The sound of a ringing bell.

V/O: “Class is in session.”

The cheering fans lead us into a sold out School Yard here tonight and they’re on their feet because in the middle of the ring is none other than Brent Kersh. He’s standing with a microphone, a black OSW t-shirt and his trunks.







Brent smiles as the fans chant us in, waiting for the right moment to speak.

“Another lively School Yard as always,” ‘The Enforcer’ says with a big smile on his face. He knows that he’s about to lower the tone though and bows his head slightly. “And truthfully, I’m going to miss that.”

The fans cheers turn to boo’s at the very mention of his resignation.

“I felt like after last week, I owed you all an explanation. You’ve been with me through thick and thin, through Sunshine State to Las Vegas and I appreciate it. I know it’s difficult to understand why I have to do this but I do. This war I’ve been embroiled in, it has taken its toll on my family. My wife and kids were traumatized as my personal property was set on fire by Scarecrow.”

The audience understand that, though it doesn’t make their reaction any less deafening. Brent clenches his fist, his rage becoming apparent.

“I’m not running away. I can promise you that despite what people are saying about me, I’m not a coward. I told you that I would fight until I could fight.. no… more,” he says with a pause following. His brow is furrowed and the pain on his face evident. “And to continue fighting would be to trade everything in that you people love about me, that my family loves about me. I can’t do it; I won’t.”

The opening tune of California Love hits the speakers as multi-colored lights cover the arena.


The fans don’t like this interruption as Mike Lane steps out onto the stage with Matthew Cories in tow. A microphone in hand, he cuts across his throat to signal the end of his music as they both head towards the ring.

“ Well boo hoo,” Lane mocks with a rubbing eye motion. “I’m sorry if I’m not so sympathetic but you’re the one that decided to intervene in his business,” he says pointing at Matthew Cories. “And now you’re paying the consequences. Except you don’t want to do that, do you? You want to run away and potentially run away with an inVasion contract. We’re here to tell you that’s not going to happen.”

By now they’ve entered the ring and stand opposite their opponent for this evening. Brent though isn’t afraid and his eyes tell the tale.

“Is that coming from you or from your girlfriends father?” Brent poses a serious and important question. Errol Flint doesn’t want him going anywhere. “Because the last I looked, you can’t stop me.”

The lights suddenly dim to black, plunging the arena into silent anticipation. When the epic guitar riff of “World on Fire” by Slash hits, a single spotlight illuminates the entrance stage. Crash then heads out, a microphone in hand, a few words to add to this occasion.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” he says to a round of applause from the crowd. They love Crash. “Now none of you inside that ring are as qualified as Crash to win that match. You see, the ‘General Lee of 1-2-3’ is also ‘The Pioneer of Kicking Rear’ and a daredevil beyond anything you’ve ever seen. These Crashmasters know it, you guys,” he enters the ring and now stands alongside his opponents. “You guys know it and tonight, when Crash takes Fate all the way to Crash-City, he’ll know it too.”

Mike Lane rolls his eyes, handing the microphone to Matthew Cories.

“I’ll do anything for Lord Zedd and Empress Rita.” he weirdly says in a monotone voice into the microphone. Everyone looks at Cories like he’s crazy, Lane snatching the microphone back from him with a look of disdain.

“Look kids,” Brent interrupts having had enough. “I get it. You all want to win the inVasion Match and you don’t want to see me packing my bags, taking that contract and walking away. I’m all about the competition, so I’m with you, I am. But let me make something perfectly clear to each and every single one of you. This match isn’t about the World Championship opportunity that awaits, it’s about delivering a fight to Scarecrow that he’ll never forget.”

The quiet beginning of “Centuries” by Fall Out Boy begins and soothes the arena as it falls into pitch blackness. As the chords come in and the singing begins, a spotlight appears at the entrance and from behind the curtain walks Fate. Calmly, Fate walks to the front of the stage, looking left and right at the crowd in front of him, taking in the cheers.



The fans love this interaction here tonight and here comes Fate now, heading to the ring with a microphone. He hops inside and stands amongst the competition, chuckling to himself.

“It’s like a retard convention in here,” he says with a big cheesy grin. “You have the insane guy, controlled by a magical blade,” Fate points at Cories. “You have the guy sticking that blade up the other guys ass,” he points at Lane. “Then you have the old age pensioner who’s one Fate style beating away from dribbling in a wheelchair and you,” he now turns his attention to Crash. “The crash test dummy too stupid to realize that he’s this close,” Fate makes the motion with his hand. “To being ‘remembered’ for crashing and burning on Afterburn tonight. So tell me gentlemen, what are we going to do – stand here like old ladies and having a chit-chat, or fight?”

WHAM! Suddenly Crash strikes out of no-where, knocking the microphone from Fate’s hand as he reels backwards into defence mode. As if on cue, Mike Lane and Matthew Cories attack Brent Kersh from the side, completely blindsiding him. Fate and Crash brawl quickly to the outside, bouncing each other off of every surface possible as they do. Brent overcomes the attack inside the ring, throwing Matthew shoulder first into the ring post and nailing Lane with a big Clothesline. Lane escapes to the outside and retreats up the entrance ramp, leaving Cories in the ring with Kersh.

And then the arena goes dark.

