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Author: Wiz

Three adventurous entrepreneurs come together on one fateful evening in Encino, with no other intention but to vibe until the sun went down. But, deep down inside, something fucking magical happened. They built something that people were interested in. Lovers arrived, and so

Every single year, on average, 56 million people will die each year on Earth. 56 million motherfuckers. Not me, man. Not me. Truth is, I'm terrified of dying - and they'll tell you that this fear is completely normal, until you see some Red Bull-soaked

Friendship is like a really good car. You honor the shit out of it. You use that hard-earned money of yours to keep that car maintained - showroom quality - and you take every opportunity that you can to show that car off. There isn't

They say that those in absolute power - engorged in fame and all the bullshit that comes with it - are there because their eccentric personalities are housed within the "dark triad" of narcissism, psychopathy, and motherfuckin' machiavellianism. Grandiosity, pride, egotism, remorselessness,

Portraits are our way of trapping memories, ya'dig? Whether it's your house, your momma's house, or your momma's momma's house, the inside walls are occupied with frozen moments in time - when things just felt right across the universe. You see all

It was 2007, when one of the biggest boy bands of all time officially disbanded. 1.8 million records of N*Sync's last album sold - and they earned hundreds of millions of dollars across two tours for this record.  And then as