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Author: Pyre

When you’re shut off from the world, that’s when you find out who you really are. Every waking moment becomes dedicated to the one thing that you can find happiness in. Some people start stuffing their face, turning their loneliness into a

My first memory of death was when I was seven years old. My uncle had a farm, and he bred horses. Not just any horses, but the best of the best. Real thoroughbred racehorse shit, right? Well, that didn't count ole' Triple

Misplaced faith is a dangerous thing. Think about it, people are inherently built to place their faith in something. Some people take an item of some kind, and put their completely trust into it. What that item is can vary between

Nobody ever sees until it’s too late. Nobody but me. When I was a freshman, there was this kid named Tyler. He talked funny since he wasn’t from around here. People loved him, though. He’d walk through the halls like he was hunting wabbits,