The squawking sound of birds echo’s throughout as Scarecrow’s eerie and terrifying music hits. When the lights return, The Scarecrow stands in the ring, his arms spread wide in the perch position.

Cories stumbles out of the corner and CHOKESLAM!! THE HARVESTER!! CHOKESLAM TO MATTHEW CORIES!!

Brent spins around to see the Chokeslam and storms after Scarecrow. He’s swinging left and rights, Scarecrow blocking to deliver a few hard shots of his own. They battle back and forth in the middle of the ring, slugging it out like a man and monster possessed.

Scarecrow ducks a Clothesline attempt.





Brent gets up off the canvas and looks down angrily at The Scarecrow.. who sits up.. OH MY GOD! HE SAT UP! Brent storms towards him one more time but the lights go off and when they return, he’s gone.

The Enforcer fumes in the middle of the ring.

He almost had him. He almost did.

As the scene opens we find ourselves outside the school yard arena. A security guard stands watching over the door when a delivery truck pulls up. After a second a delivery guy wearing sunglasses and a baseball cap steps out of the truck and lowers a huge package big enough to fit a man inside off the back of the truck and walks over to the security guard pushing it on a trolley.

“Package for the school yard.”

The security looks at the package and then back at the delivery driver.

“Well I don’t have any thing on my list here to say we were expecting a delivery, what is it?”

“Uhh it’s that new shipment of straw Scarecrow ordered..”

The security guard seems hesitant.

“Look buddy, he is one scary bastard, do you really want to be the one to break it to Scarecrow that his weekly straw delivery won’t be taking place?”

The security guard thinks about it then shudders.

“No I guess I don’t. Okay, go on through.”

The delivery driver wheels the package into the backstage portion of the arena. He pulls to one side once clear of the doors and opens up the box. Suddenly, out jumps Thomas Roll’s pet monkey Sergeant Bananas. The driver pulls a radio from his jacket and begins to talk into it.

“Okay Thomas, the cookie are in the jar, I repeat, the cookies are in the jar. He will go and steal the keys and let you in around the side entrance.”

“Excellent! I knew I would get in the building!” Thomas squeals back in excitement.

“Wait a minute.. Couldn’t you have just been in this human sized box instead?” The DJ questions, rather amicably given the circumstances.


Gurtooth thinks about it and nods in agreement.

“Ok you know best. Over and out.”

It’s time for Roll to enter the OSW.

Terror stands ready as he watches Oblivion enter the ring, looking down at his clenching fists as he spreads his arms and lets out a roar and that’s enough for “The Badass” to see as he charges across the ring. The bell rings as the two newcomers go at it near the corner. A flurry of big rights and lefts being exchanged with neither man willing to back down. Eventually, the massive size of Oblivion takes effect and he’s able to will Terror into the corner, as his father barks instruction from the outside. Oblivion drives a closed fist into the nose of Terror, prompting the official to step in.

Another roar from “The Evil Within” sends the referee scurrying away, but the distraction is enough to give Terror time to use the ropes in leverage and drive his shoulder into the midsection of Oblivion, spearing him to the canvas. The crowd is impressed with the two brutes as both work to their feet and again begin to exchange fists. Terror steps back, heading to the outside almost as if he’s quitting the fight but instead he quickly climbs to the top turnbuckle and as Oblivion approaches, delivers a flying clothesline that sends Oblivion to the canvas.

Terror with a cover. ONE … is all he gets. Wow. Oblivion working back to his feet and Terror is going to the ropes corner again. “Big Evil” mounting the top turnbuckle. He’s measuring his opponent as Oblivion turns. ANOTHER FLYING CLOTHESLINE! NO! OBLIVION CATCHES HIM! OBLIVION catches Terror with both hands wrapped around his throat and he’s just holding him there. An unbelievable show of strength her by the monster Oblivion and now he just DROPS him to the canvas. Oblivion’s father calling for him to make the pin and that’s what he’ll do. ONE … TWO … THREE! Oblivion picks up a victory over an impressive opponent in his first OSW contest!

When we come back from a commercial, David Manson is stood alone in the ring. The Awakening don’t appear to be with him tonight, and he has a microphone, cutting a lonely figure in a place he’s hated.

“WHERE ARE THEY?” Manson yells at the top of his lungs, pacing back and forth. “ANSWER ME CHILD!”

The tron suddenly flickers to reveal Smoke.


The fans are on their feet as Manson essentially salivates inside the ring.

“Are you looking for your chump-buddies?” Smoke says with his trademark smile. He grabs the camera and points it down towards the floor where Red River Jack and Brandon Hate lay unconscious. “Well look no further, because here they are.”

Manson angrily kicks the ropes.

“Relax Davey baby, you’ll be joining them in a matter of minutes.”

“Is that what you think, child? Is that what you think is going to happen? Do you think we’re so easily targeted, so easily taken down, is that it? Do you think we’re weak like you, with all those muscles and such little brainpower,” Manson says with a weird grin. “Just like society has been doing to you and itself for years, you have been deceived, hahahaha,” his laughter continues until finally, he stops, rather psychotically. “Look behind you, child.”

Smoke turns around to see Red River Jack and Brandon Hate stood before him. They quickly strike, attacking him with right and left hands whilst Manson laughs maniacally in the ring.

