“The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.”

Those words in bold sit upon a black screen for a few moments before we arrive at what could easily be the scene of a demolition. The time is last week and Isaiah Black is being pulled from the rubble and wreckage of the brick wall and forklift.

Once out, EMT’s rush across to check on him.

“Get the fuck off me!” Isaiah yells, snapping his arms away from the grabbing medics. “Where is he?” he demands to know, referencing Red River Jack whose responsible for this. “Where’s Jack?”

Jack though wasn’t so worse for wear and had long limped away from the scene, holding his ribs and equally refusing medical attention. Isaiah stumbles around the site of the crash, looking for his nemesis.

Another EMT tries to coax him into settling down, grabbing his arm and beckoning to the floor, though Isaiah has no intention of doing what he’s told and again, whips his arm away.

He stumbles off into the darkness, exiting the School Yard parking garage, blood dripping from a wound on his head and ribs likely has banged up as can be. The camera finally swings around one last time, looking down on the mayhem caused by Red River Jack – a brick wall destroyed, crumbled, mangled between a forklift that could of easily killed the World Champion.


Our instantaneous next shot see’s a large black SUV sat outside the School Yard, opposite a wall being rebuilt by builders in orange high visibility jackets and hard hats. The doors then open, out stepping two rather well suited gentlemen. They survey the damage with a shake of the head and a largely unimpressed shared look.

Before they make it to the door, our ambassador – Destiny, rushes out into the parking lot to meet them.

“Miss Destiny Flint? I’m Detective Ross,” the first man says pulling out a badge and flashing it in her face. “And this is my partner, Detective Stone,” Stone likewise flashes his badge as Ross continues. “We’re here to investigate a hit and run incident recently brought to our attention, involving your father.”

“There’s no need for that, I can assure you. Nothing untoward happened here, Detectives. This is just a small growing wrestling company that produces entertaining shows for fans. Sometimes that entertainment can appear real,” she tries to convince them, unsuccessfully. “And sometimes people get themselves a little worked up over nothing.”

They share a look with each other and then the building work that continues behind them, not buying a second of her story.

“Well Miss Flint, I’m afraid that it’s out of our hands. We’ve been told that a hit and run happened here and as a result, we have to investigate. I hope that we’ll have your full co-operation in this matter?”

She grins begrudgingly. “Of course Detectives, anything you need.”

They walk on past her towards the entrance of the building, leaving her to follow from behind with a look of desperation. Destiny doesn’t want the cops involved but somehow, some way, they’re here.

‘World on Fire’ fades away as Crash waits for Mother to come down to the ring but nothing happens, the lights don’t go down, no creepy nursery rhymes sung by children. It seems Scarecrow may well have finished Mother off for good as the referee eventually counts Mother out, raising Crash’s arms for the victory, a victory he seems none too happy about. But the one question remains, will we ever see Mother again?

In the locker room of Brent Kersh, Charlie Thompson has stopped by to undertake her ever present interviewing duties. Brent doesn’t look too pleased after an awful assault last week and stands by with his arms folded.

“Brent, you’ve had one hell of a month. After Marcus X sent the world a message at your expense last week, spray painting you with an X, what are your plans for revenge?”

“Revenge?” Kersh says to her with a curled lip. He looks up for a moment and then back to Charlie. “Not a damn thing. Tonight, I’m going to show the world that I’m a good American. Do you know how I’m going to do that?” he asks. Charlie shrugs her shoulders with not a clue. “I’m going to… turn the other cheek.”

She’s quite obviously taken back by that. “What? Do you mean to say that you’re not going to-“

“To what? Here’s the facts Charlie. There’s a time and a place for Marcus X and Brent Kersh. There’s a time and a place where this piece of gold will be on the line,” Brent unfolds his arms and taps the belt around his waist. “That time and that place is in the middle of the ring at Ring Of Dreams and if Marcus thinks for one second that I’m going to walk into the biggest show in Old School Wrestling history and simply give this up, he has another thing coming. The Enforcer fights until I can fight… no more.”

Suddenly he’s ambushed out of left field, Marcus X slamming his forearm across his head as he charges the scene. Brent though takes the shot and spins around, grabbing Marcus and throwing him straight into the lockers. The Black Knight bounces off and hits the floor in a heap, Brent standing over him, holding back the desire to finish this off.

“I’ll be seeing you in the Main Event.”

