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Atom and Eve

Atom and Eve

Adam and Eve had become fully aware of their truths after a serpent tempted them to change their fate.

But eating the forbidden fruit became their ultimate sin, and the price of their knowledge came with the price of expulsion from Eden by Yahweh.

Paradise was lost, and Adam’s naivety was smashed to particles.

During the Second World War, scientists from both sides raced to create a weapon of mass destruction by splitting the atom.

The atomic bomb ended that war abruptly after it twice reduced its targets into mere particles. Pushing that big red button was a gross display of power and was widely considered a sinful decision that changed the course of the world’s fate forever.

Over the past seven plus years in Old School Wrestling, a series of events has led to what seems to be a world war that’s manifesting here in and around the Slaughterhouse. Power and control, along with our tag team championships, are up for grabs and the implications of such a battle have prompted us all to choose a side in order to fight for what we believe in.

And as with any arms race, all of us here are scrambling to equip ourselves with the necessary ammunition to gain an advantage.

Chronoa thinks she has found the ultimate weapon in her alliance with The Impaler.

Like a mad scientist Chronoa has harvested Impaler’s powers by tempting his vulnerabilities, and Impaler finally proved his lethality at Ring of Dreams by showing Chronoa his full power first-hand to capture her Double Feature Championship.

Knowing Legion’s capabilities now, Chronoa sits with her finger hovering above Impaler’s big red button, waiting to smash his atom and unleash her new weapon of mass destruction for her cause:

Preserving fate.

The Disciples of Fate are a direct threat not only to our titles, but to the existence of OSW itself in that if Chronoa pushes Impaler to the brink of another blackout, it could alter or completely destroy our paradise as we currently know it.

For just as Adam and Eve lived in The Garden of Eden until they were deceived into eating from the tree of life, so are we all naive to the temptations and consequences surrounding us that could change our fate in an instant.

So, Vayikra shall race against you to preserve our own fate.

There will be fireworks at Scars and Stripes, but not from any atoms being split.

The heavens will open up and rain faith down upon you when we resurrect Yahweh.

And when He learns of your sinful creation, Chronoa, you will be banished from the Slaughterhouse like the snake you are.

What you must understand is that in order for you to preserve your idea of fate, others will suffer the consequences of your actions in unimaginable ways.

Instead, Sir Bellator and I shall ensure your fate through our faith.

We will expose your truths under Yahweh’s light and save you both from your sins.

Surrender, or we end this war by smashing Adam and Eve back into particles of matter for Yahweh to rebuild our world with.

Deus vult.

Sir Renault