“Hahahahahaha!!” he roars to the crowds displeasure. “BRING HIM TO ME!”

The Awakening drag Smoke towards the ring, roling him inside. The bell sounds as David Manson wastes no time in attacking Smoke, knocking him back with a hard right followed by a running lariat which almost turns The Bad News Bear inside out. He goes for a quick pinfall but Smoke quickly kicksout. Manson then brings Smoke up to his feet, attacking Smoke with rights and lefts as he attacks Delusional Illusion but Smoke grabs ahold of the ring ropes, blocking the attempt. Smoke gets up and lands a left uppercut that almost sends Manson out of the ring.

As Smoke kicks Manson, he grabs The Anarchy, looking for the Daddy Slam … Manson slips out of his grasp! DELUSIONAL ILLUSION! It looked like Manson got all of it as he goes for the cover. One! Two! THREE! NO! KICKOUT! Manson slams the mat as he picks Smoke up and hits a devastating backbreaker that causes Smoke to arch his back in pain. He then runs at the ring ropes and BIG SPLASH! THE BAD NEWS BEAR MOVES AT THE LAST MOMENT!

The fans are cheering as Smoke is back up on his feet and grabs Manson, kicking him to the midsection. Double arm DDT! Smoke drilled Manson’s head hard on the mat! Both men get up … DADDY SLAM! Smoke covers! One! Two! THR – KICKOUT! Manson just won’t go away. Smoke is up and looks to go for the Chump Buster, getting a running head start … Manson ducks the Chump Buster … DELUSIONAL ILLUSION! The Anarchy got all of it! This time, Manson hooks his leg fully, almost leaving Smoke no room to kickout. One! Two! THREE! What a victory for one of three members of The Awakening as their message is made known – Stay out of their way!

Just moments before Jensen Cussen and Professor Bordeaux are due to team, they’re in the locker room area backstage and it’s Jensen, with his lawsuit paperwork in hand, that has something to say.

“Are you seriously suing me?” Cussen asks in disbelief. He screws the paper up and throws it at Bordeaux, his angry response rather expected. “And for what? An attack you didn’t see coming, as if you’ve never done that?”

“We can talk about the particulars all day but let’s focus on a resolution, shall we?” The Professor clearly has something in mind. “How about an out of court settlement?”

Jensen snarls.

“How much?” he wants to know, at least contemplating it.

“Oh dear boy, it isn’t monetary, believe me. Do you think I would concoct this entire scheme for a monetary benefit? I’m taking you to small claims court, it isn’t the grand jury, but it’s enough to make your next few matches a freebie. I could tie you up in so much legal litigation that facing your friend DTR is the furthest point from your mind. With that said, if you were to lay down and allow me victory at InVasion, I could see it in my heart to drop the lawsuit.”

The smug Frenchman strokes his moustache as Cussen thinks about it.

“Is that what this is all about, huh? If you beat me, you face DTR and if you beat him, there’s a World Championship Match waiting for you. Do you think I want to kick DTR’s ass for a title?” Cussen scoffs. “I don’t think so.”

The Mastermind turns around and heads towards the exit.

“What about the deal, con?”

Jensen whips his head around.

“You’ll find out my answer at InVasion.”

Bordeux and Black Widow kicks thing off in this match, Bordeaux stands cockily in the middle of the ring laughing at his opponent, the laugh doesn’t last too long though as she slaps him clean round the face. They both lock up and Bordeaux overpowers her with a European uppercut followed by a scoop slam, she doesn’t stay down for long though and jumps up and retaliates with a clothesline, she gets to her corner and makes the tag. Bordeaux wanting none of Jett quickly tags in Cussen who runs at Jett clocking him clean in the face with a forearm he follows up with the curtains closed he goes for the pin 1..2.. Kick out!

Cussen drags Jett back to his feet and tries to set up up for a belly to back slam, reversal! Jett reverses it into the J plex and tags in Black Widow who climbs up the the top rope and hits a body splash. This one has to be over 1..2… At the last second Cussen kicks out Widow stands up and tries to drag him up but Cussen uses his leg and sweeps Widow off her feet. Cussen goes to the corner of the ring and makes the tag, Bordeaux storms into the ring and locks in the extra credit! Rhis one has to be over but somehow Widow manages to drag herself to the ropes breaking the hold.

She tags back in Jett who reluctantly enters the fray, storming at Bordeaux and catching him with a Clothesline. The Professor is soon back up and ducks another, this time whipping Jett into their corner and tagging in Cussen. Cussen enters with kicks to the mid-section, whipping him across the ring and THE BLACK WIDOW WITH A KICK TO HER OWN PARTNER! WHAT THE HELL? The Black Widow just nailed Jett! Jett stumbles backwards, spins around.. BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA! CUSSEN NAILED HIM!! He drops into the cover as a furious Lenore Lee pulls Widow off the apron.. 1…. 2…. 3!! It’s over!! The Black Widow slams Lenore to the floor with a Clothesline just as the bell sounds, grinning at what she just accomplished at the sacrifice of her own partner.

Stood backstage in the Burn Ward is Isaiah Black. The All-Star Champion is without his belt after the Klu Klux Klan stole it but has bigger fish to fry tonight, knowing that a fair portion of blame is being levied his way after Marcus X was found strung up.

