We fade in from black and head immediately to the backstage area.

Stood there for the first time in months, waiting by the arena entrance, is none other than Charlie Thompson. She’s looking surprisingly well all things considered and it’s slightly strange that she’s even here tonight.

Then Isaiah Black walks in, dragging the World Championship by the strap. Charlie jumps into action.

“Isaiah, Isaiah, please wait,” she begs, chasing after him as he storms past her. “I need your help. I need you to put an end to Red River Jack.”

That stops him in his tracks. Black looks her up and down with a sneer.

“It’s nice to need, isn’t it? Do you know what I need? I need just one minute alone with Red River Jack,” Isaiah remarks as he attempts to walk off again. Charlie this time, more abruptly, stops in front of him. “Oh I’m sorry sweetheart, but I don’t need a minute alone with him for you, or your boyfriend. I don’t care if Fate never walks again and you? You could be slit from your pretty little head to your pretty little toe and I’d not give one single shit on any given day of the week.”

The World Champion pushes past her and storms off down the halls.


He halts, turns around and walks straight back over to her, getting in her face.

“Do you know what Jack did? He put his hands on me. He tried to embarrass me like I’m the same as the rest of you people. Do I look like I’m the same as you, huh? You can tell Red River Jack that I’m comin’ for this throat, bitch.”

Charlie leans back as he literally spits venom. He turns around one final time and walks away, shouting back at her.

“I don’t give a fuck if he chooses death. He doesn’t have a choice.”

Pre-recorded video begins to play.

Cough. Cough.

The scene flickers to a static like state where Red River Jack stands surrounded by The Awakening. They’re dressed in the Ku Klux Klan gear we’ve become accustomed to unknowingly seeing them in.

“Can I have your attention please?”

He pulls the costume off in one fell sweep and throws it to the floor.

“Were you expectin’ me in person, man?” he says with a slight snigger. The Awakening surround him with equally big smiles, as if they’ve won the lottery or something. “I know you were, huh? Everyone wants to hear us explain ourselves, don’t they? The questions, man, the questions. Everyone has em. Do you wanna know why we did what we did? Huh? Do you really wanna know? Because if you’re askin’ just because everyone else is, it defeats the purpose, man.”

All three of them laugh together.

“It was never about colour for us. We don’t care if you’re black or white, you’re just symbols to us. We don’t see your colour, man. All we see is the shell of what you’ve been allowed to become. Society deems it so, so you follow like blind sheep. The world has long been blinded to hate and racism, man. You think you’re awake, you think you see but you’ve yet to open your eyes to it. You don’t know what’s going on, you only know what the media tells you and you believe it. You eat it up.”

Jacks grabs the hood from the floor and raises it into the air.

“This was a message. It was the same message you’ve been hearing all along; Wake up.”

He discards the hood to the floor and laughs as the fans boo inside the arena.

“At Ring Of Dreams, the dreams finally stop. At Ring Of Dreams, the nightmares begin, man. At Ring Of Dreams, there’s no more peace, no more laying in your slumber with your eyes wide shut, ignorin’ the truth, ignorin’ the world that spins around you, believin’ what you’re told and doin’ what you think you have to. No no, at Ring Of Dreams.. your eyes will be wide open and you’ll be wide awake.”

Red lowers his head and takes a deep breath.

“Isaiah Black, I choose death, man.”

The air fills with laughter as the scene abruptly cuts to black.

Right off the bell Vespertine charges Cories with a Spinning Heel Kick, but Matthew manages to duck and side step the attack. So Vespertine goes for a Jumping front kick! But no, Matthew dodges again. Vesp, looking a little annoyed, spins off with a vicious Roundhouse Kick; but again Matthew is able to evade the attack! Cories, really showing he’s got his game back after having been freed from the blade by the Hangman last week. Vespertine on the other hand, who was attacked by the KKK last week, doesn’t look to be in the mood to humor Matthew’s ‘come back’ any longer. Windmill kick!

Vespertine catches Cories by surprise with that foot that seems to come from behind her head and drops him to the canvas. And now Vespertine looking to take some of her frustrations with the Awakening out on Matthew, one closed fisted punch at a time. Eventually Cories makes it to the ropes and the ref breaks them up at a count of four. The Fresh Prince of Wrestling barely makes it to his feet before Vespertine charges back at him… Spinning Heel Kick! No, Cories catches her.. and dumps Vespertine to the canvas with a huge Spine Buster!

