Anonymities Spotlight

In Aarman Fidel, Promo by Zeus

It’s a fear that most hold in their hearts, the sinking darkness that fades away and takes every bit of who you were.

Every appearance, every action, even the very whisper of a name is lost to the horrors of anonymity.

From the almighty Zeus to the nomadic Drewitt, no one wants to be lost to the darkness, all except one man.

A dangerous, broken individual who grips his personal little hell in fearful silence to escape his personal demons.

So why I ask does a man who stakes his entire existence on the shadows on anonymity to the point he’s willing to paint the streets blood red to preserve it dare to walk into my domain?

Because the spotlight shines upon my world Cruze, a light that brightens even the darkest of crevices as the cockroaches scurry and flee every-which way, trying to find the solace of darkness that I will never give them.

People come to me to elevate themselves above the crowd, to become something more then they are now and Mannfred, just by uttering my name, I’ve already given you more infamy then you ever could extinguish in your lifetime.

You remind me of the first fool who walked through my doors. The paint wasn’t even dry on the archways when he swaggered in, this tiny little pissant of a man who’d heard through the grapevine of someone with gifts who could turn his life around.

A perpetual loser who desired Arcadias attention upon himself and would do anything to get it, even shake a poor sinners hand.

Yet unfortunately for him, I hadn’t perfected my technique yet and I may have given him too much juice.

For he barely lasted a day before the attention was too much for him and ended up tearing him in two…quite literally.

And now another pathetic fool comes before me with his own misguided want and desires, who believes that I have the answer to all his troubles.

That another flick of his wrist and a canvas painted in blood will tell the end of this sordid tale and things will all go back to normal.

But be careful what you wish for because it will be forever twisted by my vision.

You could have gotten away with just appearing in Olympus Mannfred. Brief glimpses here and there would satisfy the blood needing citizens and you could slink back into the shadows.

But you walked into my spotlight my boy, a light that burns so bright it immortalizes all it touches.

And it doesn’t matter if I walked into your precious barrens or messed with the people you so despise, because the moment you came for me.

Is the moment you truly lost that last fleeting dream of anonymity.

Olympus will forever know your name, Arcadia’s minds will forever have your face etched into them

You will never be but a shadow again and only one man can change all that.

Because everyone has a price for their soul Cruze, and unless the Night Haunter wants to be stuck in perpetual sunrise,

By the end of Dead or Alive, you will beg me to take yours.