מכות מצרים
The sound of a ringing bell.

V/O: “Class is in session.”

“Just when you thought you had seen it all..”

Thunder, lightning, hail. The elements gang up on the screen, Desmond Cross’ face being seen between blasts of lightning as his voice booms in narration.

“I bring to you hail and fire. The first plague.”

We head to a flashback of last week’s epic show ending, where DTR and Marvellous Master Chef are scrambling on the canvas, avoiding bolts of lightning that hit the mat.

“Let my people go, so that they may worship me, or this time I will send the full force of my plagues against you and against your officials and your people, so you may know that there is no one like me in all the earth.”

Suddenly the fans booing can be heard so loudly that we snap from the thunder and lightning to the ring, where the audience are letting Desmond Cross have it, both barrels. He stands in the middle of the ring, a microphone in his hand, his head lowered and eyes closed.

Desmond Cross: “For by now I could have stretched out my hand and struck you and your people with a plague that would have wiped you off the earth. But I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth. You still set yourself against my people and will not let them go.”

His head rises.

Desmond Cross: “Therefore, at this time tomorrow I will send the worst hailstorm that has ever fallen on Egypt, from the day it was founded till now. Give an order now to bring your livestock and everything you have in the field to a place of shelter, because the hail will fall on every man and animal that has not been brought in and is still out in the field, and they will die.”

More boo’s, hisses and curses from the crowd.

Desmond Cross: “The LORD sent thunder and hail, and lightning flashed down to the ground. So the LORD rained hail on the land of Egypt; hail fell and lightning flashed back and forth. It was the worst storm in all the land of Egypt since it had become a nation.”

Desmond isn’t listening to the audience. Instead, he continues.

Desmond Cross: “Don’t you people see? Last week, I brought to you the very first of ten plagues that Egypt suffered. I told you that I was coming, that the good Lord spoke through me and wished to elevate me to be his new son, to save this world he created. Have I not now proven my intent? So believe me when I say that at inVasion, it is the will of a new Jesus Christ, a new SON of God that I be your World Heavyweight Champion. For you won’t listen unless I am.”

The hyped up beginning of Lil Wayne’s “Watch My Shoes” kicks off, the legendary rapper spitting game immediately, working the crowd into an immediate stir. Pyrotechnics fire off as Marvellous Master Chef steps out from the back with a skillet in one hand, a middle finger lifted by the other.

Rick Walker: “Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Afterburn! The fans here are on their feet but don’t mistake their joy for love, they’ve just had enough of Desmond Cross.”

Richard Roman: “The Luncha Underground have risen up for their savior, Rick. I don’t think anyone should mistake that for anything else.”

He lays the skillet down on the entrance ramp and humps it for a bit, before picking it up and running to the ring. After sliding under the ropes, he pops back to his feet and reveals a microphone.

Marvellous Master Chef: “Desmond Cross, I have a bone to pick with you, amigo. Last week you could of struck Gourmet Jesus with lightning, perra. You could of frito me, eh? I’ve never seen somethin’ like that, but you, sí you, have never seen something like me.”

Desmond steps closer to Master Chef, grimacing.

Desmond Cross: “If you refer to yourself as Jesus just one more time, I won’t be held accountable for the biblical proportions of what’ll happen. There are nine remaining plagues before the Rapture. Do not cross me, or that will be your cross to bear.”

Marvellous Master Chef: “Whoa, whoa, aferrarse hombre, relax eh? I didn’t come out here to get you all riled up. The simple fact of the matter is this, okay? I’m next in line for the World Championship and you’re getting in my way, amigo. I’m on course to become a three time, sí, uno, dos, tres time Champion.”

Rick Walker: “He can’t count. He’s won it once.”

Marvellous Master Chef: “So I’m asking you man, I’m asking you, no, praying that you’ll do the right thing and step back.”

Marvellous Master Chef drops to his knees, looking utterly shameful in the middle of the ring. The lengths this guy will go to for the World Championship are deplorable.

Marvellous Master Chef: “Dear Desmond, give me strength, give me patience, give me the time to become World Champion. That piece of mierda, that garbage paper Champion DTR does not deserve your love. Desmond Christ, love me, love your amigo, Marvellous Master Chef. Grant me the strength to win at inVasion and become your Champion. Amen.”



The fans make themselves heard as Master Chef cowardly prays to Desmond ‘Christ’.

Desmond steps forward and looks Chef in the eye, whilst still on his knees, placing a hand on his shoulder.

Desmond Cross: “Accept me as your loving Christ, my child. Accept Desmond Cross as the forthcoming Christ and the bringer of the end of days and he will save you a place in the paradise of heaven. But..”

He lifts the bowed head of Chef up.

Desmond Cross: “But he will not guide you to the glory you seek.”

Everyone saw that coming.


Marvellous Master Chef: “Pedazo de basura de mierda de mierda. Voy a mierda que usted, su familia y su Dios mato. ARCO ANTE MI, JESÚS GOURMET!”

Richard Roman: “That’s right! Bow before your Gourmet Jesus!”

Rick Walker: “He just told him to bow before Gourmet Jesus, and that he’d kill his entire family, and his God to become Champion again. What the hell is this man smoking?”

WHACK! Chef suddenly swings a kick at his head, knocking Cross to the canvas in one fell swoop. He angrily exits the ring, heading up the entrance ramp ONLY TO FIND DTR WITH THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!


Dead To Right’s stands there, as proud as can be, his Championship in the air. He soaks in the cheers of the crowd before stepping back behind the curtain and leaving both of his Contenders down and out here at ringside.

The parking lot outside The School Yard is often rather hectic, usually full of people coming or going; usually coming. Tonight though, security stand outside the double doors as a strange looking fellow appears. The Asian man with a bright ginger afro is dressed to impress, sparkling from head to toe.

