The scene opens with a shot of the parking lot outside The School Yard and a crowd presence beginning to form. Stood amongst them is Marcus X and Fate, who both seem entirely comfortable surrounded by men and women of African descent who appear to be there by their invitation. Soon enough a truck pulls into the parking lot and is immediately bombarded by protestors, all slamming their hands down on it as it slowly tries to pass them and park up.

As the car finally stops in a parking space, Marcus X and Fate whip the door open and drag Brent Kersh out. They slam him against the car and try to manhandle him, only The Enforcer pushes them backwards and quickly tries to dart past them. The protestors violently lash out, punching, kicking and slapping Brent as he runs towards the entrance of the building and almost dives inside.

The camera follows as the door shuts behind it, security holding on tight as protestors try and open the doors. Brent gets back to his feet, looking extremely shaken up by what’s transpired and with a deep breath, paces off in the opposite direction.

We jump from that earlier today segment to the office of Errol Flint backstage. Our Chairman hasn’t been seen for quite some time but tonight, does the unthinkable and faces Desmond Cross in the Main Event. Stood with him is the World Heavyweight Champion and Special Guest Referee, Mike Lane.

“You’re making a giant mistake tonight,” Mike tries to convince Flint. “You’re putting your heart before your head. I’ve been there, I’ve done that. I want to rip Cross to shreds just as much as you do but I’m trained; you’re not.”

Errol doesn’t even raise an eyebrow.

“What of it? Look kid, when you become a father one day, you’ll know what you have to do to protect your family. I’m not out there for just Destiny, I’m out there for you too. After everything he did to this family, he deserves exactly what he gets.”

“Then let me take your place.” Mike pleads.

“All in due time, alright son? All in due time.”

Suddenly the door swings open and the man of the hour stands before them. The minute Errol lays eyes on Cross, he lunges for him, only to be held back by Mike Lane who somehow manages to compose himself.

“That’s it, keep your doggy on a leash, Michael. I just stopped by to wish you both the very best of luck tonight. It wouldn’t be very Christian of me if I didn’t.”

Mike snaps his head around, holding Flint back with his arms and body.

“We’re far from over, Cross.”

Desmond smiles. “Oh, I know it Michael. I know it.”

He chuckles to himself and exits the room, pulling the door to a close behind him. Lane lets go of Flint who couldn’t be more furious with him.

The bell rings and the two waste no time in going after each other. They exchange hard rights and lefts, kicks and punches before Mike grabs Jack’s hand and whips him towards the corner. He then proceeds to pound on Jack. He is so infuriated for whatever reason that he doesn’t hear the referee say back off and when the referee starts the 5 count, it’s only at 4, that Mike finally backs off. When he turns around, Jack is right there giving him a powerful European uppercut. This staggers Mike and he staggers back, Jack charges and gets a step up enzigurai. He stands over Mike and looks down at him with a wicked smile but a cold look in his eye.

Jack picks up Mike, gives him a knife edge chop to the back of the head, then grabs him and executes a german suplex. Jack is first up and going for the cover. But at 2, Mike kicks out. Jack gets up, picks Mike up and then whips him into the ropes. On the rebound, Mike jumps at the last second and executes a diving elbow to the face. Jack goes down and Mike lands across the ring. He is up first, picks Jack up and gets him situated for the Degeneration. He executes it perfectly but he still isn’t done. He picks Jack up and puts him in an adbominal stretch. Jack yells out in pain and Mike tells the referee to ask if he wants to tap. He asks and Jack says no. A minute or so more, he asks again and Jack still says no. Finally in frustration Mike gives up, clubs him in the stomach and throws him to the ground. He then covers Jack but at 1 and a half, Jack kicks out.

Mike whips Jack into the corner and then charges to get in a corner post shining wizard and catches Jack in the jaw. He then pulls Jack out of the corner and tries to whip him to the reverse corner but Jack reverses and pulls at Mike hard which causes Mike to slam into the corner post with his chest and then stagger back right into the waiting arms of Jack who executes a perfect Half Nelson Suplex which Jack turns into a pin. While the referee is counting, Mike gets his hand on the bottom rope. The referee sees this and stops to tell Jack. Jack grabs Mike’s hand and covers. The referee does so but at 2 Mike kicks out. Jack is up first and rolls Mike onto his back and then gets on top of him to beat the holy hell out of Mike, smiling as he does so. Jack wastes no time. He gets up, looks around, picks Mike up and executes his Seeing Red DDT. Before Mike can recover, Jack covers Mike… ONE… TWO… THREE! IT’S OVER! Red River Jack defeats the World Champion!