Kersh walks away, leaving Marcus there to hold the back of his head and nurse his wounds. What a match this is going to be at Ring Of Dreams for the United States Championship.

The match begins with Scarecrow centering the squared circle, standing motionless with his arms in the air as if perched on an imaginary post. Reichous Marx and Longboat are a little hesitant, but cast aside their doubts by locking up near the corner. It’s a struggle that “The Luminary Sage” easily takes advantage of, driving Longboat back into the corner and DRIVING a knee into his midsection. Marx takes a step back and LOOK OUT! “The Lost Viking” is caught in the chin with a super kick that sends him stumbling to the HOLY HELL!! Scarecrow comes to life with “The Haymaker” and Longboat hits the canvas out COLD!

“The Harvester” drags the unconscious body of Longboat to the corner and it looks like we’re down to two men by default. Marx and Scarecrow sizing each other up with matching stares that has brought a hush of awe across the crowd. AND NOW MARX ATTACKS! AND SCARECROW IS WILLING TO OBLIGE! Fists are flying! Rights and lefts hitting their mark for both competitors. It’s a vicious back and forth brawl with neither man willing to back down. Reichous will concede and hits the ropes. On the return,POWERFUL SHOULDER TACKLE AND MY GOD IT TOOK SCARECROW RIGHT OFF HIS FEET!!

I think Marx realizes how close he was to defeat there as he struggles to his feet. Scarecrow is willing his way up as well and as Marx turns AND DODGES A BIG BOOT FROM SCARECROW! “The Harvester” turns and IT’S REICHOUS MARX with a big boot of his own. This to the gut of the monster and… THE LIGHTS GO OUT! WHEN THEY RETURN, SCARECROW HAS VANISHED! HE’S GONE. Longboat gets back to his feet, turns around and “HELTER SKELTER”!! REICHOUS MARX NAILS HIM! He goes for the cover. ONE … TWO … THREE! “THE LUMINARY SAGE” PICKS UP A HUGE WIN HERE TONIGHT!!

Pickpocket sits in his locker room alongside Buford, pleased to finally have the Monkey back by his side. It’s been a turbulent few weeks for The Thief but Matthew Cories – who just entered the room, had a major part to play in keeping his best friend safe and sound. Buford recognizes that almost instantly, rushing over and jumping up onto his shoulder.

“It looks like you’ve made a friend in Buford,” Pickpocket says with a smile. “And Buford and I, we can’t thank you enough for what you did. Royal would of killed Buford if not for you.”

Cories smiles. “Don’t sweat it, man. I couldn’t let Marcel get beaten to death by Emily – that’s not the kind of friend I want to be.”

Pickpocket looks at him, confused.

“Yeah,” he agreed quizzically. “Well, we’re thankful for that, aren’t we Buford?”

The Monkey nods enthusiastically.

“Now all I need to do is take that Hardcore Championship away from her and send her back to jolly old England,” Cories announces as Buford hands him a banana. “Which the first step towards doing starts tonight.”

“It’s a war that we can fight on both fronts. Myself and Buford are going to become the next All-Star Champion and when that happens, we’ll send King Konstantine back on a boat with him.. err, her,” Pocket confirms. “Buford, you and I, let’s go and steal the show!”

“I like the sound of that! Awww, here it goes!”

Both men shake hands, their alliance ahead of tonight’s Main Event and Ring Of Dreams having become entirely clear.

There’s a ruckus backstage with people running towards the camera, terrified by what’s happening behind them. The brave cameraman persists deeper into the locker room area, where Scarecrow and Mother are literately ripping each other apart.

She drags him in the nearest locker room and throws him against the lockers, her power unbelievable for such a small figure. With right hands that hit like brick walls, he responds, knocking her to the floor in a heap. He reaches down and lifts her by the throat and into the air, holding her there against the wall with as much force as he can muster.

Then she kicks him. Again, again, again and again until he releases. She screams at him and runs with claws out, ripping hay from his very being with every swipe.

No-one even dares interrupt this brawl as Scarecrow drives his knee into her mid-section and then throws her head first into the nearest wall, denting the plasterboard with such force that bits crumble off as she bounces.

Suddenly the entire lighting system fails and we’re in pitch black. The camera goes to night vision as fast as possible but Scarecrow is gone, only Mother remains. She’s with her back to camera, not moving even an inch in the pitch black.