Security: “Name?”

Thomas looks stunned.

Thomas Roll: “What’s my name? Are you kidding me? You’re looking at the Disco King. HIT IT DJ!”

Suddenly a van pulls up behind Roll and the side door slides open, a DJ spinning his decks and playing “DADDY COOL”.

Thomas starts to jiggle, getting ready to bust a move until the security puts a stop to it.

Security: “STOP!”

The music screeches to a halt.

Security: “What’s… your… name?”

Thomas Roll: “You might find me down as the Destroyer of worlds… have a look for that..”

Security shakes his head.

Security: “Nope.”

Thomas Roll: “Uhh, try The Disco King.”

Security shakes his head.

Security: “Nope.”

Thomas Roll: “THOMAS ROLL?”

Tensions are beginning to run high.

Security shakes his head.

Security: “Nope. You’re not on the list, you’re not getting in.”

Thomas Roll: “Do you know who I am? I’m here to sign a multi-million dollar contract with Errol Flint. If you don’t let me in, I’m going to straight up murder you.”

The guard suddenly changes his stance to prepare himself for a fight. Thomas though, he has other ideas. He quickly grabs his cell phone and answers it, as if it was ringing the entire time.

Thomas Roll: “Rescheduled you say? OK. You tell Errol that The Disco King waits for no man.”

He hangs up.

Thomas Roll: “You’re lucky, pal. Apparently my appointment is being rescheduled. I’ll be back!”

With that, Thomas looks towards his DJ and nods.

Thomas Roll: “HIT IT!”

“Daddy Cool” once again hits as Thomas jumps into the side door of the van, speeding off and away from the arena with his music still blaring loudly. The security guard shakes his head and picks up his walky talky, getting himself put through directly to Errol Flint.

Marcus X and David Manson begin the match circling the ring. A few hesitant attempts at a lockup occur before they finally clinch into a roman Greco grapple. At first it looks like Manson might gain the upper hand, but “The Freedom Fighter” quickly uses his side advantage to push “The New Horror” back several steps before literally tossing him off his feet and into the corner bringing a roar of approval from the crowd. Manson becomes irate at the occurrence and charges his opponent only to be met by the massive arms of Marcus X who executes a perfect belly to belly suplex that sends Manson to the canvas with a crash.

Marcus jumps right back to his feet and even though “The Bad Seed” shows the effects of two major falls, he fights up as well. From nowhere Manson attacks and lands a single leg dropkick that sends “The Freedom Fighter” reeling. Without pause, Manson heads to the ropes and when he comes back delivers a flying cross body block that takes Marcus down. It’s a cover. ONE … TWO … AND Manson nearly picks up the victory, but Marcus X is able to kick out just in time.

“The Street Rat” pulls his opponent to his feet before showing some strength in hoisting him up and bringing him down with a vicious backbreaker. Another pin. ONE … but that’s all Manson gets the second time around. He heckles the official about the speed of the count as he brings Marcus back to his feet once again. Marcus X sent to the ropes and BIG TIME CLOTHESLINE from “The Freedom Fighter” coming back and now both men go down. Both men fighting off the pain as they climb to their feet. But it’s MARCUS X WITH THE UPPER HAND AND HE DELIVERS “THE BLACKOUT”! This could be it! ONE … TWO … THREE! Marcus X picks up a win, but he definitely earned it tonight!

The office of Errol Flint hasn’t been so busy tonight, so when Brent Kersh enters looking rather sombre, it’s a surprise to Errol Flint. The Chairman is sat behind his desk doing paper work and the interruption comes as a pleasant surprise, at first.

Brent Kersh: “I’m sorry to interrupt.”

Errol Flint: “No, it’s okay, come in.”

Brent walks straight over to the desk and hands him an envelope.

Brent Kersh: “I’m sorry to say this, but inside that is my resignation, effective after Invasion.. This whole fight with Scarecrow has hit me too close to home and I feel like it’s turning me into a man I don’t want to become.”

Errol looks shocked.

Rick Walker: “Oh my god, you have to be kidding me?”

Richard Roman: “He’s running away?”

Yet no-one is more shocked than the fans booing at ringside. They dislike this decision more than anyone.

Errol Flint: “Hold on a second Brent, you have a contract. You’re a popular guy around these parts, you sell merchandise, you make me money and quite honestly, this feud with Scarecrow has captured the hearts and imaginations of fans all around the world.”

Brent Kersh: “The hearts and imaginations? Are you kidding me? I love my fans, Errol. I love my fans but my family has to come first. I can’t be here and watch as The Scarecrow rips my entire life apart and turns me into as much of a monster as he is.”

Errol Flint: “I’m sorry but I cannot accept this.”

He tries to hand it back but Kersh refuses.

Brent Kersh: “That’s my decision and it’s final. I’m sorry.”

Rick Walker: “I can’t believe he’d do this. Please Brent, don’t go.”

Richard Roman: “Aww, is your boyfriend running away? Let him go. If he’s afraid of Scarecrow then The Scarecrow has already won.”

The lights suddenly go off and the camera becomes full of static.

Then it happens! A figure seems to go flying over the desk, bouncing off the wood hard as the lights finally return, revealing The Scarecrow. He’s stood near Errol Flint, looking down at Brent Kersh who is led on the floor in agony.

Scarecrow: “You coward. You can run but you can’t hide, Brent. Where your eyes don’t go, you will always fear The Scarecrow.”

The lights go off again and when they return, he’s vanished. Flint gulps, scared shitless, only to go around the desk and check on Brent.

The match begins as Jack rushes Mother, catching her with a series of lefts and rights that takes the usually stoic Mother offguard as she stumbles into the ropes, the blows not doing much damage but they’re effective none the less, as Jack throws Mother across the ring, almost turning her inside out with a huge Lariat on the rebound. Mother slowly gets to her feet right into a hard forearm smash by Battlin Jack, who slams Mother down to the mat with a hard Body Slam before climbing up to the top rope, urging Mother to her feet.