The airwaves come to life with the sound of Chariots of Fire by Vangelis which is met with a rare mixed reaction from the crowd. It isn’t long before Brent Kersh appears at the top of the entrance ramp with who appears to be some sort of OSW Crew Member in tow. The Enforcer wastes no time in making his way to ringside. The man appears furious and maybe even a little shaken as he climbs into the squared circle before calling for a mic.

“I came out here for one reason and that is to set the record straight.”

The arena is obviously divided in their disposition as a roar of cheers is met with boos, seemingly causing Kersh to pause with discomfort.

“Last week I told Fate I’d have his back in the event that the Ku Klux Klan would attack. I said it, I meant it, and I was prepared to do just that.”

The crowd’s response is repeated, but this time The Enforcer appears undeterred.

“Now I know what everyone is thinking, but you all need to know that the reason I wasn’t out here when the KKK showed up was because I was stuck inside my locker room. Somebody locked me inside! Somebody who wanted to frame me; who wanted to shift the blame.”

With that excuse, the crowd erupts into boos and the United States Champion’s confidence or lack thereof is present in his mannerisms.

“I know. That’s fine. It’s a tough sell, but that’s why I brought this individual out as proof to my story. He’s a backstage employee and he can vouch for my whereabouts,” Kersh says looking at the nodding employee. “So Marcus, Fate, please come out here and listen to what I have to say.”

It takes a few moments but before you know it, Marcus X, Vespertine and Fate have arrived on the stage. They head to the ring and enter, each looking rather unimpressed by the proof Brent Kersh has before them. Marcus X has a microphone.

“So you expect us to listen to this guy. For all we know, he’s in on it with you, Kersh. Fate saw the jacket in your locker room, in your locker, and you yourself didn’t want us anywhere near it. Now look, you can parade as many of your minions out in front of us as you want but we know that the KKK’s reach extends beyond just one or two men.”

Fate agrees, taking the microphone.

“Now I’m going to ask you once and once only. Where is Charlie?” Fate demands to know.

Vespertine then snatches the microphone herself.

“Enough of that, what about Atticus? You took him and no-one has heard sight or sound of him since.” she roars angrily.

Brent slaps his hand against his forehead, clearly getting pissed off.

“I’ve had enough of this,” he says sternly. “I’ve had enough of the lies, the disbelief and the nonsense. I don’t know where Charlie is but what I do know is where I’ll be at Driven. I’ll be standing right here in the middle of this ring, surrounded by the three of you because you see, I’m done with words. Words are for the reasonable and what happened to me tonight – that wasn’t reason. So do you see this,” Brent says holding up his United States Championship. “At Driven, I’ll defend it against all three of you in a FIGHT. By the end of the night, we’ll know if I was telling the truth or lying, but you might not be there to see it.”

Kersh slams his microphone down on the floor and steps through the ropes, heading to the outside. The fans don’t quite know what to make of it as he heads to the backstage area and leaves Fate, Vespertine and Marcus X stood in the ring, curious.

Vespertine starts this one off with an arm drag, the strength of which seems to catch sadistic insanity off guard. Showing off her technical prowess she rocks Damian Payne with a roundhouse kick, another and another. Finally Damian Payne hit’s the floor and she follows with a cover. One count only, the force of Payne kicking out actually tosses Vespertine in the air a little. Back to his feet and you can see respect in Payne’s eyes now, clearly thinking this would be a walk in the park.

The pair lock up and a swift kick to the guy gives Payne the upper hand in a lock-up, swiftly followed by a flurry of head butts and finishing off the combination by scooping Vespertine up for a power bomb. She sits on his shoulders but REVERSAL. Vespertine has slithered down his back, snake like, and ended it with a roll up. Another quick out but this time at two. Damian Payne scratches his head, he wasn’t expecting this skill or agility from the diva with attitude.

Damian Payne carries on the relentless assault, feeling power is the only way to win this match. A running forearm smash leaves Vespertine just dangling there, a gust of wind could tip her over. BRAINBUSTER, Payne has to go for the pin here she looks out cold but no, hes pulled her back to her feet. Irish whip into the corner he follows hotly in pursuit. Scooping her up he props her in a sitting position on the top turnbuckle. RUNNING POWERBOMB but NO NO REVERSAL INTO BREAKING THE BANK. PAYNE TAPS AND VESPERTINE PICKS UP THE WIN!