Then she turns, lunging at the cameraman, knocking him to the ground and sending our image to black.

The bell rings as Bobby South quickly attacks, backing Hangman in the corner. Despite the equal size of the two men, Hangman quickly grabs South and throws him out of the corner, South sliding outside of the ring. When two big man square off, you don’t normally see one show that kind of display of strength. The Real Deal climbs back up onto the ring apron, pulling Hangman’s neck on the top rope before climbing back into the ring. South wrenches Hangman’s arm around the top rope and posts Hangman’s shoulder in the corner, sending the Monster outside of the ring by sheer momentum.

South gives chase, running Hangman shoulder-first into the ring post and rolling him back into the ring. South signals for the Dirty South, but Hangman traps him back into the corner, driving his shoulder into South’s gut. The Monster charges in, but South moves, causing Hangman to post himself in the corner. South stalks for a moment. LAST RESORT… NO! HANGMAN HANGS ON TO THE ROPES! Both men man up and slug it out. South ducks a shot and goes for a Choke Slam, but Hangman counters with a goozle on his own. South knocks the arms away and shoves Hangman to the corner.

South goes for a big boot in the corner, but he gets hung up on the top rope when the Monster moves. Hangman takes control and kicks him down to the mat. Hangman refuses to let South get to his feet and continues to beat him down to the mat. The Monster hits a crisp brainbuster in the middle of the ring. One…. Two…. South powers out, forcing himself to his feet on sheer adrenaline. Hangman quickly grabs the goozle again. CHOKESLAM!! ONE… TWO… THREE!!! Hangman picks up an impressive win, but Bobby South brought the pain.

The scary figure of The Hangman has gone backstage after his match and lurks backstage in the shadows, watching Ash Williams as he tries to hunt him down. Ash is convinced that the necromicon has been stolen from him and that The Hangman has it. He stalks down the halls, checking the darkness for the ‘evil dead’.

“Come on Hangman, I know you’re around here, ugly,” Ash boasts as he searches. “You can’t stop me from sending your evil ass back to hell. I want the book, or else this’ll be a lot harder on you than it needs to be.”

The Hangman suddenly appears, startling Ash.

“You don’t understand what you’re doing, do you? You’re hunting me because I’m a monster, is that it? Well I didn’t steal your book and in the ring at Ring Of Dreams, I will show you that I am not to be vanquished.”

Ash cocks his Boomstick.

“Every evil thing dies, asshole. You’re the evil dead and I’m the man to send your ass back where you came from. It’s time to die.”

He lunges at Hangman with his Boomstick of a right hand but The Hangman manages to duck out of the way. He slaps a hand around the throat of his near partner and lifts him into the air, strangling the life out of him.

WHACK! BOOMSTICK TO THE HEAD! WHAT A RIGHT HAND! The Hangman falls to the floor and releases Ash, who stands over him with a smile on his face.


Ash backs up and with a wink to the camera, walks away. Something is seriously wrong with this guy, especially if he’s going after Hangman, who couldn’t be any more true with his intentions of vanquishing evil.

Desmond and Willie lock up, Cross using his size advantage to take the upper hand. German Suplex! But Willie is quick to find his feet and he charges back at the New Messiah… but Desmond maintains control! Catching Manson with a huge Spine Buster that paints Willie’s back across the canvas. Desmond hooks the head and… it looks like… he’s going for St. Peter’s Gate! No! Willie pushes away, breaking free from the hold! Using the ropes for leverage Manson charges back at Cross and… Running Dropkick! Manson catches Cross on the chin before Desmond can even make it to his feet!

Manson runs the ropes, giving Desmond a chance to get to his feet, and on his return… Running Clothesline! No, Cross ducks underneath… hits the opposite ropes and, on his return… Running Clothesline of his own! No! This time it’s Manson who ducks underneath! Both men stop dead in their tracks and spin on their heels to face one an other… DDT! Willie catches Cross with a violent DDT and he moves right in for the cover! One! Tw-Kickout! Manson, angry that Desmond kicked out, runs Cross to his feet and hooks him under the right arm and over the left shoulder, T-Bone Suplex!

