Between Men and Monsters

In Aarman Fidel, Promo by Zeus

Imagine your average man.

He has a respectable 9-5 job, a beautiful wife, 2.5 kids in that white picket suburbia. Donates to charity, helps his fellow neighbour and even goes to church on sundays. From anyone’s outside perspective, he has everything he ever wanted.

Yet some small part of him yearns for something more.

A primal desire for glory, punishment and fame. A need for anything beyond perfection.

But he’s too wrapped up in his warm blanket of fabricated complacency and the fear of what change would make him lose to ever try.

Now image the terrifying monster that lies in the shadows.

VIcious, savage, without moral constraint or conviction. A being that has reverted by to a primal id that thrives on darkness and death.

Yet evil has not truly consumed his soul as there’s a small part of him that wishes for something other then chaos.

True control where fear is demanded yet its interwoven with respect rather then hatred.

But the feral animal can never walk on two legs if he cannot stop instinctual need for instant gratification rule his soul.

Many a soul have walked through my doors all wanting that little piece of paradise that the lord of the sky denies them.

Their wants are numerous but whether its riches, power, love or simple acceptance,

It all comes down to what their heart desires most.

And the lengths they are willing to go to claim it

Can a man change his entire existence on a simple flight of fancy even if he has to rise into the light shrouded in darkness?

Would a monster have the capabilities to reign in the savagery to become something other then just another wild animal that needs to be put down?

The truth is that it takes an almost inhuman amount of guile and desire for any mortal being to claim their hearts desire and I have seen far too many man or monster try and fail to walk that path.

And i do hope dear Blacktooth that you prove to be the exception to the rule.

A monster who spreads fear and panic amongst any who survive your frenzied assaults as you devour and consume the unlucky

Yet a man who shows empathy and love for those you deem worthy. Who has limits and a clear drive for something more.

So tell me Mr Tooth, what is it you truly desire?

Is it to continue to languish at the bottom of the heap, to feed upon vagrants, whores and the scum of society

Or do you wish to become a symbol of fear, worshipped by all as even the ambrosia of divinity is not beyond your palate?

Would you risk the wrath of Zeus himself in order to tear out his heart?

I can make this happen my dear boy, turn the devil of the wastes into the grim reaper himself.

Be careful what you wish for though Blacktooth, because a monster may rise above.

It’ll only cost everything that made him a man.