Beauty and the Beast

In Promo by Lionel Troy

“The story of Beauty and the Beast is a classic tale of how love conquers all.”

“In the tale, this love is symbolized by a rose that the Beast is told, that should it wilt before he finds true love, he will be trapped in his monstrous form forever.”

“And in his never ending story of hopelessness and strife, he finds someone he loves dearly, needing them like his lungs need air. He loves this person so much, in fact, that when he was made to choose between the safety of his rose and the safety of his love?”

“He chose his love. He risked it all for Belle.”

“The rose’s petals fell, its stem turned black, and Beast resigned himself to eternity as a monster simply so that the light of his life may live.”

“His curse, his rose, it wilted.”

“But his love bloomed.”

“And it was giving up everything for Belle that allowed the curse to truly come to an end.”

“This is a tale you wouldn’t understand, Neville. You and Cayci have what many would like to believe is a perfect little relationship. You are constantly together, hand in hand as you face whatever comes your way with a heroic optimism! You would never make a choice between Cayci and your rose because unlike Beast you were never cursed.”

“You’ve never had to truly put it all on the line to save your lover, Neville. Your relationship is only as perfect as the world thinks because it’s never been tested.”

“There’s no curse to face, no horrors to triumph.”

“And deep down? You know that one day all of that love she feels for you, or that you feel for her? It’ll disappear into thin air.”

“Because you won’t know how to make the important decision to prove that adoration to one another.”

“I’ve never had that problem, you know.”

“Because I’m a Beast, Neville. I’ve killed, maimed, and brutalized the world twice over with a stone cold heart until a bright light named Jonathan shone on my darkened soul.”

“I loved him.”

“And I would do anything for him.”

“My rose was given to me by Lucifer, he killed my Jonathan and told me my cursed rose would wilt should I not help fight his way into heaven.”

“But I loved Jonathan too much to allow that to be.”

“Despite it all? I fought back, I held him deep within my soul and let the petals fall into the bowels of Hell! When the choice was mine to make, my curse or my love? I allowed Lucifer to tear me asunder.”

“I walked forwards into Hell all so that Jonathan could have his happily ever after past the pearly gates.”

“My body wilted.”

“But Jonathan’s soul was in bloom.”

“I gave up everything for him.”

“Could you say you’ve ever done the same?’

“You’ll never defeat us, Neville. Because you and Cacyi?”

“Unlike Knock Knock.”

“Unlike OSW.”

“You’ll never last forever.”

“And as I think of Jonathan, my body wilted, my soul broken?”

“I’ll just… smile.”