Baby Steps

In Promo, Vision by Vision

They say that a stubborn child walks behind you, an impatient one walks in front of you, but a friend walks beside you.

Have you ever considered what a struggle it was to learn to walk?

I see a child.

As a baby, they lack the ability to stand upon their own two feet. They develop their muscles, their awareness and soon begin to move. The more they become aware of their body, the more they gain control over it.

Soon, a whole new world opens up for them beyond their parents’ arms as they learn to shuffle.

After some time, they will crawl. Moving becomes easier and they can get around just fine.

Then, eventually, they begin to walk.

And they fall.

Over and over, they fall.

They hurt themselves, and all they know of walking is the pain it can cause.

Even after a hundred times of falling and feeling the pain, the child still gets up. They learn, pushing past the pain to find a whole new world of possibilities that they never knew existed.

The child, now independent can control where they go.

They can choose to run ahead, ignoring their parents requests to slow down.

They can choose to stand still, ignoring their parents trying to hurry them along.

Just because a child can now walk, does not mean they walk in the right direction.

I have shown you the way of the Third Eye, Grimskull.

I asked you to witness the Altar and learn the way of the prism, and obediently you have. Like a child learning to walk, you saw our ways.

The green of charity.

You saw the power of the prism and it began to work within you.

The red of anger.

The prism began to open up a world outside of your own awareness.

The blue of despair.

The colours began to interact within you and give you freedom.

The orange of forgiveness.

You began to crawl.

The violet of pain.

You, so familiar with pain, now saw it in its fullest form. A single facet of something much larger than you could ever imagine.

And the indigo of death.

The final step, and you saw the way past the pain and into the freedom you so often speak of but have never reached.

Only through the prism can your mind be opened to the possibilities that lie before you.

You have all the power, and I have taught you to walk.

But it is up to you to decide which direction you will walk in. Now that your eyes have truly been opened, the path is yours to pave.

Stubbornly cling to your pain like a toddler unwilling to budge.

Race on ahead without heeding the lessons of the Third Eye.

Or walk beside me as a companion and friend.

One path leads to freedom and everything I can offer you.

The other paths lead only to your destruction.

At Ring of Dreams, the path you have chosen will become clear.

And you will either walk beside me.

Or crumble under my feet.