Mother slowly gets to her feet as Jack dives off, MID-AIR DROPKICK! Mother caught Jack flush in the chest and that may be all she needs to get back into this match. Mother slowly pulls Jack to his feet, landing a savage knee strike to the ribs before slamming him to the canvas with a lightning quick snap suplex. Mother urges Jack to his feet as she runs to the ropes, leaping up for a hurricanrana but Jack catches her, slamming her down to the mat with a vicious Powerbomb, holding Mother down to the mat for the pinfall. ONE…TWO…KICKOUT!!

Jack raises one fist in the air as Mother slowly gets to her feet, Jack rushes up, UNDERTOW! That Superman Punch landed flush and this may be all she wrote as Jack pulls Mother to her feet, trying for The Falls attempt but Mother kicks Jack low, pulling him close and landing a lightning quick Goodnight Kiss. Mother doesn’t cover, instead climbing up to the top rope, CORKSCREW MOONSAULT! It lands hard as Jack looks out cold, Mother hooking the leg ONE…TWO…THREE!! Mother picking up a very hard fought victory

There’s still some light outside as Isaiah Black exits a taxi with his duffle bag and looks set to head inside the School Yard. He’s dragging the All-Star Championship across the ground, held in the same hand as the bag as he walks towards the doors.

Suddenly, he’s jumped from behind by two figures in white robes! They attack with a ferocity that catches Black off guard, nailing him with clubbing blows that have him down on the floor in no time at all. The two on one sneak assault has caught him entirely.

Rick Walker: “Somebody help him! I have no love for Isaiah Black but these men will likely kill him.”

Richard Roman: “Here comes Marcus X with a steel chair!”

Marcus storms the scene with his steel, chasing away the attackers who quickly grab the All-Star Championship as they make a b-line towards a van parked ominously by the curb. They hop inside and it speeds off, leaving Marcus to try and help Isaiah back to his feet.

Only he refuses, pushing Marcus’ hand away.

Isaiah Black: “Get the fuck off me!”

The Freedom Fighter pulls his hand away and transitions into a hands on hips pose.

Marcus X: “Are you kidding me? Why can’t you accept my help? They could of killed you, Isaiah. I told you that we need to stand together because if we don’t, divided, we will fall.”

Black gets back to his feet and looks down to where his Championship was.

Isaiah Black: “If all they have is sneak attacks and stealing my Championship, I can handle my own business. In the meantime, if you don’t stop getting in my way, I’m going to handle you as well.”

Marcus X: “You want to fight me? I’m a brother in this war.”

Isaiah grabs his gym bags and laughs at him.

Isaiah Black: “Think of it this way; I fight you for the title they have at InVasion and we draw them out. Then I’ll take my title back, I’ll kick your teeth your throat and I’ll rip their heads off all in one night.”

Marcus X: “You’re fighting the wrong man, brother. But I can see that your mind is not to be changed and I too wish to end this threat before it costs us something more dearly. I will see you at inVasion.”

Marcus nods and walks away, leaving Black to grimace, pissed off that he was just blindsided and saved by a man he hates almost just as much.

Rick Walker: “I can’t believe that Isaiah is going to face X at inVasion after he just saved his ass. The man has to be crazy not to want to join forces with a man who the KKK clearly want to destroy.”

Richard Roman: “They want to destroy them both, Rick. You’re looking at two extremely successful black men who’re making massive waves in wrestling. Isaiah is smart and if he has a plan to draw them out at inVasion, we had all better hope that it works.”

When the bell sounded, it was unusually met by apprehension by Jeremiah Jett, who backed off with raised arms. He didn’t want to fight but The Black Widow, she was having none of that. She attacked with forearm shots, delivering kicks to the mid-section that Jett could barely block. The Superstar pushes her away and tries to escape, except she runs at him, leaping into the air and Hurricanranna! The fans are loving this, cheering The Black Widow on as she stomps away at the Superstar. Finally she drops down into the cover… 1….. 2… Kick out! Jett thrusts her off of him with some authority, not wanting to lose.

Once again he’s declining the fight and this time remains on his knees, trying to convince Widow that she doesn’t want to do this. She gets back to her feet and hits the ropes, coming back with a SHINING WIZARD THAT JETT BARELY BLOCKS! Lenore meanwhile on the outside has seen enough of this and hops onto the ring apron, telling the referee that this is ridiculous. The Widow Maker bounces off into the ropes, catching Lenore as she does and knocking her off the ring apron, only to come back with a Clothesline that Jett ducks.

The self proclaimed All-Star Champion looks down towards Lenore, getting rather angry at what just transpired before turning around to tell Widow that enough is enough. He points directly at her, telling her that this match is over, about to leave the ring when she grabs him, slapping him around the face. Jett pushes her backwards, accidentally knocking her into the referee, but only in such a way that he’s blocking her shots. The Black Widow turns around to check on the ref and WHACK! LENORE WITH A STEEL CHAIR TO HER SKULL! JESUS CHRIST! Lenore throws the steel outside of the ring and demands that Jeremiah cover, to which he obliges, hooking the leg. The referee finally comes around but he could count to ten. This one is already over…. 1…… 2…… 3! The Superstar picks up the win here thanks to Lenore and you have to believe that this is just getting started.

In the locker room of Mike Lane backstage, he’s standing with the blade in front of a weirdly mesmerized Matthew Cories. Last week, Matthew joined The System in part due to whatever effect this blade is having on him. Lane on the other hand, wishes to exploit it.

Mike Lane: “I’m glad to see that last week, you did the right thing.”

