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I would like to take you on a journey. There’s hundreds of e-feds out there, perhaps even more. Why should you choose Old School Wrestling? Old School Wrestling endeavors to bring you a different kind of wrestling. We’re not based in reality as such. We’re a drama about wrestling. More akin to Lucha Underground than the WWE, we present our shows like a movie or television show. Wrestling has become so ‘real’ that Kayfabe barely exists anymore. Every wrestler is real. We don’t believe in that philosophy. The lack of gimmick in mainstream wrestling has become common place. In Old School Wrestling, every character has a gimmick – from the stoic old family man to the supernatural Scarecrow. Our shows are presented like a drama focusing on the characters of a television show.

We’re designed for writers who love old school wrestling. By old school, we’re not talking about the old territories, but gimmicks, characters, creations that we believe in. Characters that we don’t think go home and take off their makeup. We’ve long signed up to the philosophy that these characters are real within this world we’ve created. Just like Lucha Underground, or your favourite Drama. At the same time, we’ve selected our audience.

We play to busy mature handlers who don’t have the time to write thousands of words to participate in this game. We cater to handlers who aren’t interested in character development and just want to promo. That doesn’t mean anyone outside of these categories won’t enjoy us; that’s simply not true.

We have five hundred promo words a week – not including scene description. It’s not a huge ask but it is an enjoyable challenge. To take you on this journey, all we ask for is your commitment. All we ask is that you roleplay when you’re booked, that you take part in the community and if you’re capable, you assist in other areas. We ask that you participate. That’s Old School Wrestling.

Please be sure to specify what kind of gimmick your character has. A larger biography can be added to your roster page if accepted.

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