Vespertine pops back up almost instantly and Matthew swings wildly at her; but Vespertine ducks and spins over his back… Float Over DDT! Vesp goes for the cover but Cories is quick to kick out. The two find their feet and charge one an other – Vespertine with a Running Bicycle Kick; but Cories steps in and, once again, catches Vespertine in mid-air! Book-End! Matthew nailing that Book-End and going for the cover. But somehow Vespertine kicks out! Cories can’t believe it. He lifts Vesp up and sets her up for… The Chumbawamba! And right into a pin! One! Two! Three! And Matthews has done it!

Destiny is backstage without Mike Lane, surrounded by security and looking rather annoyed. Her father was ran over last week and now she has to be here to take care of his affairs. The door knocks and in walks Crash, who’s quickly surrounded by the security team looking after Destiny.

“Whoa, relax alright? She summoned me,” Crash says pointing at Destiny who nods to her staff as if to relax. “What can Crash do for you?”

“I’m afraid I have some bad news. With Fate’s injury and your lack of Tag Team partner, you won’t be able to defend the Tag Team Championships at Ring Of Dreams. This leaves me in a bit of a bind, you see. Therefore, I can give you two options. You can either find a Tag Team partner and defend your titles at Ring Of Dreams or relinquish your Tag Team Championships and enter the Sweet Dreams Match.”

Crash looks rather bemused, holding both belts over his right shoulder.

“Sweet Dreams?” he asks in confusion.

“It’s a six person staple of Ring Of Dreams,” she adds vaguely, realizing that it’s not enough information for Crash. “It’ll host some of the most talented wrestlers on this roster and the winner will receive a randomized title shot to be redeemed when they choose.”

That makes his eyes light up.

“Crash likes the sound of that. If there’s one thing Crash knows how to do, it’s shine in the big matches. Who would be my opponents?”

Destiny looks at him with a wry smile.

“Well, that’s the hitch, so to speak. Three of your potential opponents have been decided – those being Jake Jeckel and Reichous Marx; the very men you face here with Mike tonight,” she admits. Crash looks on with a smile of his own, showing no fear. “The other is the deranged man known as Pig,” Destiny says with an awkward look on her face. “And the remaining two, well, they’ll make themselves known in due time.”

Without hesitation, Crash places his title belts down on the table in front of her and smirks.

“Consider those relinquished. Crash… in.”

She nods in agreement, an amazing match having been created for Ring Of Dreams. The segment comes to a close with Crash taking his leave, entirely pleased with what he’s just gotten himself into – just like the lunatic that he is.

King Konstantine Orwell and Chris Danger square off, with vastly different attitudes. Chris Danger is making his debut on the roster, and has a lot to prove, while the King already holds gold, and is looking to escape this match quickly. Orwell signals for a collar and elbow tie up, but quickly ducks beneath his opponent. The two men exchange basic holds, but Danger ends this by pushing the All Star Champ into the ropes, bridging back into a roll up. One… Konstantine powers out, and rolls outside of the ring, taking a powder. Danger follows, circling the ring, but the King gets in first.

The King begins to lay in with boots to Danger, quickly backing off as the newcomer rises to his feet. Orwell motions for a test of strength, and despite an eye roll, Danger goes to lock hands. Of course, Orwell quickly delivers a toe kick to the knee of Danger. Orwell begins to wind up, spinning into his lariat, but Danger ducks it! Hitting the ropes, the newcomer shows some fire coming off at the All Star Champ, but Konstantine, ducks outside of the ring for a second time. Danger motions for him to join him in the ring.

Orwell gets up on the apron, motioning for Chris to back away and allow him to enter the ring. Another eye roll, but the newcomer acquiesces. The King makes a quick entrance, going for the legs of his opponent, but Danger leap frogs over, hitting the ropes. On the rebound, Orwell nails a huge Big Boot, taking down his opponent. Danger is back to his feet quickly, and the two men circle for a moment. Sensing an advantage, Konstantine slips in to go for a German suplex. Chris Danger elbows out, and hits the ropes again. This time, the King grabs him up into the Exile Torture Rack. Danger has no choice but to submit!

In the locker room of Brent Kersh, ‘THE ENFORCER’ sits down in utter dejection. For the past few weeks, he was made out to look like the bad guy and it’s gotten to him on a different level. When the door swings open, he jumps up, ready to action – only Marcus X is waving a white flag.

“Please Brent, I’m not here to fight,” he begs as he enters the room with both hands up in the air. “I wish to apologize.”

Kersh looks at him with disgust.

“I was led to believe, incorrectly, that you were the man responsible for everything. Instead, it was Red River Jack and tonight, I’m going to deal with him for everything he’s done to all of us.”