He holds the blade out and moves it from side to side, watching as Matthews eye’s follow it.

Matthew Cories: “I’ll do anything for my empress Rita.”

Mike Lane: “I have no idea… hold on, anything?”

Rick Walker: “I don’t know what’s wrong with this kid and I’m not even sure he knows what he did last week.”

Richard Roman: “He joined the greatest family on Earth.”

Matthew Cories: “Anything you command, my lady.”

That has Lane thinking.

Mike Lane: “Good, good. Errol.. I mean Rita, well she wants you to ensure Mike Lane’s victory at inVasion. That’s why you’ve been put into the match, okay? You’re there to help Mike Lane win that briefcase at any cost, even to yourself.”

Matthew Cories: “I understand.”

Mike Lane: “As for tonight, that’s a test for you, Green Ranger. You’re to step into the ring with Fate and Crash but alone. It’s down to you to pick up the victory and prove your worth to Err-Rita.”

Matthew bows down and lowers his head.

Matthew Cories: “I will not fail you.”

Lane puts the blade down and smirks, realizing that he has Matthew Cories exactly where he wants him. This whole opportunity is nothing but The System preying on the poor fragile mind of Cories.

Rick Walker: “I can’t believe Mike Lane could win the inVasion Match this way. Matthew is only in it to help The System hold all the cards.”

Richard Roman: “You’re jealous that they were smart enough to think of it. Whatever is wrong with Cories is right for Mike Lane, Errol Flint and the InVasion Match.”

The bell rings and these two beasts circle each other, waiting to see who will strike first. They lock up and it’s a definite power struggle. Smoke gains the advantage and throws Jensen to the canvas which is something you don’t see very often and the crowd reacts appropriately. Smoke follows up giving Cussen no room whatsoever, pummeling him before he can even get to his feet. The referee has to jump in and pull Smoke off of him as he threatens to disqualify him. Smoke gets up and the referee separates the two.

Cussen doesn’t waste any time now, charging right in the direction of Smoke and catching him with a huge running boot. Cussen gets Smoke back to his feet and backs him into the corner with stiff body punches. The referee once again interrupts, telling Cussen to give him space and the fans boo. Smoke sees the opening and kicks Jensen in the gut. As Jensen is hunched over, SNAP DDT!! Smoke hits a Snap DDT on Jensen. He makes the cover, 1…..2……3….KICKOUT BY JENSEN!!

Jensen motivates himself to his feet and the two behemoths battle each in the center of the ring, reigning in punch after punch and neither man will give an inch. Both men have the same idea as they run in opposite directions at the ropes and connect with a double clothesline. The first man to his feet will take the advantage in this match and look, it’s a dead heat. Smoke and Cussen struggle to their feet at the exact same time, the crowd cheers in anticipation. Cussen looks for BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA!!! NO!! He misses!! CHUMP BUSTER!!! CHUMP BUSTER!!! WOW!! What a combination of moves. Smoke with the cover…..1……2……3. Smoke has beaten a very game Jensen Cussen.

The privately hired locker room of The United States Champion Lord Merriweather is shut, locked and bolted backstage. Neither he, Edward or Stephen want anything to do with Mother here tonight but it would appear their wishes, well they don’t matter. We’re outside listening in to their conversation.

Lord Merriweather: “I’ll go out there for my match but that’s it. I may not even do that.”

Edward: “Why can’t we just go home?”

Lord Merriweather: “Something about a contract and being sued. I know, it’s nonsense. My health and safety, let alone sanity is on the line and this disgraceful company cares not one iota about it.”

The camera suddenly backs up to reveal a young child, stood behind it. We understandably jump backwards and watch as the gaunt looking child walks towards the door and knocks it.

Knock. Knock.

Child: “Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king’s horses and all the King’s men, couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again.”

There’s a cowardly scream from inside the room.

Lord Merriweather: “What do you want!?”

He nervously shouts back.

Child: “Mother wants your Championship, Richard.”

Lord Merriweather: “That’s LORD..”

Child: “Excuse me?”

Merriweather cowers in fear again.

Lord Merriweather: “Never mind.”

Child: “Mother says that if you agree to a Championship Match at inVasion, she’ll stop torturing you with her presence.”

There’s a few moments of silence in the room before Merriweather sternly responds.


The child giggles at the foul language and skips away, seemingly unconcerned by Merriweathers decision. Meanwhile, he’s left inside the room, cowering with his security guards, wondering if the child is still there.

Lord Merriweather: “Hello? Hello? Is anyone there?”

As the bell rang, Professor Bourdeax zeroed in on Brent’s leg, kicking away at it, attempting to take away strength from his leg. Kersh catches a few European Uppercuts across his face as Brent stumbles to the corner of the ring as the fans boo. The Professor takes in the booing, smiling as he continues his offensive attack on The Enforcer. It looks like Bordeaux is hooking the arms of Kersh but The Enforcer will have none of it, muscling out of The Early Dismissal!

Kersh pushes Bordeaux into the corner of the ring, spearing him into the corner as then he hits a couple of hard headbutts into the midsection of The Professor, making sure he feels every bit of pain. Kersh grabs the head of hair of Bordeaux and slams him to the ground with a snap suplex! A pinfall! One! Two! kickout! Kersh pops right back up as he doesn’t waste anytime but Bordeaux fights back, throwing lefts and rights into the stomach area of The Enforcer! He kicks the leg of Kersh as Brent goes down to the mat … EXTRA CREDIT! Brent’s in pain! After a few moments of the fans urging him to somehow, someway get out of it, he manages to grab ahold of the bottom ring rope to break it.

