In Promo by Pyre

After a great battle, the six survivors were gathered to a great banquet, one they were told would be cause for acknowledgement, healing, and even celebration.

Furthest from the dais sat the first couple. Strange bedfellows they were, united by happenstance rather than cause. Crystal chalices graced their table, yet the only one they desired was empty.

There would be no savior for them, being joined to one whose mission opposed theirs.

For acknowledgement of their great victory did nothing to sate the desire to complete their quest.

The second couple was closest to the King’s table, yet was intentionally set apart. Burdened by the loss of their brother, their table was crowded, with both food and fellowship. Yet their plates remained untouched.

As did those sent to entertain them.

Their greatest vices did nothing to heal the wound they’d suffered.

Now the third couple, they sat upon the dais, at the King’s table. They’d endured this great battle from the front lines, knowing that as defenders of the crown, it was their ass on the line. Yet they outlasted them all.

Winning both the gold and the right to call themselves King, this couple happily celebrated.

All while their fellow survivors did nothing but mourn that which not was.

That’s the difference, isn’t it? Between the Blackharts and everyone else.

Walking out of Ring King, six survivors will stand together in the ring with one another.

Sigil and Sir Renault walked out of Gold Rush as the Tag Team Champions! But Sigil seeks his last crystal, while Sir Renault knows that if he doesn’t stop Sigil, then his savior will never rise again.

Neither has completed their quest, and not even the acknowledgement of their new gold will change their focus from their mission.

Tag and Ether will never truly be a part of any unit but their own. The death of Wiz and Starboy have set them even further apart from the rest of the world. Brother and lover dead, what can give them any healing?

The gaping wounds of their hearts have not even begun to scab.

And then there is myself and Simon.

We’re the ones sat at the King’s Table. Through Gold Rush and through Ring King, we emerged on top. I am STILL the World Champion, and Simon is your new King. We had everything to lose, and yet we won everything.

It’s a time for celebration.

And here we are.

Sigil and Renault will never be able to work together. They are locked in a battle of wills, the object of their gaze only coming into sight once they march through one another.

But we offer them acknowledgement of the fact that those Tag Team titles will only hold them back from their missions.

Ether and Tag are broken, having watched their world be torn asunder at the hands of an invisible foe.

But we offer them healing, by virtue of helping the only allies they have.

So let High Voltage be another celebration. This time of our foes mourning being eased by a banquet.

A banquet in honor of the Blackharts.

It’s the least we could do.