Willie only takes a moment to play it up to the crowd but that’s all Desmond needs to slip out of the ring for a chance to catch his breath. The crowd boo’s and Cross dismisses them with a flick of his wrist. Willie bends over the ropes to talk smack and Cross strikes, hooking the back of his head with both hands and hanging his neck up on the ropes. Cross slides in to take advantage… scoops Willie up, and drapes him over his shoulder! The crowd goes crazy with boo’s but it’s too late. AMAZING GRACE! And Cross with the cover. One! Two! Three!

Willie Manson gets back to his feet holding his head. But his troubles are long from over because here comes WILL ABEL WITH A STEEL CHAIR! Will slides straight into the ring and runs the steel across the head of Manson, knocking him to the floor in a heap. The Olympic Hero throws the steel down and demands a microphone.

“You think you can just attack me, is that it? Don’t you know who you’re dealing with? I’m an Olympic Gold Medallist, pal. I’m the finest thing to come out of Canada in a long time. Here’s a FACT; you can’t beat me, bucko. You can’t beat me and at Ring Of Dreams, I’m going to prove it to you.”

He stomps away at him a couple more times for good measure, hitting the mark with each kick.

“I’m ready, willing and ABEL!”

Abel pulls Manson up and sends him into the ropes.. POP UP POWERBOMB! WHAT POWER! Willie thuds off the canvas with brutal force as The Wrestling Machine looks at him with a sneer.

It looks like we have another match booked in for Ring Of Dreams.

The Wrestling Machine backs away, exiting the ring and heading up the entrance ramp as the camera takes one last look at the damage done to poor Willie Manson, who barely stirs in the ring.

The bell sounds as Will Abel and Cacyi Spires stand in the middle of the ring. The Wrestling Machine stares at Chaos with a sly smirk as he pie faces her. Cayci fires back with a forearm across Abel’s face! Another! Another! She runs at the ring ropes and gets met with a running clothesline that folds Cayci up like a accordion! He goes for a pinfall. One! Kickout! Abel grabs the hair of Spires and forces her up to her feet. Kick to Abel’s knee! He backs off … SWINGING NECKBREAKER!

Spires doesn’t stop there as she goes on top of Abel, throwing more forearms across Abel’s face until the referee gets up to a four count. The referee pulls her away but she manages to break free but The Wrestling Machine captures Chaos … RED WATER RISING! What a T-bone suplex! He goes for a cover. One! Two! THR – SPIRES LEG WAS ON THE ROPE! Abel argues for a moment but quickly goes back on the attack. He tosses Spires against the ring ropes … POP – UP POWERBO … CHAOS THEORY! CODEBREAKER TO WILL ABEL’S FACE AS SHE CAME DOWN! OH MY GOD WHAT A COUNTER!

Spires is hurt, as she holds her head. She may have this one won if she had pinned him there. Finally, she crawls, covering Abel with one arm. One! Two! THREE! NO! Abel gets a shoulder up just in the knick of time! What does she have to do to put Abel away?! Picking Abel up to his feet, she runs at the ring ropes … CODEBREAKER! What the hell?! Abel pops up but dazed … CHAOS THEORY AGAIN! He is done and out cold as Spires pins him! ONE! TWO! THREE! What a victory for Chaos here tonight!

The cops have been investigating backstage but no-one appears to be able to tell them anything. It certainly seems like Destiny has done the rounds and told everyone to keep their mouth shut; or else. When the police finally make their way to Desmond Cross, all eyes and ears turn to what The Messiah might have to say for himself.

“Mr .Cross?” Detective Stone asks with a notepad at the ready.

Except he isn’t going to get that far, not with Zachariah around.

“Do not speak to my Messiah!” Zachariah interrupts abruptly. He pushes one arm in front of Cross and squeezes himself in the way.”

The abruptness of his interruption takes Stone by surprise. “Are you his attorney?”

Before Zach can speak, into the scene walks a rather arrogant looking Mike Lane. The look on his face suggests that he perhaps had something to do with their arrival.

“What’s the matter, Cross? Ever since this moron came around, you’ve acted like the cat has your tongue. Are you too afraid to speak, is that it? You have the police here, questioning you and you’ve not told them about your plans to sacrifice my girlfriend, or how you kidnapped her for weeks on end?”

The police look utterly stunned at those accusations.

Suddenly DESMOND STRIKES WITH A RIGHT HAND! He knocks Lane straight to the floor and starts stomping away at him, only to be dragged off by the police. Mike smirks to himself on the concrete, having goaded The Messiah into assaulting him in front of police officers. They quickly drag him away and get out the cuffs.