“Since last week, there have been people out there making claims about what I have or haven’t done. They say that I might be responsible for stringing Marcus X up because we face for the title next week at inVasion. Do you really think I give a damn enough about that title to waste my energy stringing him up from the rafters?” he says with a cocky grin. If he wanted it done, he would of done it. “I’ve beaten him before, I’ll beat him again. Besides, if I wanted Marcus X to feel the embrace of death, he wouldn’t be breathing.”

Suddenly we turn into a split screen with a visual from a hospital bed in Las Vegas. It’s Marcus X, a red rope mark still around his neck as he lays in recovery. The cameraman points to the footage playing behind Isaiah and he turns around to check it out.

“I’ve heard all the rumours,” Marcus says in a rough voice. He gulps hard and tries to clear his hoarse voice. “I’ve heard people saying that Isaiah did this to me but that isn’t true. I was blindsided backstage and didn’t see it coming. The KKK attacked me, beat me down, stomped on my head and hoisted me up into the air. They tried to kill me and do you know what I was thinkin’? Where were you, Black.”

Isaiah smirks and shakes his head.

“I don’t know Marcus but I do know where I wasn’t and wasn’t ever going to be,” Isaiah follows up with a pause for dramatic effect, laughing part way through. “Saving you.”

Marcus closes his eyes, almost despairing. He knows that he’s had Isaiah’s back so far and that hasn’t been reciprocated.

“Well don’t worry Isaiah,” he hoarsely says in disappointment. “I’ll be at InVasion.”

Black isn’t worried. Far from it in fact and he doesn’t stick around either. He walks off to the right, a smile on his face that says Marcus X expected way too much if he thought Isaiah Black was ever going to have his back.

The match begins with Mother approaching Red River Jack without fear and he definitely returns the favor. However, when they meet in the center of the ring Mother catches RRJ by surprise with a karate style kick to the chest. And another! AND ANOTHER! A drop kick to the groin sends RRJ to the canvas in agony and brings a response of awe from the crowd. Mother heads to the ropes on a dead sprint. Coming back now and DELIVERS a spinning kick to the side of the head of her opponent. A cover. ONE … TWO … SOMEHOW, RRJ is able to force his way out.

“The Creator, Cultivator and Consumer of Worlds” finds himself in a bit of trouble as Mother pulls him to his feet and LOOK OUT! SPARTAN kick from Red River Jack and Mother stumbles backwards into the corner. She comes right back, a slowed now and RRJ NAILS HER with an elbow to the midsection. Spinning Mother around. Backdrop coming… no! RRJ hoists Mother onto the top turnbuckle and now, leaning her back AND SENDING HER to the canvas with a vicious clubbing forearm. Jack drops to his knees and goes for the cover. ONE … TWO … and this time it’s Mother that is able to kick out.

Red River Jack brings his opponent back to her feet and he’ll send her to the ropes with an irish whip. On the return, JUMPING! OH MY! RRJ and Mother collide in mid-air. Both competitor going for their own shot and ending up bumping heads. Neither knocked from their feet! Both stunned. Mother quick to act. Mother sneaking. “THE MATERNAL INSTINCT”! Mother has locked in that sleeper submission and Red River Jack is in trouble. He’s fading fast! Mother stroking Jack’s hair and… THAT’S IT! IT’S OVER! The ref is calling for the bell and Mother has won this contest by virtual knockout! What a turn of events. Jack didn’t tap out, he just faded away..

We’re in the darkest regions of the backstage area, behind dumpsters that you quite frankly wouldn’t want to venture. It’s there that we spot Jeremiah Jett and The Black Widow, looking rather cosy.

That’s until Widow slaps him.

“Get your hands away from me, that isn’t why I wanted to meet with you,” she angrily yells at him. He puts his hands up and stands back, telling her to relax. “I want to talk about Lenore.”

“I wasn’t trying to get in your pants, baybee. If I wanted in there I’d be in there. I was just keepin’ myself protected at all times. After tonight, The Superstar Candybar doesn’t know that you’re not finished with your revenge. You left me layin’ in the ring.. ”

The Black Widow scoffs.

“Revenge? I want to know what Lee’s problem is. My issue with you was the way that you treat women and she attacks me? She costs me a match? What is she thinking, Jett?” Widow demands to know. “Because if you don’t reason it, she’s first on my kill list.”

“Oh c’mon now, Lenore is just being protective over the well-spoken’, bespokin’, never been to Hoboken, smokin’, ALL STAR of OSW….Whoa baybay!” he cockily yells out. He then takes his glasses off and leans in. “But you know somethin’? She’s not just a one trick pony, oh no bubula, she’s a fighter and she wants you in a match at inVasion!”

“Oh yeah?” that makes The Widow smile. “That makes two of us.”

Jett puts his glasses back on and smiles.

“Then it’s a date, baybee! I’ll see you in the ring at inVasion.”

He walks off and leaves The Black Widow to contemplate a match with Lenore Lee, who is absolutely someone she’s never thought of facing before last week.