“I’ll handle Red River Jack in due time.” Kersh interrupts.

The Black Knight nods in agreement.

“I just wanted to say that I’m sorry. I know that these past few weeks have been just as hard for you as they have for the rest of us. Fate is injured, The Black Widow decimated and Atticus Kyll so distraught, he’s quit. I didn’t want to see you go the same way, Champ.”

Brent thinks about it for a moment, but takes the high road.

“I appreciate the apology.”

Marcus offers a handshake and Brent cautiously accepts.

“We’re in this together, alright?” Marcus says to him with care. “These racist bastards have made our life a living hell and tonight, whatever happens, Red River Jack will know that he isn’t going to get away with it.”

Brent nods as the scene comes to a close.

The bell sounds and Pig charges to the center of the ring CONNECTING with a running boot to the jaw of Willie Manson. Mounting his opponent now and DRIVING a series of fists down into the forehead of Manson. AW MY GAWD HE’S JAMBING HIS THUMB RIGHT INTO MANSON’S EYE! It looks like Pig is trying to gauge Willie’s eye out and the official is right there to break the move with a five count. Pig back to his feet and he brings Manson with him. DDT and he nails it. Pig goes for the cover. ONE … that’s all he gets.

He won’t stop there though. Manson is pulled to his feet AND MANSON delivers with a shot to the midsection. THERE’S a knee lift. Manson gaining some momentum as Pig staggers backwards. Suplex? Yes! Manson hoists Pig into the air and holds him there before DROPPING him to the canvas. Here’s a pin. ONE … TWO … but Pig kicks out and Willie is quick to his feet. He nails Pig with a boot to the head before pulling him up as well. Scoop slam? GOT IT! Manson drops for another cover. ONE … that’s all he gets this time.

Willie Manson is in control and this time it’s his fists making contact on his opponent’s skull before pulling him to his feet. Irish whip into the ropes and Manson DELIVERS, NO! Pig ducks a clothesline and comes and back to the ropes he goes. On the return,RUNNING DOUBLE KNEE! Manson goes down and he jumps right back up, but I don’t think he knows where he is. Wait a second!LOOK OUT! Willie hoisted into the air and “THE DAY THE WORLD WENT AWAY”! THIS ONE IS OVER! Pig covers! ONE … TWO … THREE!He got it!

The opening tune of California Love hits the speakers as multi-colored lights cover the arena. The People’s Choice walks out from behind the curtain and places his hands on his hips as he surveys his people. He doesn’t look exactly happy as Destiny walks out from behind the curtain to join him. He walks with a confident stride down to the ring, ignoring the calls of the fans in the audience. A brisk jog up the steps is followed by Lane stepping between the ropes and walking to the middle of the ring.

Destiny asks for a microphone and receives one from Paloma.

“Last week at Driven, my father was run down.”

The entire audience boo. She pauses for a moment as Mike Lane comforts her.

“He’s in a stable condition but the Doctors say that both of his legs are broken,” she says giving us our first indication of how Errol Flint is doing. “Which means that for now, I have to take the reins. In doing that, I’m going to get straight down to business because I think, just like all of you, that I know who ran my father down. DESMOND CROSS… GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE!”

Her yelling voice brings a massive cheer from the crowd as we await the arrival of Desmond Cross. A few minutes pass by and nothing happens, so Mike takes over.

“If she has to ask you again, I’m going to come back there, find you and drag your ass out here in however many pieces I can manage, you son of a bitch!”

The lights in the arena dim and a bright spotlight shines on Desmond Cross, clad in a black trench coat, as he appears at the entryway. Clutched in his hands is a massive wooden cross, the length of his massive frame. He scowls as he stands there alongside Brother Zachariah Hawthorn – who has a microphone.

“Heavenly children, how is it you ruthlessly accuse this Messiah of such heinous acts? This man has come to you heart in hand and tried to make this world a better place. He took you Destiny, so that the Lord Almighty’s heavenly light could shine down upon the world and cleanse it. He was to ascend – it was his destiny.”

“Cut the crap!” Destiny cuts him off by yelling. “I don’t care for his reasons. He ran down my father and at Ring Of Dreams, my man will crush him once and for all.”

Hawthorn shakes his head theatrically.

“Oh I don’t think so, missy,” he roars back. “Desmond didn’t run down your father and unless his terms are met, he will not face Michael Lane at Ring Of Dreams. Don’t you understand? You’re looking for a culprit in the wrong place. Desmond had no reason to hurt your father, not after he destroyed him with help of your loving partner. Oh no, The Messiah did not commit such acts.”