“Desmond Cross, I’m arresting you for assault and on suspicion of kidnapping and hit and run. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney, if you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you.”

The Detectives begin to escort him out of the arena as Mike Lane gets back to his feet, dusting himself off with a grin. Whatever plan he had here tonight has clearly worked! Desmond Cross may want Destiny at Ring Of Dreams but at this rate, he won’t even make it there.

Zachariah can’t believe it.

“Tell your client that if he wants a match with me, there’s a new stipulation; Loser Leaves Old School Wrestling,” Lane says with a smirk. “That’s if he gets out on bail in time.”

The People’s Choice chuckles to himself as the fans cheer before walking off down the corridor, leaving Desmond’s manager to look on in utter disgust at what he’s just witnessed.

The former World Champion gets straight on top of the newcomer and takes him straight to the floor snap suplex. Making a quick cover, Ash Williams kicks out at One. Elbow flurries to the head of The Chosen One leave him dis-orientated, positioning himself behind The People’s Champion then locks in an abdominal stretch. Williams, may not have much wrestling experience but eventually he wiggles free from the lock. Buoyed by his escape he gets some offence in himself and a huge RUNNING HEADBUTTsends Mike Lane tumbling to the canvass

An armbar locked in on the People’s Champion from Ash Williams. Submission’s not being Williams strong point though its not long before Mike Lane has wiggled himself to the ropes, his free arm grabbing on forcing Ash Williams to release the hold. Both men get shown the appreciation from the crowd as they tie up, Lane’s height advantage allows him to gain the upper hand and with Williams forced to his knee’s a huge Hip-toss, leaves Williams down and winded. Second pin attempt from Lane, another kick-out at one, this one continues.

Allowing Williams to his feet, Lane stalks him. Something switches on inside Ash Williams head though and just whilst Mike Lane is about to make his move, he gets greeted with a BOOMSTICK from nowhere. Crumbling to the floor Williams milks it for a little to the crowd, maybe an error for the new wrestler as, as he walks over to the seemingly out cold Mike Lane, he gets a drop toe hold for his trouble and STF… MIKE LANE WAS PLAYING DEAD. Williams roars fills the arena and little by little he tries to claw his way to the ropes. Heartbreakingly, when he is just within touching distance, the more experienced Lane pulls him back into the centre. No option but to TAP, WILLIAMS TAPS.

In the royal Kingdom of King Konstantine Orwell, the Hardcore and All-Star Championships are finally back where they belong – around the waists of the Champions. Speaking of which, those waists are highly guarded tonight as the King’s Guard circle them entirely.

“Doth one hath opportunity to seek vengeance?” Orwell asks of Royal, who shakes his head to indicate no. “Never fear, my friend, there will be time for vengeance next week at Ring Of Dreams. Speaking of which, thou has my assistance wherever required.”

Nigel thanks him with a nod of the head.

“As is likewise. Matthew Cories is nothing but a skid mark on the underpants of life and I’m the scouring pad. That lad wants a Hardcore Championship match with the reigning, defending, undefeatable Champion? His wish will be granted.”

“Meanwhile, my path crosses with a thief that for once, must be stopped. When all is said and done, the Kingdom will be all that remains, Sir Nigel Royal.”

Both men nod and shake hands.

“All Hail King Konstantine!” The King proclaims.

“For King, For Country.” Nigel adds.

Both men chuckle to themselves, clearly proud of their pact to inflict as much damage and pain on Matthew Cories and Pickpocket as possible at Ring Of Dreams.

The bell rings as Pig rushes forward with a clothesline attempt that Jake manages to duck under as the Juggalo bounces off the ropes, flying forward with a series of right hands that stagger the bigger man. Jake ducks under a wild right hand as he begins to land kicks to the back of Pig’s leg, trying to take his right knee out from under him. A big roundhouse drops Pig down to one knee as Jake rushes to the ropes, bouncing off right into the waiting hand of Pig who lifts Jeckel high up into the air, and drives him down to the mat with a massive chokeslam