The bell rings as both men rush towards each other with heavy hands, each trying to gain the advantage with a single blow. Brooks finally lands a savage right which staggers DTR as Brooks rushes to the ropes, bouncing off with a spinning heel kick. Dave drops to the mat as Brooks leaps down, landing a pair of savage elbows which daze the champion, as Brooks flips him over, trying to lock in the Crossface. DTR quickly scrambles to the ropes, grabbing them and forcing the break before Brooks can get the hold locked in as both men slowly get to their feet

Brooks attempts a wild clothesline which DTR ducks, grabbing his head from behind and snapping it back with a savage neckbreaker. Brooks slowly gets to his feet as David rushes forward, peppering him with rights and lefts, backing him into the corner. DTR backs up, rushing forward and squashing Brooks in the corner with a clothesline and as Brooks staggers out, he gets grabbed and thrown across the ring with a massive T-Bone Suplex

DTR signals for the Rattler as he begs for Brooks to get to his feet as Brooks slowly crawls up. Dave kicks him in the gut but he’s thrown off as Brooks backs up, rushing forward and almost taking DTR’s head off with a huge rolling elbow. DTR is out cold but Brooks doesn’t cover, instead climbing up to the top rope and after a few moments of posturing, leaps off with the Guiding Light. DTR somehow rolls away as Brooks simply hits canvas, getting to his feet holding his gut, RATTLER! That was out of nowhere as DTR hooks the leg, ONE…TWO…THREE!! DTR picks up a big victory against a very game Tyler Brooks and runs to the backstage area.

We finally catch up with the World Heavyweight Champion backstage, who appears to be feeling rather… itchy. He runs into the office of an EMT and angrily takes off his jacket, throwing his title down on the table and almost begging for help.

“Doc, you’ve gotta help me,” he moans. “I’ve been itching all night long. I don’t know what the hell is going on.”

“Take a seat,” The EMT says, taking a look at his hair. He combs through it, taking a look at his scalp as he does. “Unbelievably Champ, you have lice and,” his attention is suddenly caught by something hopping on his right side. “Fleas. Definitely fleas.”

DTR doesn’t get it.

“How?” he questions bemused. He tries to think about it but comes up with nothing. “I’m not dirty, I haven’t done anything different, I’ve not been anywhere, so how the hell do I have lice and fleas?”

The lights shut off.



When they return, Desmond Cross is now inside the room, both the EMT and DTR laid out on the floor. Cross kneels down to look at DTR and smiles.

“Then the LORD said ‘Stretch out thy rod, and smite the dust of the land, that it may become lice throughout all the land of Egypt.’ When Aaron stretched out his hand with the staff and struck the dust of the ground, gnats came upon men and animals. All the dust throughout the land of Egypt became lice,” Cross cites, “Plague two.”

Desmond stands up and exits the room, leaving carnage in his wake.

The bell rings as Lord Merriweather slides out of the ring to have a word with his henchmen as Master Chef chases him around the ring. Stephen gets in his way as Chef clobbers him but gets pushed into the steel ring post for his troubles by Merriweather. Merriweather then rolls him in the ring and begins stomping and kicking at MMC while trash talking him on the mat. Bringing Chef back up to his feet, he delivers a vicious slap that wakes Master Chef up as he kicks Merriweather to the stomach and hits Lord Merriweather with Sliced and Diced! Merriweather is down as MMC goes for the cover. One! Two! Kickout!

The Luchadore we all Adore looks none too pleased by the two count but he goes back on the offensive. He goes for a bulldog but Merriweather pushes him off and as Chef goes to charge at Merriweather, Merriweather hits a running knee to the face of Chef that sends him to the mat. Merriweather begins stomping on MMC and then applies a side headlock. MMC fights his way up to his feet as he lands a couple of elbow shots to Merriweather’s midsection as he runs at the ring ropes and hits a flying cross body block! He picks Merriweather up to his feet … SCRAMBLED EGGS!

Master Chef runs at the ring ropes but Stephen grabs ahold of his leg, tripping him up but the referee wasn’t paying attention! As Chef is about to turn around … THE FIRST CLASS STAMP! Merriweather drives MMC’s head into the mat as he goes for a cover, hooking his leg along with some of his tights. One! Two! THREE! Merriweather squeaks out with a win as his hired help has helped Lord Merriweather walk away as victor tonight.

Lord Merriweather gets back to his feet and is handed his United States Championship, having picked up a huge victory here tonight against a very game former World Champion. He raises the belt into the air, grimacing at the boos that reign down upon him, only to have the lights dim.

When they return, children, what seems to be like thirty of them have surrounded the ring. Merriweather has no escape and his bodyguards, they look on terrified. They try to make a move towards him but the children hiss, warding them off.

Slowly they start creeping into the ring, child by child, as Merriweather rushes to the corner and cowers for his life.

“She wants her match,” one of the children says quietly into a microphone they’ve snatched from a terrified Paloma Ruiz. “And we shant stop coming for you until Mother gets what she wants,” the child hisses again. “Mother always knows best.”

He walks forward, begging off almost, his hands raised as if to say please, just listen. The children surround him as he tries to calm himself.

“Okay, okay!” he shouts off microphone. “She can have the match, she can have the bloody match!”

The children cheer in unison, as if their quest has been completed.

Suddenly in from behind comes Mother, slinking into the ring almost out of sight. She stalks Merriweather and pounces from behind.. MATERNAL INSTINCT!! SHE HAS IT LOCKED IT! HOLY CHRIST, MERRIWEATHER HAD NO IDEA SHE WAS EVEN THERE!!

