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Author: Zero

“I’ve come to hate the fuckin’ world.” “And just about everyone in it.” “These bad mother fuckers can be divided up into two kinds of people: Sheep’s and Goats.” “The sheep’s are those that follow – they listen, obey and think only what

“Mr. Simon had a big bad fuckin’ dog.” “And he treated that mutt like a piece of shit.” “Every day, in the blazin’ sun or the pissin’ rain, that dog would be tied up in the yard to bark his days away

“My mom used to be a church goin’ woman.” “Every Sunday in the hood, she’d drag us by the drug dealers, the hookers, and the gang bangers to go sit in some rickety broken-down church. Rain or shine, she’d have us

“Imagine one big mother fuckin’ field.” “That shit is overgrown as fuck.” “There’s giant fuckin’ weeds growin’ all over the place, the odd beautiful flower and there’s a dipshit ‘thinker’ stood beyond it with a group of cunts, tryin’ to figure out

“Attached to my right arm, a Black Hand used to reside.” “It was a big fuckin’ Black Hand with five beautiful fighting fingers.” “And when it came to losin’ that mother fucker, I was fadin’ in and out of consciousness and I

“I remember this one bitch.” “This girl stood in the middle of the street like her shit didn’t stink. She was wavin’ about a fuckin’ bible, shoutin’ about God, sinners and the wrath of her Lord Almighty.” “So, I stopped and talked

At Up in Smoke, you could smell it. You could see it. You fuckin’ choked on it. The flames were barely ignited, and plumes of smoke converged over Old School Wrestling, bringing men and women to their knees, gagging at our very presence.

“A group of taggers made a small town’s life miserable.” “Every week they’d make their way to the towns display wall and spray paint it with whatever the fuck they wanted.” “And every single week, the townsfolk would roll their eyes, angrily