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Author: Starboy

Something so simple, like a flame can lead to grave consequences. It can burn down people’s dwelling places. Their mode of transportation could be engulfed in flames. And more seriously, it could lead to death. But with the right precautions, have the proper safety

    You ever get that feeling when you’re around someone your sexually attracted to? You just have this raw, animal, attraction to them. You haven’t even bumped uglies yet, but for some reason something is drawing you into them. Could it be gray sweats

Have you ever known someone who sucked? Like, they sucked so bad at something that it was all they were ever known for. They could be good at something but it doesn’t even matter. Because all that people remember or associate with you

Ever been to a casino and just observed the people around you? Millions of people flock to casinos in Las Vegas, New Jersey, and even in overseas destinations like Monaco and the Bahamas. STARBOY was once flown out to Macau, China