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Author: SeeSaw

Possessions. People and their possessions. They'll fight that it's theirs until they don't even know who they are anymore - and it's a slow, cancerous burn. Ever lost something that you thought you needed? The hours you'll spend, far more committed than you've ever been, trying your hardest find it. And the

The untrained dog will remain rebellious. They'll do what they want, oblivious to a sense of authority because it never really existed. They'll tear precious valuables to pieces, and leave the remnants of their own bowels on the floor - a marker that symbolizes

Back in the 1970s, Hollywood was stifled by a motivated group of zealots. The residents were conscientious of places they shouldn't go, times they need not vacate the security of their own home, all because of a movement that promoted a weapon

Meiji. To most, this word refers to a specific era. However If you were associated with the Odawara, this word symbolizes an apocalypse. It was a moment where the sun went down for good on a clan - when their Daymio was forced out