Kersh is up and limping as Bordeaux once more attempts The Early Dismissal and once more, he is denied as Kersh slips out of his grasp and lands a hard-hitting clothesline that folds The Professor up like an accordion! Another clotesline! And another! As fast as Bordeaux pops up, Kersh keeps putting him down. The Enforcer is on fire now! SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! KERSH GOT HIM! COVER! ONE! TWO! THREE! What a victory picked up by the Enforcer tonight!

The lights dim to a shade lighter than darkness as the humming start of ‘To get to you’ brings about the immediate rise of the fans. Red River Jack steps out onto the entrance ramp with the burning ember of his cigarette being the first immediate thing we see. David Manson soon steps out behind him.

They nonchalantly walk towards the ring, stopping at the bottom so that Jack can take one last drag on his cigarette before putting it out on the floor with a press of his boot. The lights come back on as he does and both men enter the ring. River pulls a microphone out from his back pocket.

Red River Jack: “Smoke, where are you man? I know you’re back there somewhere, listenin’. Come on out, man. Come on out and face the big bad wolf.”

Suddenly the tron flickers and there’s Smoke, stood with a big grin. His neck is plastered from last week’s attack with a cigarette but that doesn’t appear to of put him in a bad mood, which is strange enough.

Smoke: “You rang, chump?”


Red River Jack: “It would appear to me that you’ve taken somethin’ from us, man. Just like I took your dignity last week, you’ve taken Brandon, haven’t you? I can see right through your smile, your hypocrisy, your lies. I can see straight into the heart of the bad news bear and you know, oh you know man, I’m just sellin’ you the bad news.”

Smoke smiles and looks down at something off camera.

Red River Jack: “So you want this?”

Jack raises the title belt into the air and smirks.

Red River Jack: “You want it back around your waist, is that it man? Well I would tell you to come and get it but I’m not the only one who wants to fight. David here, he wants somethin’ from you man. Brandon, he wants somethin’ too.”

Smoke: “I’ve got some bad news for you, I don’t just want that, I want you.”

Smoke points the camera downwards to reveal an unconscious and bloodied Brandon Hate. That brings a smile to the face of Red River Jack, whilst Manson chuckles maniacally alongside him.

Red River Jack: “That’s good, man. That’s good. So at Invasion, I’m going to give you the chance to bring me some bad news, Smoke. I’m going to give you the chance at redemption, at the Hardcore Championship, at all the pain and suffering you’ll ever need to your heart’s content. But before that, you’ll have to face and beat Brandon Hate.”

Smoke: “Check.”

Red River Jack: “And if you get past Brandon, man, if you get past the hatred in his blood that boils for you, you’ve gotta face and beat him.”

The Hardcore Champion points at David Manson, who takes the microphone.

David Manson: “That’s right child. The Awakening has arrived and you are finally starting to open your eyes, just like the rest of these feeble minded children. You belong to us now, can’t you see it? If you want a shot at the Hardcore Championship then you’ll have to go through us all to get it. You’ll have to beat Brandon, then my child, you’ll have to beat me.”

Smoke: “Am I supposed to be afraid? You can stack the deck, you can decorate it with bells, whistles and lollipops, I’m still coming to bust you chumps into oblivion and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it. You want me to beat this idiot..”

He points at Hate.

Smoke: “Done that. You want me to beat you?”

This time he points towards the camera.

Smoke: “You’re just another chump.”

Manson laughs at him.

David Manson: “That’s cute, but you won’t get that far. You may of taken your shots now and believe me, you’ll wish you hadn’t, but at Invasion, it’s our turn. That burn mark on your neck, that plastered evidence of torture, that’ll seem like nothing, child. The Awakening is here, the Awakening is now, and the Awakening is forever!”

Smoke: “If you want an Awakening, chump, you’ll get one when laying flat on your ass on that canvas, looking at the dizzy lights, wondering what the hell just happened. If you want your piece of trash, come and get him, he’s right here. I’ll see you three assholes at Invasion.”

The Bad News Bear chuckles to himself and walks off down the corridor, leaving Brandon Hate unconscious and bloodied as Manson and Jack look at each other, only for Manson to exit the ring and go and get their friend whilst Jack slides to the outside and awaits his opponent; The Scarecrow.

Scarecrow was the first out, his ominous entrance though cut short as Red River Jack enters through the crowd and attacks him from behind. He beats Scarecrow down to one knee, nailing him directly in the face with a knee of his own before dropping him into an unorthodox DDT. Jack gets him back to his fee and whips him straight into the corner, Scarecrow though nailing him with a Big Boot as he leaps up for the running knee. Jack slowly rolls back to his feet and is caught by a thrusting uppercut, The Hayman lifting him up and dropping him with an Atomic Drop.

RRJ stumbles backwards and into a big paw, slapped around his throat… THE HARVESTER! NO! Red drops down behind, grabbing him by the hair and dragging him backwards, CLUBBING HIM ACROSS THE THROAT! He drops down into the cover…. 1….. 2… Kick Out! Scarecrow kicks out with authority. Both of them head back to their feet, River ducking a Clothesline attempt, wrapping his arms around his throat and INTO A BACKBREAKER! JESUS! WHAT INNOVATION! RRJ covers one more time… 1….. 2…. KICK OUT!Another near fall. Scarecrow rolls away and back up, as does Red River Jack who runs at him and into a Tilt-O-Whirl Slam! The Nightmare nails him!

The Hayman grabs him by the hair and scoops him up… VERTIBREAKER! THE LAST STRAW! HOLY CRAP!! Scarecrow covers.. surely that’s enough… 1…… 2….. 3! KICK OUT! THE CULTIVATOR KICKS OUT! The end is coming now. Scarecrow gets back to his feet, spreads his arms into a Perch and signals for the end. Red pulls himself back to his feet… SPARTAN KICK!! HOLY FUCK WHAT A KICK! HE NAILED THAT! Scarecrow stumbles back into the corner and RRJ storms at him, leaping into the air with a HIGH KNEE! BUT HE HOLDS IT.. FALLING BACKWARDS WITH THE FACE OF SCARECROW AND KNEE TO THE JAW! A THOUSAND WORDS!! That could do it! Jack covers….. 1……. 2…… 3!! He does it! The Creator, Cultivator and Consumer defeats The Nightmare! Red River Jack rolls to the outside and raises his arms in celebration before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a celebratory cigarette.