Destiny and Mike share a look of confusion.

“But if you wish to face him Michael, there are stipulations that must be agreed. The Plagues may be over to you but to us, Destiny must be sacrificed to the LORD for Desmond’s ascension. The LORD’s heavenly light won’t shine down upon us and Desmond Cross cannot ascend until YOU, the first born, have been sacrificed. Therefore at Ring Of Dreams, brother Cross will only compete if YOU, Destiny, are the prize.”

Mike shakes his head ‘No’, taking the microphone from Destiny.

“NO! That’s not going to happen, damnit. She isn’t bait, she isn’t a sacrificial lamb, Cross. If you want her then you have to go through me and if you don’t turn up at Ring Of Dreams, I’ll find you, I’ll end you and I’ll end THIS,” he shouts. “ONCE AND FOR ALL!”

Zachariah sneers.

“Michael, she will Kneel before the Cross or the world whole will perish into darkness. You have our answer.”

Hawthorn throws the microphone down and looks at his smiling Cross, watching as Destiny tries talking to a furious Mike Lane. What will their decision be? Will Mike Lane put Destiny up as a prize for Ring Of Dreams?

Furthermore, if he didn’t run over Errol Flint, who did?

Willie Manson didn’t like losing. In fact, he hated it. So when we catch up with him backstage, he’s angrily looking for someone to take his loss out on – that’s when he’s approached by Will Abel.

“Hold on there, wait a minute, I haven’t come to fight,” Will tries to convince him. “I’ve come to offer you something. I’ve heard that the Tag Team division is looking for Champions and who better than yours truly. I mean look at me pal, I’m an Olympic Champion. But do you know what I don’t have? I don’t have a ruthless partner.”

Willie looks rather surprised by that suggestion.

“Yer hankerin’ t’team wif me? Whut in tarnation makes yew reckon I’s hankerin’ t’do thet, huh? I’d rather rip yer throat out!” Willie spits back at him.

“Give me one match, Ring Of Dreams, Tag Team Championships; if we lose, I’ll kick your ass myself. If we win then we’re the Champions. What more do you want, huh? This is Old School Wrestling and neither of us have had the opportunity to shine like this.”

Manson thinks about it.

“Fine! One match, jest one but if yew’ cost me it, o’ we lose, ah’s a-gonna take yew t’th’ rivah an’ drown yew, boy.”

Abel gulps.

“Alright, I’ll sign us up.”

The Olympic Hero walks off down the corridor, leaving Manson to consider his options. Did he really just agree to team with Will Abel of all people? Something seems fishy about that, especially after Driven.

Kersh vs. Abel, a clash of two of the most technically sound and accomplished grapplers in OSW, starts with a huge roar for the veteran’s Kersh’s entrance, and a decidedly mixed reaction to Abel’s arrival. They tie-up and it’s the Olympian who gains the upper-hand, dragging Kersh down with suffocating, blanket-like holds, before unloading a barrage of ground and pound that Kersh works his way out of. Back on the feet, the heftier Kersh throws Abel to the corner and hammers away, before tossing him into the mat with a belly-to-belly overhead! …1! …2! Abel powers out, and the two find themselves back in the middle.

Tie-up again. This time Kersh takes advantage, Abel is caught in a headlock, but pushes Kersh to the ropes then hooks a leg behind Kersh’s shin to trip him. Abel rolls Kersh onto his back and tries to transition to an armbar, but the vet is too close to the ropes. Abel hauls him up and whips him against the ropes, countering with a spinebuster into the pin. …1! …2! Kersh powers a shoulder! Kersh stays on-top of him though, pounding a few fists into his skull, then standing and grabbing Kersh’s ankle.

ANKLE LOCK! Kersh roars in pain. Abel tightens his grip and torques the hold as Kersh claws his way across the ring. Is he going to make it?! YES! Brent summons his every drop of strength to pull himself to the rope, forcing Abel to break the hold, and frustration kicks in. Abel stomps Kersh’s back, but Brent rises and hits a knee to the gut. He throws Abel’s head under his arm, but Abel counters, lifting Brent into a gutwrench and suplexing him down! Abel cuts his throat, signalling for the end… he whips Brent into the air, looking for the pop-up powerbomb… BUT KERSH COUNTERS! Shoulder block… SHOULDER BREAKER INTO A TOMBSTONE! SOUTHERN DISCOMFORT! …1! …2! …3!!! A huge, huge come-from-behind win for Kersh, who rises in victory, grinning broadly.