Jake gets to his feet slowly as Pig rushes forward, punishing Jeckel with hard rights and lefts, lifting the Juggalo up off the canvas with each blow. Jake gets doubled over by a massive knee to his gut as Pig lifts him up over his head, rushing forward and throwing him into the turnbuckle with a giant Powerbomb. Jeckel staggers out, holding his back, MARCH OF THE PIGS! That massive spear wipes Jake out but Pig isn’t done, lifting the limp Jeckel up to his feet, and hoisting him high up into the air, before driving him down with the Day The World Went Away. Pig finally covers as the referee counts, ONE…TWO…THREE! Pig gets the first pinfall in this Iron Man match

Luther urges Pig on from the outside as the Monster lifts up Jake once more, trying for another TDTWWA but as Jake is lifted up into the crucifix position, he manages to slip away behind Pig, rolling him up for a pinfall. ONE…Pig easily powers out but as he gets to his feet, he’s taken down by a running dropkick aimed for his right knee and as the Monster hits the canvas, the Juggalo drops down, locking in the Riddle-Box in the middle of the ring. Pig roars in pain as he tries to crawl to the ropes, Jake pulling back with all his strength as Pig’s hand just scrapes against the ropes before Jake pulls him back into the centre of the ring

Luther looks worried on the outside as Pig’s hand wavers, hovering off the canvas before he utters a massive roar and with a surge of strength, manages to kick Jake off him, breaking the hold but the damage has clearly been done as Pig holds his back in pain. Jake tries to rush Pig but he’s thrown off into the turnbuckles as Pig steadies himself for a moment, before rushing forward with a huge avalanche into nothing but turnbuckle. Pig bounces off, holding his chest right into a kick to the gut from Jake who lifts the Monster high up into the air, holding him there for a few seconds before driving him to the canvas with a huge Juggalo Jackhammer. Jake doesn’t cover but backs up a little, running up with a big Faygo Splash, hooking the right leg for the cover. ONE…TWO…THREE!! Jake ties it all up at one a piece

With little over three minutes left in the contest, Jake starts to fire himself up, rushing to the ropes and landing a big Spinning Heel Kick to a slowly standing Pig that sends the Monster to a knee once more before he grabs his head, twisting in the air and driving Pig down to the canvas with a huge DDT. Jake doesn’t cover but uncharacteristically, he goes up to the top rope, sizing Pig up as he dives off, THE GREAT DESTROYER! Superkick out of nowhere and Jake may well be knocked out cold here.

Pig slowly gets to his feet, as he pulls Jake up by his hair, the referee taking exception but Pig just swats him away. JUGGABLOW!Low Blow out of nowhere the referee looking over again just as Jake rolls Pig up. ONE…TWO… Jake has the tights THREE!! Jake Jeckel steals the second fall just seconds before the time limits ends, and emerges the victor in the Iron Man Match.

With the match over, Break Out by Nubian Rose blares throughout the speakers and has the fans instantly on their feet. She comes running out from behind the curtain and bolts down the entrance ramp, sliding into the ring.


Only what she finds there, surprises even her. Pig and Jake Jeckel, their hatred aside, now stand in front of her almost united. She isn’t quite sure what to do as they close in.




The fans let out a roar unlike any other. They know what that means.

So does Jake Jeckel. The Juggalo stands there in utter shock, his eyes taken away from Cayci and Pig because now standing on the entrance ramp, to the surprise of many, is Jimmy Sartyr!

“Jimmy Sartyr!” clap clap clap “Jimmy Sartyr!”

The fans never forget.

Jimmy darts down the entrance ramp and slides straight into the ring, confirming the brawl. Pig goes straight after Cayci as Jake stomps down on Jimmy, who barely gets a chance to get to his feet. Finally Jeckel grabs him by the arm and whips him into the ropes, only Jimmy turns on it and uses the momentum to baseball slide up underneath The Juggalo.

He pops up the other side and Dropkick’s Jeckel straight through the ropes to the outside. By this time, Cayci has launched Pig through the ropes and has him backtracking on the opposite side of the ring. Jimmy walks over to Cayci and offers her a nod of respect, which she takes and reciprocates as this amazing segment unfolds before us.

The two fan favourites stand inside the ring as their enemies pace outside – Jimmy Sartyr so clearly another legendary face to add to the Sweet Dreams Match at Ring Of Dreams. That’s seven, but is that all?

Fred Sanders stands outside the locker room of Crash, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to get an interview with the Sweet Dreams Match participant. He knocks the door impatiently and when it opens, greets Crash with a smile and a big question.