Pickpocket is understandably upset. After an extremely disappointing week last week in which Thomas Roll bailed on him, he’s searching the halls with Buford in hopes of setting that travesty right. As he does, he comes across a large crowd, shouting and screaming.



He carefully slinks through the crowd, casually snatching wallets, watches and whatever else he can as he looks to take advantage of the situation. He’s without Buford tonight who understandably isn’t here, so when Pickpocket bursts through the crowd – THEY CHEER. He goes straight after a terrified Konstantine, right handing him backwards into his throne. The Royal Guard try to get involved but they’re instantly swarmed by the PETA crowd, who block their attempts at saving their king.

Nigel Royal rushes Pickpocket who swings his jacket underneath the Clothesline attempt and pops up having spun around the other side. Nigel turns to realize that Pickpocket HAS HIS HARDCORE CHAMPIONSHIP! HE UNSTRAPPED IT FROM HIS WAIST IN ONE QUICK MOTION! He runs forward and HARDCORE TITLE TO THE HEAD!! PICKPOCKET IS ON A RAMPAGE!

Konstantine gets out of his chair and begs off.

“Please, have some compassion for your humbled King.” he begs, asking not to be struck.

Pickpocket looks at the title, then at the face of the man who hurt Buford and strikes, SMACKING HIM ACROSS THE HEAD WITH IT!He bends down and picks up the All-Star Championship, slapping it over his shoulder along with the Hardcore Title and making his exit. The PETA crowd continue to bombard the Royal Guard, refusing to let them go help their King.

The bell rings as Murdoch rushes forward, taking Abel by surprise, rushing forward with a series of punishing rights and lefts, a big right dropping Abel to one knee as Murdoch rushes to the ropes, bouncing off and delivering a big single leg dropkick. Abel slowly gets to his feet, walking right into Murdoch as Abel is thrown across the ring into the corner. The Thug sizes Abel up, rushing forward with a huge Stinger Splash, squashing the Machine and as Abel stumbles out, Murdoch lifts him up onto his shoulder, sprinting forward and driving him down to the canvas with an Oklahoma Slam, hooking a leg for the cover

ONE…TWO..KICKOUT! Abel gets to his feet as Murdoch grabs him by the shoulders, bending him down and unloading with punishing blows, before delivering a huge uppercut that drops Abel to the mat. Murdoch goes for another pinfall but Abel grabs his arm as he drops down, locking in a Triangle Choke out of nowhere. Murdoch struggles as Abel pulls back as much as he can, trying to get the thug to tap but Murdoch muscles him over, just grabbing the ropes to force the break.

Both men slowly get to their feet, Abel ducking under a wild right hand… LOW BLOW!! HOW DID THE REFEREE NOT SEE THAT!? RED WATER RISING! A huge T-Bone Suplex sends Murdoch across the ring as Abel signals for the end. He pulls Murdoch up, throwing him across the ring, grabbing him as he bounces off, POP UP POWERBOMB! Murdoch hits the mat hard as Abel drops down, hooking the leg for the win. ONE…TWO…THREE!!!

The backstage halls have amassed a crowd as both DTR and Jensen Cussen stand peacefully opposite each other, Errol Flint stood between them. He’s mediating a contract signing ahead of their Death Match battle at Driven.

“Alright Gentlemen, here’s the situation as it stands. I’m giving you clearance to compete in a Deathmatch at Driven, only if you sign this contract.”

DTR grabs one, taking a look.

“This absolves you of any liability if one or both of us don’t make it back, right?” Dave says with a wry smile as he reads.

Errol nods.

“I know you two have a vast history that’s going to be laid out in the middle of that ring for everyone to see. I also know from the past few weeks alone that if anything is an indication of what’s going to happen, it’s that.”

“You don’t have to concern yourself with liability,” Jensen scoffs. “We’re both grown men, we’re both heading into this match knowing exactly what it means. He wants to end my career and I want to end his. That’s all there is to it.”

“Which means one of us won’t be walking out.” DTR remarks whilst pointing at Cussen.

Jensen sneers and steps closer, Errol stepping between them.

“That’s enough of that gentlemen. This agreement also includes a no fight policy between now and the event. I don’t want either of you running havoc between now and then and if you do, if either one of you places hands on the other, the match is off.”

DTR signs it, throwing it back to Cussen who angrily snatches the paper work off the desk and signs it as well. They both slowly back up, keeping eye contact as Errol Flint checks over the fine print and makes sure that everything is okay.