Nigel Royal is walking backstage when approached by Fred Sanders. Sanders, not one to mince his words, has a question or two for the Hardcore Champion.

“Nigel, rumours have spread about your lack of action in defence of the Hardcore Championship,” Fred quite casually says, instantly receiving eyes from the Champion. “Do you care to comment?”

“Do I care to comment, pipsqueak? Who the bloody hell do you think you’re talking to. I’m the Hardcore Champion – no, scratch that, I’m the reigning and defending Hardcore Champion. I’m the best Champion this company has ever seen and you’d better show me some god damn respect.”

Suddenly Matthew Cories bursts into the scene with a steel chair, almost taking Royal’s head off. Fred scarpers as quickly as possible, making sure that he’s far away as Cories stomps away at the Hardcore Champion. He just then reaches out of scene and pulls a referee in, yelling at him.

“COUNT IT! COUNT IT!” Cories screams.

The referee does as he’s told and drops to the floor… ONE….. TWO…. THREE! WE HAVE A NEW HARDCORE CHAMPION! Matthew jumps back to his feet with arms raised and celebrates enthusiastically, demanding his belt.

“Wait a minute,” the referee realizes, looking around the ground. “He doesn’t have his Championship. The rule isn’t in effect when the Champion isn’t in possession of his title.”

Cories can’t believe it – his face one of shock. He stands over Nigel, who’s holding his head on the floor, almost in disbelief that his dastardly plan didn’t work.

“One by one..”

A familiar voice can be heard amongst the roaring flames of fire. When the camera finally opens up, we see Mother, grabbing her straw based children and throwing them into a furnace.

The fans boo in disgust as she mocks The Scarecrow.

“You thought I wanted them back, didn’t you? You thought I could save them, is that it? These children betrayed me,” she whimpers as she throws another into the furnace. “I’m not their mother, I refuse to be.”

With the last one in the furnace, she turns around to face the camera.

“You may have taken them from me but I got them back. Did you think I’d scare so easily, little crow? Oh no, Mother doesn’t scare so easily.”

She stands up and walks over to a make shift Scarecrow – one that she’s clearly built and begins talking to it.

“I will see you again. I will do the unthinkable, the impossible, and put an end to you. For my babies, the one’s you forced me to destroy and for my new flock of children. Come to mother, I won’t let you down.”

Children suddenly start swarming her.

“I’ll be seeing you at Ring Of Dreams, little crow; if you dare.”

She cackles loudly.

“Mother knows best.”

Her children surround her as we switch to a view of the eerie Scarecrow, whose eyes move, proving that perhaps she isn’t as alone as she thinks she is.

The match begins with “The Head Hunter” stalking straight forward towards an awaiting Nigel Royal who in this case is a little too arrogant for his own good. It’s a lockup but The Hangman TOSSES Royal into the turnbuckle with authority! Charging in WITH A MASSIVE CLOTHESLINE and Nigel stumbles out of the corner and face plants into the canvas. The Hangman goes for a quick cover. ONE … TWO … THAT isn’t going to be enough as Royal slips out at the very last second. Back to his feet now and The Hangman delivers a POWERFUL double axe handle that sends “The Bloodline To Greatness” right back to the canvas.

Royal is in some trouble here as he’s pulled to his feet, BUT LOOK OUT! Double leg takedown, BEAUTIFULLY executed by Nigel. AND HE TURNS THE BIG MAN OVER INTO A BOSTON CRAB!! I don’t believe it. An amazing show of strength and ability out of Royal, but The Hangman is able to power his way out. “The Manslayer” slow to his feet and Nigel is waiting with a RUNNING BULLDOG! And now he’ll go for a cover. ONE … TWO … NO! The Hangman tosses Royal off like a rag doll.

Nigel Royal is quick to his feet and The Hangman is dragging along. Royal with a running knee NO! The Hangman catches him by the throat. “Capital Punishment” coming UP! AND ROYAL CONNECTS with a boot to the gut! The Hangman’s grip is broken. Nigel falling to his feet and DELIVERS a spinning heel kick. It’s a drop toe hold and Royal has taken the big man off his feet AND INTO “THE DUNGEONS OF LONDON”. NIGEL ROYAL HAS THAT CROSSFACE APPLIED AND LOOK AT HIM SAVAGELY SQUEEZING AWAY!! He’s going to break The Hangman’s neck! THE HANGMAN TAPS! HE TAPS! UNBELIEVABLE! Nigel Royal picks up an IMPRESSIVE victory here tonight!

