ASS Assassin

In Promo by Starboy

An assassin likes to remain unseen.



When you least expect it they attack.

And if done right, you will have never seen it coming.

One client of STARBOY’s had an obsession with ninjas, and assassins.

Something about a person creeping up from behind and coming out of nowhere when you least expect it intrigued him.

He paid an exorbitant amount of money for STARBOY to lay in bed and he would attempt to sneak in and lay in bed with him.

But STARBOY was too smart for this basement living neckbeard.

He would try to be covert in his approach, waiting until deep into the night to try and drank upon the lover of all.

But the tables would turn and when he attempted to ambush STARBOY, he found it was he who was attacked from behind and tied up with a rope dart.

And it wasn’t before long STARBOY infiltrated and ambushed his chocolate starfish.

He assassinated his ass and he never saw it coming.

And just as quickly as STARBOY made him cum…


STARBOY was gone, escaping without a trace of cum in sight.

In the halls of Old School Wrestling we have assassins as well…

The Kodokushi, the Odawara Clan’s hired mechanical assassin.

And moi, STARBOY, The Rainbow Party’s resident ASSassin.

Hello Tenchu darling.

STARBOY has been waiting for you to come creep up on him in the middle of the night and CUM when he least expects it.

But STARBOY has grown impatient laying in his bed and will now take it upon himself to come to you and force you to CUM.

Your life of honor and respect towards the Odwara Clan and carrying out their orders is a respectable profession.

STARBOY lives a life of honor and respect too… STARBOY honors and respects the chocolate starfish and has made it his life’s work to cherish and worship it by any means necessary.

You are a strong, powerful, and skilled warrior and it’s makes STARBOY drip with anticipation of feeling how long and hard your katana is at Fuck The World.

But can STARBOY show you how strong, powerful and skillful he is with his LOVEstick?

We can have a dueling sword fight and see who’s is bigger.

Maybe we can show each other our HIDDEN BLADES and compare.

STARBOY is confident he can convince you to leave your life of duty for this cute booty.

Take your pick: Odawara or dick.

Whatever you choose, STARBOY will make sure to deliver the LETHAL BLOW to your hole below.

They don’t call me the ASS ASSASSIN for nothing.

The best part is that you’ll never see it cumming.

At FTW, STARBOY is either leaving with a gaping hole in his chest from your sword or leaving you with a gaping hole with his sword.

Like they say, live by the sword, die by the sword.

And STARBOY will do whatever it takes to drive his LOVEstick deep inside you and grease up your mechanical parts.

STARBOY’s cumming for you…

…and he ALWAYS cums.