Big Energy

In Promo by Starboy



You ever get that feeling when you’re around someone your sexually attracted to?

You just have this raw, animal, attraction to them.

You haven’t even bumped uglies yet, but for some reason something is drawing you into them.

Could it be gray sweats season and you could see the outline of their meat pole?

Or is it the right bit of cold out and you could see their nipples as their milk jugs press against their tight white shirt?

Maybe it’s the way they lick their lips after they take a sip from their Caramel Frappuccino?

They just have this aura about them that makes you want to just pounce on them.

Rip their shirt off and throw it onto the ground.

And use your tongue to write your name on their soft, salty skin.

As they claw their fingers deep into your skin.

While you start to breathe heavily and moan softly into their ear while your lips envelope their lobe.

Something about them draws you in and makes you turn into this wild, animalistic creature.

But you can’t quite put your finger on it.

So instead you stick your finger in places so naughty we don’t dare speak about them because it’s…


It’s their presence.

It’s their vibe.

It’s their energy.

And no one on the Old School Wrestling roster gives off that type of energy like the Indestructible Mountain himself…


If you’d let me, STARBOY would love nothing more than to draw from the wellspring of the mighty mountain.

My cup is half full…

Or is it half empty?

I’m sure that you have enough to fill my cup.

STARBOY wants nothing more than to grab you by your life force and feel that energy deep inside of me.

Let’s test your discipline shall we?

Let’s see how much discipline you have and how durable your wellspring really is?

How long can you last in mountain pose with STARBOY looking like a delicious snack right in front of you without erupting from your life force?

STARBOY can’t wait to see you draw from the well spring and stick those fingers not into his chest but right up his chocolate starfish and show him how enlightened your mountain really is.

But we all know why you’re really here.

It’s because you are attracted to STARBOY like a moth to a flame and you just can’t quite put your finger on it.

So why don’t you stick it in where the sun don’t shine.

And STARBOY will show you exactly why.

Because I’m a bad bitch, I’m your curiosity and I’m your fantasy.

Because STARBOY’s got that big dick energy.

Just don’t erupt from your life force too early and shoot your well spring load.

So hit that mountain stance daddy-o and let’s see if you’re big and strong like mountain, strong like Bull.

Power up and fill my cup.

Cause if you don’t, STARBOY will just have to give you a mouthful.

STARBOY’s coming for you…

…and he always CUMS!!!