When we arrive backstage, King Konstantine is lurking rather suspiciously around the locker room area with a sack in hand. He seems to be waiting for a moment to strike and his target? That just so happens to be Pickpocket. The Master Thief still has both the All-Star and Hardcore Championships, so when he nips off to the toilet, Konstantine takes his chances.

He lunges into action, opening his sack and snatching Buford up in a hurry. He struggles with the feisty little fellow, eventually pushing him down into the bag just as Pickpocket exits the toilet.

Immediately he storms over, only The King’s Guard are quickly on hand to cut him off at the pass with a Double Clothesline.

“What’s the matter, does thou want his filthy pet?” Konstantine barks back at him ruthlessly. He chucks the sack over his shoulder with very little care for Buford and begins to walk away. “Well that’s convenient my light fingered peasant, because myself and Nigel would like our gold back.”

The Guard viciously beat down on Pickpocket as he lays out on the floor, reaching for Buford who’s kicking and fighting inside the sack. He can’t do anything to help and with one final blow to the face, he’s unconscious on the concrete floor.

Konstantine looks back with a sadistic smile and mocks the poor Thief.

“We’ll be in touch with our demands, peasant.”

The entire royal grouping walk away, leaving Pickpocket there unconscious and being attended to by concerned members of the backstage team.

Mike Lane decides to kick this one off with Jake Jeckel and they lock up in the middle of the ring. Jake takes him into a Side Headlock and flips him hip side over onto the canvas. Demonstrating his wrestling ability, he rolls over and turns that into an armbar, wrenching Mike’s arm up his back before getting back to his feet and stomping on it. He looks over to Marx with a scoff and asks him “Can you do better?”. Reichous obliges by slapping the tag and as Lane gets back to his feet, darts in behind him with a German Suplex. He covers… One…. Two.. Crash breaks up the fall.

Whilst the referee issues Crash a warning, Marx pulls Lane back to his feet and gets a right hand to the gut for his troubles, then another, another, Mike Lane storming off to the ropes and DIVING ELBOW TO THE FACE! Reichous hits the mat with a thud and turns over to see that Jake Jeckel isn’t there for the tag – he’s dropped off the apron. Lane tags in Crash who leaps onto the top rope and as Marx gets up, SHOTGUN DROPKICK! The Crashmasters are on their feet as Jeckel suddenly slides into the ring and almost takes Crash’ head off with a Clothesline.

Remember, three of these men face off in the Sweet Dreams match at Ring Of Dreams and Jake has now dragged Marx to the corner, tagging himself in. He enters the ring and ducks a Clothesline attempt by a groggy Crash, turning him.. PONY DOWN! CHOKESLAM BACKBREAKER!! “WOOP WOOP” Jake yells out, turning around to Mike Lane.. DEGENERATION! He drags Crash over Jake and slides out… One…. Two… MARX BREAKS UP THE FALL! Reichous hangs Lane up on the ring apron and as Crash gets up..HELTER SKELTER! Marx points at Crash and the groggy Juggalo makes the cover… One….. Two…. Three! The unlikely alliance wins it!

Jake Jeckel and Reichous Marx still can’t seem to get along.

They’re both inside the ring, pushing and shoving, talking shit at each other as they do. Suddenly Jeckel strikes, clocking Marx with a big right hand that sends him barrelling back towards the ropes.

He stumbles a little more and checks his mouth for blood, before furiously lunging back at the Juggalo with a big right of his own. Both men slug it out until the sound of a squealing pig stops them both in their tracks.

It’s not long before Pig steps out onto the entrance ramp alongside Luther – the man who’s voice we heard boom across the sound system last week. He walks Pig to the ring and points at Jeckel.

“GET HIM!” he yells, sending his animal into the ring.

Pig literally hits the ring and then anything that moves, nailing Jeckel, Marx and even the referee who had the ridiculous idea of stopping him. He scoops Jeckel up but is attacked by Marx, forcing him to drop The Juggalo. Marx spins him around but receives a fierce right hand that drops him back to the canvas. Pig is an unstoppable animal. He turns around and turns his attention back to Jeckel.

Just then..Nubian Rose’s “Break Out” hits the speakers and the fans are immediately on their feet!

Luther turns around in shock..

IT’S CAYCI SPIRES!! Spires bolts down the ramp and CLOTHESLINE TO LUTHER! CLOTHESLINE! CLOTHESLINE! She just took his head off with that one. Pig hasn’t even stopped stomping on Jeckel to realize and before he knows it, she’s inside the ring and spinning him around.