“Crash, did you see the arrival of Jimmy Sartyr tonight? That means the Sweet Dreams Match has a whopping seven participants in it. What are your thoughts on these developments?”

Crash shrugs. “It doesn’t matter, does it? The way you win that match is by climbing the cage and escaping it. You can add as many ‘legends’ or former RAGE guys as you want, the fact remains the same; you only win when you escape.”

Suddenly a large figure rushes past Fred Sanders and catches Crash by surprise with a big forearm – it’s Reichous Marx! Marx grabs him by the hair and throws him out into the hallway, following him with large boots to the gut. He grabs by the hair, punching him in the mid-section as he drags him down through the corridor and towards the technical area.

The fans are booing, as you’d expect, as Reichous Marx emerges from behind the curtain with Crash and looks set to throw him off the stage.

“DON’T DO IT!” you can hear technicians from below bellow as The Luminary Sage prepares to drop him to his ultimate doom.

Just then, a guitar rift booms into the area, sending the fans into a rapturous uproar unlike anything we’ve heard to date.





Out onto the entrance ramp storms NEVILLE SHELDON to a tremendous ovation. He stands there with his hands on hips, looking around the sold out fans with a smile on his face. Reichous lets go of Crash and turns to meet him, looking as unimpressed as one man can be by such an interruption.

Then The Sage storms at him, diving with a Clothesline that Neville just about ducks under. He quickly spins Marx around and leaps forward with a forearm, cleaning his clock entirely. Marx falls backwards towards the stage as Neville levels him with another, forcing him to teeter right on the edge of a drop of his own.



Neville can’t believe it. He stands there looking at the carnage below, a save he couldn’t make here tonight. He drops to his butt and hops off the stage into the carnage, checking on Crash who barely moves as EMT’s rush out to check on both men.

When the bell sounds for this potentially amazing Main Event, Brent Kersh stands opposite old foe Nigel Royal, demanding that Marcus X get into the ring. X declines and Royal attacks during the disruption, catching Kersh with brutal forearms to the face that send him sprawling backwards. He drags him away into a Neckbreaker and attempts the cover.. 1….. 2… Kick Out. Nigel stays on top of him with right hands, delivering brutal shot after brutal shot to the skull of the United States Champion before dragging him over to his corner and tagging in Marcus X.

Like a coward, Marcus enters the ring and stomps away at Kersh, shouting abuse at him. “You can’t lead these people,” he yells as he lays into him with boots. “You can’t lead America to equality.” The Black Knight drags him to his feet and whips him into the ropes, catching him with a Tilt-O-Whirl Backbreaker that’ll send shivers down your spine. Marcus is by now parading around the ring like he’s justified, grabbing Brent by the leg and dropping an Elbow down across his knee. He pops back up another two times, each time driving that elbow to keep his opponent grounded.

Finally, with a few smacks around the head, Marcus teases The Enforcer, allowing him to think he make a tag. He crawls across the ring but The Black Knight is there to stop him and turn him over within inches of a tag. He grabs both legs but Kersh somehow kicks out, kicking him to the canvas and allowing him to tag in Pickpocket. Pocket storms the ring, leaping onto Marcus andMONKEY FLIP! He launches The Black Knight across the ring and both men are quickly back to their feet. The Thief ducks under a Clothesline attempt and turns it into a Clothesline, taking the advantage for his team.

Marcus rolls almost instantly to the outside and waves away the match, recovering – that is until Pickpocket slides to the outside and gives chase. X though wisely runs around the ring and slides back in, tagging in Konstantine who’s waiting for Pickpocket as he re-enters. OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!! CLOTHESLINE FROM ABSOLUTE HELL! Pickpocket ran straight into that! He covers… 1….. 2….. 3… Kick Out! He kicks out! Almost in disbelief, Konstantine doesn’t want any more to do with Pickpocket and turns around to tag in a team mate, only to be rolled up. ‘Pocket has the trousers! 1….. 2……. 3!! He does it! Pickpocket somehow eliminates Konstantine!

The King furiously gets back to his feet and argues with the referee, turning around to see Pocket somehow getting back up. He runs over and OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! A SECOND BRUTAL CLOTHESLINE! The King demands that Marcus get back into the ring and cover, which he does. 1…… 2…… 3! Pickpocket has also been eliminated! Orwell exits the ring and dusts off his hands, looking back towards The Thief who slowly comes to and realizes what’s just happened. Back in the ring though and that pinfall is bad news for Marcus X because when he turns around, Brent Kersh scoops him straight up and.. LONESTAR! SHOULDER BREAKER! TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!! HE FINALLY GOT A PIECE OF THE PIE! Kersh covers…. 1…… 2…. 3! Marcus X has also been eliminated!

