In Promo, The Burned Man by The Burned Man

We appear before the Burned Man, who stands in front of Blacktooth’s compound. He takes a moment to look for a way inside without attracting the Bloodrunners’s attention. He sets the Kingdomblade by his feet as he draws out a game plan in the dirt.

“So many in Arcadia are willing to stand back and watch as bad things happen to decent people.”

Mapping a basic layout of the compound, he marks himself as a circle at the entrance.

“They watched me and my family be immolated. They watched as I suffered through the searing pain. Now they all watched as my son, moments after the revelation that I was his father, was taken from me again.”

The mummy draws a line from the circle to around the back, where a hole was cut many months ago.

“Three people could have helped out when the kidnapping occurred. All of them, however, were too apathetic to my plight to help out.”

A brief pause.

“The first was Colt Ramsey. The journalist had a hot story on his hands with the legendary hero of Arcadia being alive after all. A sensible person would’ve thought that he’d be more than happy to report on where the attackers were last seen. At the very least, he could’ve taken a photo of one of the captors after they unmasked.”

The Sole Survivor clears the map.

“And yet, he was too caught up with his former love interest to care about someone like me.”

Picking up the Kingdomblade, he begins to make his way towards the back of the compound.

“The next was Drewitt, the one who should know how it all feels. Like me, his identity and death have been stolen from him. Unlike me, he obsesses over it constantly, treating his immortality like a curse. He could’ve thought about all the things he could’ve accomplished without the fear of dying looming over his shoulder.”

He clicks his tongue.

“Instead, he wallows in self pity, continuing to shoot himself in the head all the while.”

He makes his way to the poorly patched hole. He observes it for a minute before taking a couple steps back.

“The last was Drexl. Ignoring my status, he would’ve seen a desperate father that wanted his son back so badly, he’d be willing to do anything to get him back. That includes doing whatever unsavory favor is necessary to pay him back. For a man supposedly as savvy as him, brokering a deal with me would seem like a no brainer.”

He rushes forward, kicking down the planks that were keeping the hole closed.

“Despite putting on a fa├žade to hide his intelligence, he doesn’t seem that smart after all.”

He takes a bit to make sure the coast is clear before crawling inside.

“Blacktooth might be someone to be feared, but when the shoe is on the other foot, you’ll fear a man like me doing nothing just as much. Be careful when standing around a raging inferno. You might just get burned.”