For those of you who don’t know, Pig was last seen attacking Cayci in RAGE. She steps away and raises her arms in celebration, only for Jake Jeckel to spin her around and scoop her up.. THE HATCHET! THE HATCHET! THAT SON OF A BITCH! If it wasn’t for Spires, he would be another victim of pig. Jake gets back to his feet and smirks, thinking that he’s done, except REICHOUS MARXhas other ideas.



From behind, a hoodied man just whacked Reichous Marx across the head with a steel chair. Looking rather dishevelled, the man takes down his hood and.. IT’S ETHAN BIRD!! ANOTHER RAGE ALLUMNI AND FORMER FURY CHAMPION! WHAT THE FUCK? Bird throws the chair down on the ground and surveys the carnage in front of him. The crowd are going nuts, cheering whilst in disbelief.


What a match! What a clusterfuck! Ethan drops to his knees and rolls to the outside, hopping back over the barricade and making his exit.

This is unbelievable.

When the bell sounds, it’s safe to say that Pickpocket isn’t entirely with us this evening. After Bufords kidnapping, he’s looking vacant as Isaiah Black lays into him in the corner with right hands. Scarecrow and Desmond battle it out across the ring, The Hayman throwing him to the outside and following. He bounces him head first into the steel ring post, running with a Big Boot that Cross manages to duck, watching as Scarecrow kicks steel violently. That gives Cross an opportunity and he’s quick to bounce that leg off the ring apron for good measure. Back in the ring and Pickpocket is being chopped, slapped and elbowed into oblivion.

Isaiah pulls him out of the corner and into Clothesline, dropping down into the cover… One….. Two… Desmond Cross breaks up the near fall! The former World Champion has a point to prove and grabs Black, running him violently into the turnbuckle. He bounces off and Cross drops him with a Belly to Back Suplex. He rolls him over for the cover… One… Two.. Kick Out! The Messiah gets back to his feet, only to have Scarecrow wrap his hand around his throat. He lifts him straight into the air… CHOKESLAM!! THE HARVESTER! Scarecrow drops down into the cover himself…. One… Two… Kick Out!

The Monster gets back to his feet and suddenly, Pickpocket sweeps under his jacket, taking his leg out from underneath him. The Scarecrow stumbles and here comes Pickpocket with a massive PUNT KICK TO THE HEAD!! HOME INVASION!! THAT HAS TO DO IT! Pickpocket covers… One….. TWO….. ISAIAH BLACK BREAKS UP THE NEAR FALL WITH A STOMP! Pickpocket sits up… THE GRAND LEVELER!! MASSIVE BOME YE!! Isaiah Black could cover him here but Desmond Cross is back to his feet. He spins Black as he gets up, kick to the gut.. straight up into The Crucifix but LOW BLOW! LOW BLOW! THAT’S DESTINY! WHERE THE HELL DID SHE COME FROM!? She drops Desmond Cross to his knees and Isaiah Black slides down, hits the ropes.. GRAND LEVELER TO DESMOND CROSS! HE COVERS AS DESTINY WATCHES ON…. ONE….. TWO…. THREE! THE WORLD CHAMPION PICKS UP THE VICTORY! WHAT A MATCH!

The Hangman lurks in the deepest darkest regions of the backstage area. When the face lay eyes on him, they cheer, still grateful after what he did for Matthew Cories last week. The thing is, Ash Williams has taken a somewhat different approach and stalks the darkness with a flashlight and his trusty boomstick.

“Mr. Nasty face, I know you’re down here,” Ash beckons as he walks through the hall. “It’s time to send you back to the grave, ugly.”

He turns the corner and bumps straight into The Hangman, who stands there, head tilted.

“There you are!”

Ash suddenly swings with his Boomstick of a right hand, only Hangman grabs it in mid-punch and throws him back against the wall. Williams isn’t done and charges, only to drive under a Big Boot attempt and slide out the other side.

“What’s your problem?” The Hangman finally roars. “I’m not a demon, I’m not a villain and you’re not sending me back to the grave. My grave is a tree with a piece of rope hung around my neck.”

“That sounds groovy kiddo, but I’m here to take apart evil and YOU are standing in the way of me and my boomstick.”

The Hangman steps closer.

“You’re here to do away with evil? Why do you think I’ve risen. I awoke hung there, swinging in the wind, my flesh rotting off my corpse and all I could think about was the man who did this to me,” he gruffly complaints in the face of the man who came to end him. “Evil? I’m here to vanquish it. Sometimes it takes a monster to defeat a monster, Ash.”

Ash thinks about it for a moment.

