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There are many big animal in Thunk jungle.

Them all think they strongest, but only one can be Alpha.

Thunk once run with troop of gorillas, have many different type of primate in it. Them creatures that respect strength of leader. Leader chosen by him one who prove strongest. Best fighter.

Alpha gorilla respected. All other must follow him word.

When leader threatened, him must defend him honor. Him must prove him worthy of being Alpha.

Each mating season, Alpha challenged by other strong members of troop. Thunk watch and three big challengers stand to fight Alpha for leader spot.

Red hair Orangutang, him think he need be leader because him big responsibility. Guardian of dungpile.

Crazy face Mandrill, him unpredictable and always have something to say.

Strong arm Baboon, him want bash and smash. Him fighting machine.

Them challengers come at Alpha male, but Alpha bigger. Him stronger. Him smash puny challengers like tiny bugs. Them challengers might be strong, but them weak compared to true leader.

Because Alpha male is Silverback Gorilla.

Him strongest of strong. Biggest of big. Smashiest of Smash.

In Thunk jungle, there be many challenger.

Always have to watch back.

Thunk be king of jungle, but all challenger want him crown. Them want smash Thunk, prove them strongest.

Red hair Orangutang want more. Him want be king, because him kingdom already gone. Him called Hades. Little monkey take him dungpile and laugh at him, so him angry and want fight Thunk.

Big mistake.

Orangutang not fierce enough to beat King Thunk.

Thunk smash puny Orangutang.

Crazy face Mandrill always look like him have question to ask. Always flashing him teeth. Him called Hunter and him never happy. Always take what him want until Alpha step in to put him in place. It not matter how many questions Mandrill need ask, Thunk have all answers he need.

Questiony Mandrill need just fall in line and listen to true Alpha.

Mandrill only have sharp teeth, all bite and no smash. Him not actually strong at all.

Thunk smash annoying Mandrill.

Big Arm Baboon like to smash, just like Thunk. Him bash as good as any fighter Thunk seen. Him puff and thump him chest, mean he fight well. But fighty Baboon still no match for king of Jungle.

Him go down swinging.

Thunk smash fighty Big Arm Baboon too.

Thunk not like other animal in Thunk jungle. Thunk take on all challengers. Him welcome the fight. In Thunk jungle, fight is how respect given. When battle start, only big warriors come to challenge king.

But they forget that not all primates made equal.

None can compete with the biggest, strongest gorilla in jungle.

Thunk is Silverback.

Him stronger than others.

Orangutang be thrown back to hell where him belong when Thunk finished with him. Mandrill have him mouth finally shut, no more questions. Big Arm Baboon be sent running back to where him come from.

This is Thunk jungle.

Thunk is Alpha.

All you other primate puny weaklings compared to King Thunk.

It mating season.

Bring on Thunk challengers.