The locker room of Fate is quiet, Mr. Inevitable preparing for his match in which he teams with Crash later tonight. Just then and to the surprise of Fate, in steps Crash, looking rather displeased by the fact that he’s there.

Crash: “Hold on, I’m not here to fight.”

Crash puts his hands up.

Fate: “Then what do you want?”

Crash: “I checked the footage from last week and it looks like you didn’t sabotage my bike.”

Fate: “What did I tell you? Something’s are just fated to happen and you being a crash test dummy is one of them.”

That’s a tough pill to swallow. Crash tries his best to shrug it off.

Crash: “Tonight, we need to be on the same page. Do you think you could put your giant ego to one side for a minute and focus on that? I don’t mean to ask you to put your entire personality aside, but hey, if needs must..”

Fate: “Do you honestly think I’m the only one with an ego? You prance around on a bike, jumping through rings of fire, leaping off of ropes and balconies like some kind of superhero wannabe, wearing your stupid spandex suit. Let’s face facts shall we? You’re not even in the Invasion Match to win it. You’re in it to show off.”

Crash: “You think that’s showing off, huh? You think I don’t want to win the Invasion briefcase? I don’t know if that’s wishful thinking or you’re just as stupid as you look. The truth is, I’m fated to be great. I’ve done things you could only dream of. I’ve flown, I’ve soared, I’ve crashed and I’ve burned. I’ve got the scars to prove it but I’m still here, looking you right in your beady eyes, telling you that at InVasion, I’m taking home that contract.”

Both men square up, nose to nose. The tension rises but neither strike, this time, Fate steps back slightly, smiling.

Fate: “Tonight, if you want to be on the same page, you’ve got it. But how about next week, we figure this thing out once and for all? How about me and you, a ladder match, the winner enters the Invasion Match first. I’ll speak to Flint and get it signed.”

Crash doesn’t even have to think about it.

Crash: “Book it and I’ll introduce you to crash-city a week early. I’ll see you out there.”

Fate chuckles to himself as Crash turns around and heads out. These two somehow have to get on tonight and at the moment, that seems like an impossibility.

It’s been a little while since we were last outside with Security and it appears that upon our return, his situation hasn’t bettered. This time he stands before an Asian man, dressed in a leather jacket, jean shorts and a badly skewed wig. Behind him, as if that wasn’t enough, is a DJ dressed in a giant OSW World Heavyweight Championship costume.

Security: “Are you serious?”

Thomas Roll: “Hello good sir. May I enter your lovely building?”

Security: “No.”

Thomas looks stunned.

Thomas Roll: “But it is I, your OSW World Heavyweight Champion. How can you possibly deny me and my World Championship entry?”

The guard looks at the DJ dressed as a title belt and rolls his eyes.

Security: “First of all, DTR is already in the building. He’s backstage. Secondly? That’s not a Championship belt. That’s your DJ dressed up as one.”


Security: “I’ve already spoken to Errol and he laughed off your suggestion of a million dollar contract, or that you had a meeting. You’re not getting in, kid.”

Thomas Roll: “As your Champion..”

Security: “Enough.”

The guard stands firm, crossing his arms. Thomas angrily removes his wig and throws it on the floor, storming off with his DJ waddling in tow.

Security: “Fucking amateurs.”

Suddenly Roll comes running back, leaping at the Security Guard who instantly bear hugs him and quells the attack. The DJ meanwhile runs over, hitting the guard with his floppy Championship costume head, trying to knock him down as the scene fades.

The bell rings as Mike Lane and Crash start off this tag team contest, Lane starting strong as he backs Crash up to the ropes with a series of hard forearm shots, throwing the Daredevil across the ring as he attempts a clothesline. Crash ducks underneath however, springboarding off the middle rope and taking Lane down with a Cross Body. Lane gets to his feet but is taken down by a Dropkick, and a second but a third hits air as Lane scrambles away, tagging in Cories having had more than enough of the Daredevil. The Green Ranger starts off strong, landing a huge clothesline that nearly turns Crash inside out, as Cories drops down, mounting Crash and raining down heavy punches, his new sadistic streak showing through

Cories pulls Crash up, but Crash lands a low dropkick, staggering Cories as the Daredevil tries for another Crossbody but Cories catches him in mid-air, driving him to the mat with a vicious Powerslam. Cories pulls Crash up, throwing him towards his corner, yelling at Fate to tag in as Mr Inevitable obliges, rushing into the ring as he ducks under a clothesline and lands a huge Continuum, driving all the wind out of the Ranger. Fate urges Cories up to his feet as he tries for the Adversity but the Ranger pushes him off, retaliating with a Superkick that knocks Fate for a loop as Cories tries to tag out but Lane refuses, telling Cories to win the match

Fate slowly gets to his feet as Cories rushes forward, landing a savage knee to the gut before lifting Fate up high, driving him to the mat with a Book-End as the Ranger calls for the end. Fate slowly gets to his feet, as he’s pulled into Cories, CHUMBAWAMBA!It lands solid as Fate seems to be out cold but before Cories can cover, Lane reaches over and tags himself in. The Ranger doesn’t protest as Lane rushes into the ring, knocking Crash off the apron with a Shadow Kick before covering Fate. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!The System get the victory with a lot of help from the controlled Green Rangerr

In the backstage area, The Black Widow is understandably upset about losing her match tonight against an opponent that refused outright to wrestle her. She storms through the backstage area, finally seeing Jeremiah Jett, who just so happens to be preparing his exit from the arena here tonight.

