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Bad Apple

Bad Apple

“Have you ever heard the phrase ‘one bad apple ruins the bunch’?

“Take a barrel full of apples, all nice, shiny and delicious. They have a future, they could be eaten, be used for pies, make juice.”

“Given enough time, these apples could even have their seeds used to make a new generation of trees.”

“But what happens when you put in one bad apple? A rotten, bug filled, spoiled apple?”

“The rest of the barrel begins to spoil as well.”

“Just by existing in the barrel with the other apples the rotten core can corrupt even the juiciest, shiniest fruits and turn them into disgusting shadows of their former selves. Its corruption spreads like a disease, branching out from its place in the barrel and slowly infecting everything until the whole damn thing is ruined.”

“But thankfully, I know just the way to combat a threat to the orchard.”

“You find the bad apple and you rip it out from the inside.”

“You crush it.”

“Arcadia is a wonderful barrel of apples cultivated by a farmer named Zeus. His orchard, usually, only produces the best and brightest apples one could taste.”

“But there’s always a bad apple no matter how perfect a barrel is.”

“Bad apples like you, Drexl.”

“A vile, law breaking pimp slinging drugs and diseases to everyone willing to step into his domain. Even from a distance I can see the mushy outer layer of a apple long since spoiled. Everything you do is to corrupt the people in your vicinity into becoming just as pathetic and worthless as you.”

“Turning a man like Drewitt into your lackey is just the latest of your devious plans, isn’t it? You were going to use him to spread your filth to every corner of the barrel and force your drugs and whores onto every last shiny red citizen you could get your hands on until they were rotted from the inside out.”

“You see, other farmers would see a bad apple in their barrel and they might ignore it. They might even toss the entire barrel out and start fresh.”

“But Zeus is a better man than that.”

“So he did the only thing a diligent farmer does when they see a few apples that need to be culled.”

“He gets his farmhands to search those barrels from top to bottom and eradicate every last trace of corruption at the source.”

“And the APD? We’re the best damn farmhands around.”

“I live to protect Arcadia and all those inside of it, Drexl. I won’t let one bad apple spoil the bunch. And at Olympus? You’ll be sitting pretty at the top of the barrel.”

“I’ll do what has to be done, Drexl.”

“Pull you out of the ring, detain you in my hands and force you into containment so that the rest of the apples can rest easy knowing they’ll never turn sour.”

“I’m going to crush you, Drexl.”

“And I’m going to do it by the book.”