She takes him to the canvas as the children form a wall around them, blocking the irate security from being able to get anywhere near the man they protect. She squeezes him into unconsciousness, stroking his hair with a grin on her face.

Merriweather has done it now. He’s given this psycho a match at InVasion!

Scarecrow’s entrance music fades, leaving him standing in the middle of the ring with his arms spread and his head lowered. Isaiah Black looks on with a wary aggressiveness that quickly presents itself at the sound of the bell. “Walking Death” charges in to attack, but is caught by an awakened Scarecrow who wraps his massive right hand around the throat of Black. “THE HARVESTER”!Scarecrow drives Black down into the canvas with that chokeslam and he’ll go for the cover and early victory. ONE … TWO … NO!Isaiah Black was able to kick out just in time. Some hesitance now out of the “Hayman”. He appears a little taken aback that the OSW All-Star Champion was able to kick out of that pin.

Nevertheless, Scarecrow pulls his opponent to his feet and sends him hard into the corner. AND SCARECROW follows him in with aMASSIVE boot to the jaw! “The Grim” stumbles out of the corner dazed. He looks to be out on his feet as he turns to face his opponent and Scarecrow takes a step to a deliver a big time clothesline, BUT BLACK ducks it. Scarecrow spins and HE’S CAUGHT WITH A BIG RIGHT HAND! Isaiah Black won’t stop there. He’s swinging his arms with everything he’s got. Landing fist after fist into the face, and upper torso of “The Harvester”. And there’s a forearm to the mask covered face of Scarecrow. AND another. KNEE to the midsection. Isaiah Black is gaining momentum. He hits the ropes and comes back WITH A HUGE SPEAR! Scarecrow goes down.

Black with the cover. ONE … TWO … NO SIR! Scarecrow powers out in time. Black still trying to clear the cobwebs, but he’s on his feet quickly. Scarecrow not wasting anytime either as he sits up, but “Walking Death” sees an opportunity. He hits the ropes. On the return.Scarecrow is up! SCARECROW CATCHES BLACK AND DELIVERS A TILT-O-WHIRL SLAM! Black hits the canvas hard and now being pulled… LOOK OUT! “THE PERCH!” “THE PERCH!” And there go the lights! The lights are out and quickly back on. Scarecrow with the cover on top of an unconscious Black. ONE … TWO … THREE! Scarecrow picks up a win over the OSW All-Star Champion! The monster lives!!

Thomas Roll has finally made it inside The School Yard. He’s sneaking around looking for the office of Errol Flint and finally finds it, just as security catch up with him.

“Get your stinking sausage fingers away from me before I chop them off and put them in a hotdog bun!” Roll says to the security guard who angrily tries to grab at him. “MISTER FLINT… MISTER FLINT… IT’S ME… IT’S..”” Roll says to the security guard who angrily tries to grab at him. “MISTER FLINT… MISTER FLINT… IT’S ME… IT’S..”

Suddenly the door opens and stood there is the Chairman, smiling. He came to see what all the fuss is about and with one nod of the head, the guard let’s Roll go. Thomas straightens himself out and threatens to back hand the guard, only to tap him carefully on the shoulder instead. He enters the office with Flint who motions for him to take a seat.

“Two weeks in a row, you’ve tried getting into my building. I did some research on you Thomas and I think it’s safe to say, you’re a little… out there,” Flint suggests with a sideways glance. “But look, I don’t discriminate. If you want a job that desperately, I can give you one. I think we need a new member of our janitorial team, if you’re interested?”

Roll scoffs at him.

“Janitorial team? I’m not a janitor! I’m the best damn wrestler the world has ever seen, I am the destroyer of worlds! I can’t destroy the word with a god damn mop! Although maybe with a few modifications..” Thomas trails off deep into thought before snapping back to reality. “You want me on your roster, Flint. I’m the greatest disco king since Elvis Presley.”

“He wasn’t a Disco King.”

“Are you arguing music with a Doctor? I have a PHD in music, Flint,” Roll cockily shakes his head along, as if he really does have that. “Check it out.”

He pulls a crumpled piece of paper out of his wallet that looks like a certificate. It’s PHD certificate alright, except the word PSYHCOLOGY has been scribbled out, as has the name of the person it was awarded to and Roll’s name and MUSIC replaces those important details.

“Alright, enough of the bullshit, okay? I could sit here all day and watch you make a fool of yourself but how about we just get down to business. I’m sure you’re wondering who these two gentlemen are?”

The camera turns to the right to reveal Francis James and Oblivion – the latter fastened into his straight jacket.

“I thought he was your stylist,” Roll says pointing to James before turning his attention to Oblivion. “And this was your pet gimp.”

Oblivion steps forward but James holds him back.

“You might regret that because the only way you’re getting a contract is you face Oblivion,” Flint points to the snarling Monster. “And Terror, in a two on one match at inVasion.”

Thomas stands up defiantly, lifting his head up high, but before he can speak, James interrupts.

“My monster is going to destroy you, boy,” Francis says with a slight chuckle. “And we won’t need Terror to do it.”