The Black Widow: “Hold on a minute!”

She blocks his path.

The Black Widow: “What the hell was that tonight? Are you afraid of a woman, is that it?”

Jeremiah Jett: “Afraid? No baybee, not afraid. You see, The Superstar Candy bar can beat anyone, any time, any place; just not a woman. I was raised to not hit pretty things like you, baby.”

That disgusts her.

The Black Widow: “I don’t know what’s more insulting; the fact you won’t hit me or the fact you think I won’t hit you back.”

Jeremiah Jett: “Look at you, all fired up. I get it baby, I do. You want a piece of the amazin’, trail blazin’, hunk of meat you just want to..”

He licks his fingers.

Jeremiah Jett: “…eat. But look little lady, I don’t hit women. It ain’t personal. If you wanna get down and dirty with the superstar candy bar, put my lollipop in your mouth and-”

WHACK! Suddenly Lenore Lee attacks her from behind with yet ANOTHER steel chair. The Black Widow flies into the wall and bounces off, holding her head before falling to the floor. Lee chucks the steel down and goes straight towards Jett.

Lenore Lee: “You were saying?”

Jeremiah Jett: “Nothin’ baby, nothin’ at all. I was just tellin’ this little lady that I’m a one woman man with eyes only for you.”

She scoffs and heads off down the corridor with Jett in tow.

The bell sounds with each man taking post in a corner. Isaiah Black is the first man out, gunning right for the OSW Heavyweight Champion of the World who is happy to oblige and the two begin exchanging massive lefts and rights that bring an awed response from the crowd. This all suits Merriweather fine who glances around realizing he’s been left off the hook; however, as he looks out of the ring and gives a shrug to Stephen and Edward he’s nailed with a shoulder block from “The Grim” that sends him hard into the turnbuckle. From there, Black looks back from where he was irish whipped to the ropes only to find DTR charging and landing a HUGE clothesline.

Black is down and DTR is in control, but from nowhere Lord Merriweather sneaks close enough to attack and he does so using a thumb to the eye that sends Dead To Rights reeling. The United States Champion takes advantage of the situation and covers a downed Black, but he’s been down way too long and easily powers out of the pin. The All-Star Champion climbs to his feet and he doesn’t look happy. Merriweather recognizes it and he bails to the outside, leaving Black and DTR in the ring together. Both men give Merriweather a somewhat disgusted look when suddenly tt’s Mother’s children. Their skipping towards the ring and Merriweather and his entourage are about to lose it.

They’re scared shitless! Merriweather dives back into the ring in an attempt to escape the kids who circle the ring, sending Stephen and Edward on a dead sprint to the back. The children begin to dance in a cult like fashion as Merriweather stumbles and glances around petrified. IT’S a double clothesline from Black and DTR that nearly takes Merriweather’s head off. And now Black turns on DTR and throws him through the ropes and out of the ring. “Walking Death” hits the ropes as Merriweather pulls himself up “GRAND LEVELER”! “GRAND LEVELER” by Black. He goes for the cover. ONE … TWO … THREE! Isaiah Black gets the win in the Championship Brawl!!

If there’s one man Jensen Cussen wants to get to, it’s DTR.

But to do that, he’s first gotta go through Professor Bordeaux. Jensen knows that after softening up Bordeaux last week, he’s gotta watch his back. He’s walking through the backstage area with Destiny, making sure to do exactly that.

Jensen Cussen: “Has Mike any idea who’s doing it yet?”

Destiny: “Well nothing has happened since last week, so I’m hoping it’ll go away. He’s talking about hiring a private investigator but I don’t want my privacy anymore intruded upon than it has been.”

Jensen Cussen: “Well if you guys need me, I have a few contacts, I can help.”

Destiny: “Thanks Jensen.”

She shares a smile with him before being rudely interrupted.

The interruption? Professor Bordeaux. He’s not attacking though and instead, hands Jensen an envelope.

Jensen Cussen: “What’s this?”

Professor Bordeaux: “Vous avez été servi or as you American’s would say, you’ve just been served.”

Jensen Cussen: “What?”

Jensen opens the envelope to reveal a court summons for small claims court. He doesn’t quite know what to make of it as Bordeaux reads him the riot act.

Professor Bordeaux: “Do you think you can just attack me and get away with it? I’ll see you in court, le con..”

Bordeaux storms off down the corridor as Cussen looks at Destiny, bewildered.

Destiny: “It looks like you might be needing some of those contacts yourself.”

Jensen raises an eyebrow as the segment comes to a close.

The thirty minute Iron Man Match begins with Cross and Master Chef circling the ring, measuring each other up and preparing for a lockup. The circle turns to a run as Chef leads “Messiah’s Messenger” on a foot chase. Eventually, the former OSW Heavyweight Champion of the World gives in and reverses his steps right into the waiting arms of Cross. It’s a partial Roman Greco lockup before MMC frees his hands and rakes the eyes of his opponent. A knife edged chop from Master Chef. And another! Machine chops to the chest and a big chop to the throat. MMC with “Sliced and Diced” and Cross is in trouble.

Desmond stumbles backwards, dazed. Marvellous Master Chef takes advantage and brings Cross off his feet with a Russian Leg Sweep. Both men down, but Chef right back up. He’s going to the corner. He’s mounting the turnbuckles. MMC to the top rope and Cross doesn’t know what he’s doing. INTO THE AIR… “FLYING BANANAS FLAMBE”!!! Cross is in trouble. Chef goes for the cover.ONE … TWO … THREE! He got it! A quick pinfall that puts Master Chef in the early one to zero lead and Desmond is in serious pain.

