Alpha Addiction

In Aarman Fidel, Promo by Zeus

Once a broken young man walked through my doors, skeleton thin with a look that had lived a thousand lifetimes and suffered them all.

A poor man who’d barely been weaned off his mothers teet when he was given a taste of paradise and ever since he’d been chasing that white dragon down into the depths of hell.

Sacrificed relationships, wealth, health and his very sanity for just one more hit and that last bit of humanity in his soul cried out for deliverance. For some wise savior to absolve his sins and make him whole again.

Just like so many before him. Some who would ruin their thousandth chance and fall into Lillith’s clutches once more and some who would rise above and become shining beacons of redemption.

Yet he was different, special. Because he couldn’t give a damn about the addiction, he lived for the thrill and the high. He simply wanted to be back in control and free of the devil whispering sweet nothings inside his mind.

Because addiction isn’t just your fiftieth shot of whiskey or the needle holes lining your arms. It can be your job, your wife, that pretty little redhead down the street.

Or it can be the rage billowing inside your soul, aching to be free.

It’s that terrifying decadent mist that slips it’s way past your lips and twists through into the very essence of your being. A singular clawed hand wrapped around your heart as it punctures and squeezes until your every sense is numb and broken. As the longer it squeezes, the more you would give your very soul for even a moments respite.

Yet kept unchecked for long enough and it becomes a very part of who you are. Being without it makes you feel empty and numb as you truly wonder if freedom is worth it in the end.

And my boy, that shadow of a predator that clings to you is an addiction you don’t know if you can be rid of.

It’s an anger you never wanted, a wrath you never needed. The silver tongue with the gift of gab was the paradise you desired yet this primal need for blood and chaos threatens to tear you apart.

Because you never wanted to be the wolfe in human clothing and from the look in your eyes, I can tell you’d give the world to be free of him.

Well Damien my boy, our paths aligned just in the nick of time because if you so desire,

I can make you whole again.

But as you shake this poor sinners hand, pay no mind to the devilish grin on my face or the wolfe screaming inside your mind that you should have heeded.

Because everyone has an addiction Damien and men like you are mine.

Stupid little boys who forget predators don’t always show their fangs.

And the moment you walked into my den, your fate was sealed.

As your precious little wolfe becomes the hit of ecstasy that I truly needed.