As you’d expect, Roll gulps and hurriedly attempts to leave, grabbing the door and opening it only to find Terror stood before him.

BIG BOOT!! MASSIVE BIG BOOT TO THOMAS ROLL! Roll flattens out quickly on the floor as Terror stands over him, grinning. This match is going to be extremely unfair and there’s surely no way Thomas Roll can overcome these two Monsters for a contract!

Roll groans, rolling around on the floor in pain as Terror chuckles.

“You might not need me, but you’ve got me. Just don’t get in my way, alright? I’m making an example out of him.”

The bell ring as Crash comes flying across the ring, landing a big Crossbody that surprises Fate. He slowly gets to his feet, only to be peppered with hard kicks to the leg by the Daredevil. A big roundhouse kick staggers the bigger man into the ropes, before a big Dropkick sends him over them. Fate gets to his feet, trying to shake the cobwebs out as Crash rushes across the ring, diving through the ropes and taking Fate out with a huge Suicide Dive. The Daredevil gets to his feet as he pulls a ladder out from underneath the ring, sliding it under the bottom rope.

Crash sets it up but before he can do anything else, Fate rolls back in, grabbing his head and slamming it down hard onto the ladder. Crash is thrown to the corner as Fate lands a series of hard elbows, sandwiching his head into the turnbuckle before grabbing him by the waist, pulling him out of the corner a little as Fate throws him across the ring with a huge Belly-to-Belly, aiming for the ladder. Somehow Crash manages to grab on to the ladder as he begins to climb up, diving off with a huge Crossbody as he gets to the top. Fate manages to catch him in mid-air however, throwing him up onto his shoulders and trying for a Powerbomb. Crash manages to fight out with a series of right hands, taking Fate over with a big Hurricarana.

Crash goes to climb the ladder once more but Fate slowly gets to his feet, the two getting to the top as they slug it out, each strike damaging the other before a huge headbutt dazes Fate as he’s thrown to the canvas below. Crash climbs up to the top, thrusting his fists into the air as an almighty “Cannonball” is heard as he dives off with a huge Diving Cannonball, landing hard on the prone Fate. He slowly gets back to his feet and ascends the ladder, reaching up to grab the contract that enters him first into inVasion.

“Welcome to Cookin’ with Master Chef!”

The ever arrogant sound of Marvelous Master Chef echo’s throughout the arena as we head to his private kitchen for a segment called ‘Cookin’ With Master Chef’. The former World Champion is stood in front of a covered plate, a big smile on his masked face.

“Luncha Underground, welcome to the show mi amigo’s!”


“Oh shut up, eh? You people should respect your Gourmet Jesus and two time, TWO time World Heavyweight Champion. Scratch that perro, I’m your soon to be three time Champion,” he says with a laugh. “Last week it would seem that people liked my kicking Desmond Cross in his holy pomelo’s enough to think that I’m approachable. I got perro’s coming up to me on the street with autographs, trying to take pictures of the Luchadore you all adore!”

Chef shakes his head and pulls the dish closer.

“But lemme tell you puta’s, I’m not your friend. I’m the leader of the Luncha Underground and you will RISE up.. just not,” he pauses for a second. “You know, too close to me.”


The arrogant Master Chef chuckles to himself and begins taking the wrapping off his dish.

“On tonight’s show, we’re going to show Desmond Cross exactly what we think of him. Right here in on this plate is the finest, most HALAL piece of meat you’ve ever seen, haha,” he says whipping the cover off. What he sees almost makes him heave, the Chef reaching to vomit and slapping a hand over his throat. He stumbles backwards in disgust, the camera looking at the diseased and disgusting rotting meat on the plate. “Oh God.. Oh…”

Suddenly Chef pukes, vomiting all over the stage and counter, unable to stop himself from being sick.

“That meat was fresh,” he screams wiping his mouth. “It was refrigerated… how…”

Just then the lights flicker and the room begins to shake. Chef turns around, frantically searching and that’s when we see it.

Desmond Cross.

He’s gone.

The camera goes right.

Desmond Cross again.

But he’s gone.

Finally the camera returns centrally to Master Chef and there is, Desmond Cross! WHACK!! He nails him with a massive right hand, sending the former World Champion flying over the counter and to the floor. Desmond smiles sadistically.

“This is what the LORD, the God of the Hebrews, says: Let my people go, so that they may worship me. If you refuse to let them go and continue to hold them back, the hand of the LORD will bring a terrible plague on your livestock in the field—on your horses and donkeys and camels and on your cattle and sheep and goats,” Cross recites, sadistically. “The third plague.”

The camera quickly fades to darkness, wishing to get out of there as fast as it can.

The Main Event started exactly how everybody thought it would. Mike Lane and Matthew Cories immediately jumped into a double team, backing Kersh into the corner and pummelling away at him as he tried to cover up. The brutal right and left hands were made ever so worse by the kicks and knee’s to the mid-section, Brent being dragged out of the corner and into a Short-Arm Clothesline by Mike Lane. Lane quickly motioned to Cories, who dropped down and laid flat on the canvas. The People’s Choice almost dived on him, demanding the referee count… 1……. 2….. 3!! NO!! Kersh broke up the near fall. Brent dragged Lane straight off of Cories and launched him through the middle rope to the outside, turning his attention on Matthew.