The bell rings as Marcus and DTR rush forward, both men exchanging rights and lefts, an exchange with X begins to win as he backs DTR into the ropes, throwing him across the ring and nearly taking his head off with a huge clothesline. X turns around right into a big Crossbody from Cories but Marcus catches him, holding him in mid-air but before he can do anything, he’s grabbed from behind by DTR who delivers a big neckbreaker, allowing Cories to finish the Crossbody. Both men get to their feet as DTR bounces off the ropes, trying for a double clothesline. Marcus gets hits but Cories ducks under, delivering a big Backstabber to DTR. Cories sizes Dave up, leaping up with a big standing Moonsault before covering..

ONE…TWO..Marcus breaks up the pin, pulling Cories up to his feet and throwing him outside the ring. DTR slowly gets to his feet as Marcus rushes forward, punishing him with a series of rights, before throwing him across the ring with a huge Belly to Belly. DTR slowly gets to his feet as he ducks under an attempted clothesline, kicking Marcus in the gut and lifting him up high BNB MISSILE DROPKICK! Cories landed that out of nowhere and both Marcus and DTR are down on the mat.

DTR gets to his feet, rushing Cories for a clothesline but Cories ducks under, landing a huge Chumbawamba. The Ranger doesn’t cover, instead rushing forward as Marcus slowly gets to his feet, nearly taking his head off with a huge Superkick. Cories rushes to the corner, climbing up to the top rope, as he mimicks the blowing of the dragonflute before leaping off with a Swanton Bomb, completing the March of the Dragonzord. Cories hooks the leg, ONE…TWO…THREE!!!


There’s a massive loud clunk as the lighting system shuts down inside the arena. With the arena suddenly thrust into darkness, the sounds of squawking crows can be heard. Smoke begins to fill the stage as his eerie and terrifying music of Scarecrow filters throughout the arena. Finally he steps out onto the stage, pitchfork in hand, and begins to make his way to the ring through the smoke.

When the lights come back on, Scarecrow is stood perched in the middle of the ring, the smoke around him fading. He slowly lowers his arms and takes a microphone from within his tattered jacket pocket.

“Mother, I believe it’s time we spoke.”

After a few moments of waiting, the lights go out and two strange looking children emerge from the back holding candles they both walk towards a microphone set up at the top of the stage, a strange melody begins to play in the background and the two children begin to sing nursery rhymes while holding the candles.

Mother then emerges from the darkness and begins to walk down the ramp her robe giving the illusion she is gliding. She slides into the ring and nods to the two children who put the candles out with their bare hands and walk down the ramp after her as the lights turn on.

“That’s impressive. It’s interesting to see that some of your children are still loyal. Two months ago, I told you that only one monster lived in Old School Wrestling. You see, I’ve done it all. I’ve been burned, perched, supposedly destroyed and every time I’ve come back stronger. You’ve had no tests, Mother…. until now.”

Suddenly her former children start crawling out from underneath the ring, sliding in. They’re covered in hay spewing out of their skin. She drops to her knees surrounded by her former children, weeping.

“Next week at Driven, I will drive you from this place. I will drive you into the depths of despair unlike you’ve ever seen. You will fear me, you will fear your children. Where your eyes don’t go, fear The Scarecrow.”

Darkness quickly descends upon us again. When the lights return, Mother is surrounded by her Scarecrow like children, who stand there mindless, like zombies as she weeps.

Isaiah Black and Crash are starting things off, circling each other before Crash goes in for a collar and elbow tie up… but Black sidesteps him and nails him with a KNEE to the stomach… and ANOTHER… and ANOTHER!! Black whips Crash into his corner and makes a tag. Here comes The Luminary Sage. Marx with a clubbing blow to the ribs of Crash. Reichous moves to the center of the ring… he turns and charges at Crash… CRASH GETS A BOOT UP AND MARX RUNS STRAIGHT INTO IT!!! Marx staggers back and Crash sends an elbow into the face of Isaiah Black. The General Lee of 1-2-3 nails a rolling wheel kick on Marx before making the tag.

