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Author: Zero

“Imagine thinkin’ you’re the smartest cunt in the fuckin’ room.” “I sat down in High School to play Chess against this absolute dickhead of a kid who thought he knew everything. When it came to Chess, he owned the board.” “Fuck, he

You know, there’s somethin’ about whores and wantin’ to fuck Zero. I got so drunk one night, I picked up this rancid lookin’ bitch. I must’ve had beer goggles the size of Israel Grimwolf’s tentacles, cause I ain’t see how ugly

A crow walked lost through the desert. He was hopeless. On his last legs, even. He desperately needed somethin’ to drink and couldn’t find not a fuckin’ drop of water. The longer he walked, the harder it became. He struggled to put even one

“I’ve come to hate the fuckin’ world.” “And just about everyone in it.” “These bad mother fuckers can be divided up into two kinds of people: Sheep’s and Goats.” “The sheep’s are those that follow – they listen, obey and think only what