When Matthew turned on Kersh and DTR, he stopped Brent from getting some much needed vengeance against Scarecrow and The Enforcer hasn’t forgotten that. He pulls him to his feet and lifts him straight up into an Atomic Drop. The Green Ranger stumbles backwards holding his balls only to be levelled with a Big Boot. Kersh drops into the cover himself… 1…… 2…. Kick Out! Matthew isn’t staying down for him. The People’s Choice has by now slid back into the ring and meets Brent at his feet, kicking him low and hitting the ropes.. Diving Elbow to the face! That one caught him, Lane making sure this time to grab The Enforcer by the head and drag him back to a standing. He nails him with a right hand, another, another, finally hitting an Uppercut and then dropping him with a Single Arm DDT.

Lane covers…. 1……. 2…… BRENT KICKS OUT! He angrily yells at Cories, “Wake up you dumb bastard,” demanding that he get back to his feet. Cories groggily starts to stir as Lane continues yelling. “Get his legs!” Matthew crawls over and lays across the legs as Mike stomps down on the head and chest area of Kersh, pointing to the top rope and heading up. He makes his way to the top but Kersh kicks Cories off. The Enforcer isn’t just going to lie down and take it, booting Matthew in the face and getting to his feet..DIVING CROSSBODY! BRENT CATCHES HIM! JESUS CHRIST HE CAUGHT HIM! FALLAWAY SLAM! FALLAWAY SLAM!! Brent quickly comes to and realizes that it’s now and never, getting back to his feet and DROPKICK TO THE CHIN!

Matthew Cories is back at it again! Cories begs and pleads with him to get back to his feet and when he does.. CHUMBAWAMBA!! LEAPING INVERTED STO!! HE GOT IT ALL! HE GOT IT ALL! ALL THE KID HAS TO DO IS COVER AND HE PICKS UP A HUGE WIN!! But he doesn’t… he grabs Lane and drags him across, pulling him over Kersh’ prone body. The referee drops down into the count…. 1……. 2……. 3!! NO!! FUCK NO!! BRENT KERSH KICKED OUT!! Somehow, some way, Brent kicked out. Matthew grabs him again, pulling him back up, except Brent levels him with a Clothesline out of desperation!! He tiredly turns around but there’s Lane.. SHADOW KICK! LEAPING SUPERKICK!! Lane has caught him clean! He doesn’t go for the cover on Kersh though, instead demanding Cories kneel. The Green Ranger kneels… SHADOW KICK TO CORIES AS WELL!! Lane covers…. 1….. 2…. C’MON BRENT!!….. 3!!! IT’S OVER! THAT BASTARD MIKE LANE HAS STOLE IT!

The bell sounds and Mike Lane rolls off of Matthew Cories with a smile on his face. He’s so proud of what he’s accomplished and demands that Cories gets back to his feet. “C’mon you idiot, we’ve work to do!”

Both men get back up and go straight after Kersh, stomping away at him like men possessed – well at least one of them is anyway.

“BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” yell the fans in response, watching as their soon to be resigning hero taking a beating at the hands of The System.

AND HERE COMES CRASH! Suddenly their spirits are lifted because Crash storms down the ramp, slides into the ring and tackles Lane to the canvas. Kersh somehow gets back to his feet, blocking every shot Cories can throw at him whilst he does. Crash wallops Lane with right hands, beating the holy hell out of him until “REMEMBER ME FOR CENTURIES!” blares into the arena out of no-where.

Fate stumbles down the entrance ramp holding his mid-section, sliding into the ring and pulling Crash from Lane to beat on him. He starts reigning right fists down and we’ve an all out war inside the ring.

Then comes the darkness.

The squawking crows tell us what time it is and onto the ramp steps The Scarecrow, perched and ready to attack.

AND THERE GOES BRENT KERSH AFTER HIM! Brent had already dropped Cories with a right hand and is on his way up the ramp way to meet Scarecrow, who catches him with an instant Big Boot. Everyone is fighting here at ringside and that’s when it happens.

The tron comes on..

We cut into a backstage split screen where Destiny is shown walking down the halls towards the exit. She’s about to leave when suddenly she’s dragged into the darkness, a hand over her mouth.

We can’t see anything.

There’s nothing there except her purse dropped on the floor.

The camera quickly zips into the darkness where she was, looking for any sign of her but there is none.

Meanwhile in the ring, Mike Lane has just seen all of this and rolls to the outside, escaping the action. He hops over the barricade and runs through the booing fans to the exit, taking his licks from disgusted people as he does.

He slams through the exit door with a camera in tow and storms down the corridor, catching up to where Destiny was and looking for her.

“DESTINY!! DESTINY WHERE ARE YOU!?” he frantically yells, grabbing her purse off the ground and running into the darkness. We follow him down through the dark hallway into what appears to be the boiler room. “BABY!? DESTINY!? ARE YOU HERE?”

Lane searches but cannot find. He makes his way to the end of the boiler room, an exit door ajar, and Destiny gone. Mike grabs at his hair and face in frustration and disbelief, he’s afraid, upset, desperate and there’s nothing.

Then he turns to face the darkened wall, illuminated by the light. Painted on it in red – or what could be blood is almost sickening.


The People’s Choice falls to his knees, weeping.