Fate and Crash both grab the back of Reichous Marx’s head and slam him to the mat with a DOUBLE BULLDOG!!! Crash gets out of the ring and Fate goes for the cover, One…… Two……… Marx kicks out!! Fate pulls Marx to his feet and hooks him for a DDT…… but Marx swings him over with a NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX!!! Marx bridges for the cover, One…… Two……… Fate won’t be held down that easily!! Marx whips Mr. Inevitable into his corner… he runs and connects with a MASSIVE AVALANCHE!!! Isaiah Black SLAPS the back of Reichous Marx, bringing himself back in the match. Marx and Black stare at each other for a moment, clearly Reichous is not happy with Black’s decision and steps up to him in challenge. Suddenly FATE CLOTHESLINES BLACK AND MARX OVER THE TOP ROPE!! OUTTA NOWHERE!!

Crash enters the ring… he moves to the ropes… he hops up… he spins… SPLIT LEGGED MOONSAULT TO THE OUTSIDE ON ISAIAH BLACK AND REICHOUS MARX… BUT WAIT… THEY CAUGHT HIM!!! Black and Marx look to the barricade, this is gonna be bad, when out of nowhere… FATE DIVES THROUGH THE ROPES ONTO ALL THREE MEN!!! Fate grabs The Grim and slides him into the ring. Fate stands but he’s met with a SLICING CHOP by Isaiah Black!! Forearm to the face now and another by Black. Walking Death with a snapmare take over… Black steps back and charges… GRAND LEVE… CRASH OUTTA NOWHERE WITH A SUPER KI… BLACK CATCHES IT… he spins him around, kick to the midsection… TERMINATION!!!! BRAINBUSTER ON CRASH!!!!!

1. Isaiah Black with the cover, One…… Two……… FATE BREAKS UP THE COUNT!! Fate grabs Black… kick to the midsection… he hooks the arms for DESTINY… but Reichous Mark hooks the back… HUGE RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX ON FATE!!! SUPERKICK!!!Crash is up and SUPERKICKS Marx to next week. Marx on the mat in the center of the ring… Crash off the ropes as he yells“CANNONBALL”… Crash with a somersault before he drops the leg on Marx… GRAND LEVELER!!!! ISAIAH BLACK JUST HIT THE GRAND LEVELER ON A SEATED CRASH OUT OF NOWHERE!!! Black hooks the leg, ONE…… TWO……… THREE!!!!!!

Black and Marx may be victorious but when the lights dim, it could be anyone coming down the entrance ramp. When they return, Desmond Cross stands before them, SWINGING A STEEL CHAIR AT RECIHOUS MARX! HOLY SHIT! Desmond catches him clean and quickly starts stomping away at him as Isaiah Black looks on with a ginormous grin.


The crowd have just leapt to their feet because HERE COMES MIKE LANE! Lane rolls into the ring and catches Cross over the back of the head with a Clothesline. He then quickly goes after Black who ducks a second Clothesline attempt and catches him with a right hand. Reichous Marx slowly gets back up, dragging Black away from Lane… HELTER SKELTER!! NAILED IT!!

That’ll teach him for standing by and watching. Mike Lane doesn’t waste a second before he’s on top of Black, pummelling away at him like a man possessed. He stands up just in time to see Cross turn Marx around…


Reichous Marx and Mike Lane share a look and a nod at each other, signifying a mutual respect before Marx backs out of the ring and carefully measures his walk to the backstage area.

The World Champion meanwhile stands over both of his fallen enemies, raising his arm like the Champion that he is, revelling in the cheers of the crowd.

Big match up here. Two huge superstars get us underway and after 3 karate style kicks which take the wind from Cussen, Mother finishes with a fisherman suplex and bridges it with a pin. Early one count, you cant put Jensen Cussen away that easily. Not in the mood to mess about here Mother pulls The Mastermind to his feet and hits him with a variation of chops. Shes going for itMATERNAL INSTINCT already and its in.

Jensen looks out of it, the life draining away from his body, he does not tap. The referee has to come over and he raises Cussen’s hand once, IT DROPS, twice, IT DROPS, three times, IT DRO…. NO it doesn’t, the power is surging back into Jensen Cussen’s body, fighting as hard as he can to hold on, throwing elbows to Mother’s body and the grip is loosening. The grip is broken, Cussen bounces off the ropes SPEAR.

Cussen got nothing but a shoulder full of steel, spearing the corner post as Mother got out the way last minute. Turning round Cussen is met with a charging mother who tops it off with a spinning heel kick which lays him in the corner. GOODNIGHT KISS. For the second time Mother is going for her speciality here. Out the corner of Mother’s eyes she spots something. Two of her children but have hay all over them, this outrages mother. CUSSEN regains his breath and sensing its his time. BLUNT FORCE TRAUMAfrom behind mother. This ones over, one, two, THREE.

