saw that same unwaivering desire you had to find me again. He came to you with the chance to take down some of the biggest, most dangerous game that resides here in Arcadia, and at first, you turned a cold shoulder.”

“But the devil always finds a way to strike a deal, and with a simple promise of helping you find your way back to me, he has detoured you from your mission. He manipulated you into giving him exactly what he wants..”

“And thus you trekked into the depths of the Groves in search of the Queen of Pestilence. Your focus on finding me has become broken as your sight has narrowed on a new target.”

“It doesn’t take a hunter to know that your enemy is at it’s weakness when it’s caught off guard.”

“You’ve broken one of the oldest rules of the hunter’s handbook. You’ve committed a rookie mistake in allowing Fidel to cloud your judgement. You’ve allowed his silver-tongue to talk you into a side quest that you don’t belong on.”

“That makes you weak. That makes you vulnerable.”

“You took your eyes off the big trophy prize and you’ve been distracted by an entrancing doe because someone else claims they’re more of a threat. I’m the big game in this situation, Luther.”

“You’ve become distracted. You’ve left your neck open, hunter.”

“Again, it seems you’ve made the mistake of forgetting who I am.”

“We both know what happened the last time you forgot about me, don’t we?”

“This week, you may come to slay the one they call Nergal, but it is you that will fall victim to their demise.”

“You may have walked away from our last meeting, but this time I’ll be sure you never come looking for me again.”

“This time, I’ll leave your lifeless corpse as sacrifice to the Queen of Pestilence.”

“You’re playing a dangerous game, Luther.”

“One that you lost a long time ago.”[/terminal]