This one is now down to Red River Jack and Nigel Royal taking on Isaiah Black, Brent Kersh and Matthew Cories. Royal renters the ring to meet Kersh and walks into a face full of right hands. The Enforcer is furious and immediately hip tosses him over to the canvas. Nigel scrambles away as Matthew begs for the tag and gets it. He rushes straight over to him with a knee to the face whilst he sits in the corner. Cories pulls him to his feet and looking for a Snap Suplex, only Royal drops down behind. He grabs him by the arm and snaps him to the canvas.. THE DUNGEONS OF LONDON!! NIGEL ROYAL IS GONNA MAKE HIM TAP OUT!! Matthew tries to escape, rocking back and forth until finally he gets to his knees and rolls The Hardcore Champion sideward’s! Nigel releases the hold and both men get back up.. CHUMBAWAMBA!! CHUMBAWAMBA!!! Cories covers….. 1…… 2….. 3! He pins the Hardcore Champion!

Matthew can’t believe it, celebrating as if he’s won the Hardcore Title when he hasn’t. He finally stops, turns around and catches Nigel staring at him ! Nigel grabs him and runs him straight into Red River Jack who grabs the arm, spins over the head and“SEEIN’ RED!!” BUS DRIVER!! That DDT variant catches Matthew out of no-where and the cover….. 1….. 2….. 3! Cories joins Royal in elimination town! That leaves Brent Kersh and Isaiah Black vs. Red River Jack and for some reason, Jack appears to be smiling. He’s outnumbered here tonight but that doesn’t seem to bother him.

“Come on then man, let’s get the party started!” Jack says waving at Isaiah Black who enters the ring and stands opposite him. We’re about to see a preview of the Ring Of Dreams Main Event when..

Red River Jack casually backs away with a smile and hops to the outside. The fans boo as Isaiah looks on with a smile of his own, watching as the referee slowly but surely counts Red River Jack out. He finally gets to ten and calls for the bell, Red having taken a cigarette from his pocket and sparked it up. What the hell?

With the fans booing, Isaiah has had enough and exits the ring to meet Jack on the ramp way. They immediately start brawling, Black beating RRJ up the ramp and towards the backstage area. The camera perhaps unwisely follows as they brawl throughout the backstage, bouncing off of walls and doors, throwing right and left hands at each other like men possessed.

The brawl now heads towards the parking lot, where they slam through the exit doors and land on the concrete. The builders quickly evacuate the scene of last week’s destruction as these two fight back and forth, delivering some of the most fierce punches we’ve seen in the business.

Finally they fight towards the production truck that’s parked to the right. Jack bounces Black head first off the trailer, before walking up the steps and entering the production area of the truck itself. Black follows, obviously not willing to let this go and ends up having his head bounced off the main console.

Workers try to run away, only to have Red grab them by their shirts and launch them towards the exit. They scramble out as the camera falls backwards and tries to remain capturing the footage. Unfortunately the feed cuts and we’re forced to switch to a camera on the outside as SMOKE suddenly starts filling the production truck.

The cameraman from before stumbles out, escaping the smoke as FIRE begins raging towards the door. We’re still waiting on these two wrestlers as fire rages and smoke bellows out. What the fuck happened in there?

A crowd now begins to gather on the outside, watching as Red River Jack and Isaiah Black emerge in unison, tumbling out onto the concrete floor. Police now arrive, as does the fire brigade, many of them getting between these two smoke covered athletes who simply won’t stop swinging at each other, even whilst on the ground and with breathing difficulties.

The detectives from earlier tonight rush out into the parking lot, looking for some reason distraught. Destiny meanwhile appears, arms folded, pretending to be disappointed.

“It looks as if the evidence you need to investigate my father’s accident has gone up in smoke,” she says as if she actually cares. Something is fishy about this one, as if Isaiah Black and Red River Jack have done her a favour. “What a shame.”

Afterburn comes to a close with Red River Jack and Isaiah Black being separated, the Detectives looking stunned and Destiny standing with a giant smile on her face, as if somehow, this was all planned.