The crowd isn’t happy, but MMC seems pretty satisfied. He remains on the attack and brings Cross to his feet. CROSS with a fist to the midsection. AND another! AGAIN! Desmond Cross punching his way back into the contest with a left hook to the jaw and now a series of jabs before DELIVERING a massive uppercut that has Master Chef reeling. Irish whip from Cross sends MMC to the ropes and on the return IT’S A BIG BOOT! Chef is down. Cross with the cover. ONE … but MMC kicks out. Cross doesn’t let up. Bringing his opponent to his feet and “AMAZING …” NO! MMC slips off his shoulders SMALL PACKAGE! ONE … TWO … THREE! I DON’T BELIEVE IT!

Marvellous Master Chef rolls to the outside to clear the cobwebs as Cross remains in the ring stunned. Paloma Ruiz’s voice announces Master Chef as the capture of another fall giving him a two to nothing lead and now “Messiah’s Messenger” has dropped to a knee and he’s… praying! Cross trying to gain some strength from the big guy above and MMC will have none of it. He slides back into the ring and delivers a double axe handle NO! Cross from his knees, blocks the attempt and DRIVES a forearm into the face of the former champ.

MMC feels the effects of that shot as Desmond stands to his feet and LOOK OUT! “AMAZING GRACE”! “AMAZING GRACE”! That time he got it. Cross with the cover. ONE … TWO … THREE! And just like that, Desmond Cross is back in the contest. MMC clinging to a two to one pinfall advantage and Cross is ready to go. As soon as the bell rings and the official gives the signal, “Messiah’s Messenger” has MMC back in his hands. Master Chef is trapped in the corner and Cross sending a series of forearms into his jaw.

Cross sends MMC across the ring and hard into the opposite corner with an irish whip. Marvellous Master Chef staggers forwardAND CROSS MEETS HIM WITH A SPEAR! The crowd shows some approval as Desmond climbs to his feet and now he’s waiting for MMC to join him. Chef to his knees and Cross is there. He’s… “THE REDEEMING”! Desmond Cross lands that Crucifix Powerbomb and now he goes for the cover. ONE … TWO … THREE! What a turn around this match has taken. After jumping out to an early two nothing lead, MMC now finds himself in a tie. Unbelievable!!

OH MY! That’s one way to gain an upper hand. A low blow from Chef and Desmond Cross is quickly reminded of the early hole he find himself in in this one. ANOTHER rake to the eyes AND HE FOLLOWS IT UP, BITING DESMOND CROSS RIGHT ON THE NOSE! The official is there to break it up but the damage is done. “Messiah’s Messenger” is dazed, but still on his feet. MMC takes to the ropes. He returns on a sprint and MISSILE DROPKICK! Both men down. Both men now feeling the effects of this thirty minute contest!

I’m being told we have about seven minutes to go and it looks like Marvellous Master Chef will have the upper hand at this… WAIT A SECOND! WHAT THE… THAT MUSIC! IT’S… DEAD TO RIGHTS! DTR on a dead sprint to the ring. Master Chef is stunned. He doesn’t know how to respond. DTR slides under the bottom ropes, championship belt in hand. MMC goes for a quick clothesline but DTR DUCKS it! Turns! MASTER CHEF TAKES A SHOT TO THE FACE WITH THAT TITLE BELT! And… WAIT! The official is… CALLING FOR THE BELL! DTR has just caused Cross to be disqualified.

There’s only a couple minutes left and now Master Chef leads three falls to two. DTR looks shocked. He doesn’t know what to do as Cross has made it to his feet and he’s staring right through Dead To Rights. DTR shrugs AND AW MY GAWD HE JUST NAILED CROSS WITH THE BELT TOO! And now the official AGAIN calls for the bell. Dead To Rights has single handedly given MMC the lead and then taken it right back away! DTR slips away now. He’s heading back up the entrance ramp. Both Desmond Cross and Marvellous Master Chef are still on the canvas, but they are stirring. They are fighting to get back to their feet.

Amazingly, Cross makes it to his feet first. He moves in to attack BUT MMC ducks through his arms. They turn. KICK to the midsection from Master Chef and “MONTEZUMA’S REVENEGE”! Master Chef nails it. He dives across the chest of Cross. ONE … TWO … THREE! Desmond Cross is OUT COLD and MMC isn’t in much better shape. Both men lying on the canvas. MMC still draped over his opponent. Master Chef now leading the contest at four falls to three AND THERE’S THE BELL! THIS ONS IS OVER! MARVELLOUS MASTER CHEF HAS PULLED OUT A VICTORY IN WHAT ARGUABLY HAS BEEN THE GREATEST MATCH IN THE YOUNG HISTORY OF OLD SCHOOL WRESTLING!!!

After that amazing Main Event, the tron flickers and we’re backstage.

There’s screaming, hollering and staff running around like headless chickens. The camera tries to gain some focus as to what’s going on and finally does, zooming in on a figure in the distance.

Except that figure, he’s hanging from a rafter.

And it’s Marcus X.

Rick Walker: “Oh my God… oh my God..”

Richard Roman: “What the hell?”

Staff are stood beneath him, holding him up to try and stop the effect of being hung. Finally someone arrives with a ladder and a knife, reaching up to cut him down and into the arms of waiting staff below.

Rick Walker: “Is he breathing? Is he okay?”

Richard Roman: “I can’t believe what we’re seeing.”

The EMT’s are quickly in to check on him, signalling that he has a pulse and that they weren’t too late.

Rick Walker: “Thank heavens, but who did this? Who’s responsible? Was it Isaiah Black? Was it The KKK? Who the hell just strung Marcus X up and left him there to die.”

Afterburn slowly goes to a fade on the visual of Marcus X, being worked on my EMT’s who place him in a neck brace and attempt to get him onto a stretcher.

Who the hell did this?