“That’s a lovely story but if you’re here to defeat evil you big ugly bastard, then what am I needed for?” he complains.

“A shared interest, a shared destination, a shared prophecy, that is why you’re here. Together we can vanquish evil from the world and next week, we start our journey.”

The tension in the room dissipates as Ash nods in agreement with The Hangman. It looks like a unique alliance is brewing and somewhere along the line, they could quite easily become a forced to be reckoned with.

We’re ready for the Main Event, for vengeance, for revenge.

But suddenly our cameras rush backstage to where a commotion has occurred in the locker room area. Red River Jack has attacked Marcus X and is strangling him against the lockers. He lunges him backwards head first into the steel door before dragging him into a headlock and out into the halls.

Brave members of staff plead with Jack, who ignores them. “C’mon man, let him go! You’ve got a match!”

He simply smirks, slamming him head first off a table and then kicking his leg out from underneath him.

“You want to see real hatred, man?” Jack asks as he stomps on the back of Marcus X. “You want to see the real devil, huh?”

Jack pulls him back to his feet and throws him into the wall behind them, running up with a fierce knee to the mid-section. The fans are booing, willing Marcus to get up and get some revenge on the man who tortured him for months.

Marcus struggles.

He has to think about The Black Widow. He has to think about Fate, about the destiny he set for himself. He strikes back with a right hand but Red is far more expectant than he realizes and he easily dodges, clapping him embarrassingly around the ears for good measure.

The Creator, Cultivator and Consumer of World’s is just toying with him now. He grabs him by the head and drags him towards the stage – to which we join them ringside.

Referee’s quickly follow in tow as Red drags Marcus to the ring for their match, rolling him in. He stops for a minute to survey the booing audience, ignoring them as they throw trash in his direction, utterly disgusted with what they’ve seen.

Red rolls back into the ring and stomps down on Marcus, again, again, again.. he’s brutalizing the man as much as he can and the fans hate it, the fans couldn’t boo any louder without hoarse voices here tonight.


Pounding bass rhythm signals the start of El-P’s “Stay Down” and the fans do the exact opposite.

“You know I get down, I’m a downer, heart pounder, LOLin’, smelling like Sarin.”

Isaiah Black steps out onto the stage with a sneer, ignoring the pleas and cheers of the fans who for once couldn’t be any happier to see him. He doesn’t like their support and he doesn’t need it, he doesn’t care for it. He slowly starts pacing down to the ring, clearly uninterested in Marcus X – though his thirst for revenge, for the embarrassment he suffered, can only be quenched by placing his hands around Red River Jack’s neck.

“The Grim” doesn’t stop for fanfare rolls beneath the bottom rope, hopping back to his feet. Jack swings for him with a Clothesline, Black ducking under to a roar and delivering a right hand so powerful that spit flies from nemesis’ mouth. Marcus rolls to the outside and tries to regain some composure, heading around the ring for a steel chair.

The World Champion meanwhile delivers blow after blow, beating the challenger into the corner, pummelling away at him until Red reaches out with both thumbs and stabs them into his eyes. Black stumbles backwards and RRJ flies out of the corner with a Spartan Kick, flooring him instantly.

Red grabs him by the head and gets him back to his feet, only Black unloads with right hands fierce and fast to the mid-section. The fans cheer again, this time as Marcus X enters the ring with a steel chair. Isaiah grabs Jack by the throat, throwing him towards Marcus who storms forward..




Marcus ran straight past Jack and NAILED Isaiah with a chair shot to the skull. What the hell is the meaning of this? The Black Knight turns around slowly to face Red with a smile as large as life. He nods at the Cultivator.. he nods and smirks as if..

Oh GOD no, Marcus X.. he was in on this all along? This can’t be.

Marcus passes the steel chair to Jack who looms over the World Champion, the fans in disbelief at what they’ve just witnessed. How can Marcus X and The Awakening be in cahoots? How is he involved?

Suddenly HERE COMES BRENT KERSH!! OH DADDY, THAT MAN IS FUCKING FURIOUS!! He slides straight into the ring and charges at Marcus, spearing him to the canvas with a thud. Red quickly rolls to the outside, Marcus following as Brent hops back to his feet and demands that they get their asses back in the ring and fight.

They don’t want any of him though.

Afterburn goes off the air with Brent Kersh standing in defiant defence of Isaiah Black, looking at Red River Jack and Marcus X who put on one hell of a show for us tonight. How is Marcus X involved in this? Why did he turn on Isaiah Black like that?

Was he in on the KKK from the very start?

We need answers.