Meanwhile backstage, the glimpse of darkness in an empty room is suddenly scattered with the ingress of the fearsome Hangman. Subsequent to his entry in the room hounds the sequence of deep breaths released by the spooky Hangman, leering at his rope moreover.

“Clara Germana Cele. Michael Taylor. Annelise Michel. Those are of a small number of people who were contingently suppressed and coerced by the ethics of an evil spirit. Michael Taylor was so influenced by a spirit to that he brutally murdered his wife. The sovereignty of such a phenomenon causes one to suffer the loss of their control.” Grunting with that final sentence.

He shakes his head, reminiscing on what occurred long ago, slight murmuring can be perceived. His thinking about the past ceases to be, as he proceeds to speak once again.

“The situation is reciprocated here, Matthew Cories. You are as the others, on the verge of losing the control and you are in the need of a savior.”

The Hangman begins to pace around the room, barely perceptible by the faint light in the room. He begins to tilt his head to the side, looking lasciviously at the rope in his hand. He lifts his head and begins to speak once more.

“Matthew Cories, you are not alone. The noose in which I hung deprived me of my power and control. One would never begin to think that I would arise from my loss of life, my eradication on that schoolyard. It is the credence that one should have, that your reawakening will truly come about, by and by.”

He lifts up his low-toned voice and begins to speak louder, getting to the main idea in his disquisition He walks back to the spot in which he began and finishes speaking.

“The self-assurance I possessed whilst hanging on the noose gave rise to my physical strength, allowing me to be made a new man. I regained the control, Matthew Cories. You too shall regain the control, because I’m gonna’ help you do so.”

The Hangman turns around to show Matthew Cories tied to a chair, squirming with all his might.

“At Driven.”

Collar and elbow tie up starts things off as a pissed off Pickpocket looks to get revenge on Nigel Royal for his interference last week. The Hardcore Champion gains the power advantage and sends Pickpocket off the ropes before crashing him to the mat with a mean shoulder block. Royal pulls Pickpocket up again and sends him into the ropes a second time. The Showthief has it scouted this time… leap frog over Nigel’s head… and a shoulder block of his own!!! Nigel slams his fists on the mat, he’s not too happy about that one as the fans in attendance start a “BU-FORD! BU-FORD!” chant.

The Bloodline to Greatness goes for a kick to the midsection but Pickpocket catches it and throws it down. Pickpocket with… a kick to the midsection as well but Nigel catches it this time, throws it down with force and slams Pickpocket to the mat with aHUGE SPINEBUSTER!! Nigel with the cover but he only gets two. The Hardcore Champion has the Showthief up and lifts him into the air for a POWERBOMB… but wait… Pickpocket clutches onto the top turnbuckle. Pickpocket shifts himself around and nails Nigel with a kick to the chin, sending the Englishman to his back. Showthief leaps into the air… SPITFIRE!!! FROG SPLASH BY PICKPOCKET!! One……Two……… Royal KICKS OUT at the last second!!

Royal rushes at Pickpocket and locks him around the waist for a BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX!!! ONCE… TWICE… NIGEL IS GOING FOR THE ROYAL FLUSH!! But… The Showthief wriggles out and locks Nigel in!! ONE BELLY TO BACK!!! TWO BELLY TO BACK SUPLEXES!! PICKPOCKET FINISHES THE ROYAL FLUSH!!! Pickpocket hurries to his feet and motions to the crowd who erupt for the Showthief!! Nigel staggers up and locks his sights on Pickpocket. The Bloodline to Greatness charges at The Showthief… DROP TOE HOLD… THE DUNGEONS OF LONDON!!! PICKPOCKET HAS NIGEL’S CROSSFACE LOCKED IN!!! Royal’s eyes are HUGE!! He can’t believe it… he reaches for the ropes… but he just… can’t… make it… HE TAPS!!! NIGEL ROYAL TAPS TO HIS OWN FINISHER!!!

When the office of Errol Flint is open for business, you had better expect one or two people to stop by. When the scene opens up backstage, we’re inside that office with Errol Flint and a very familiar face.

A face the fans really don’t want to see.

And I mean really don’t want to see.

“Well then Mr. Jeckel, it appears that everything here is in order,” Errol says to the boo’s of the crowd. It would appear that they can hear it because Jake chuckles whilst Flint smiles awkwardly. “As for Driven, I feel like we can come to some sort of arrangement.”

“Arrangement? Heh, don’t fuck with me Flint, just feed me.” Jake responds with an air of arrogance.

As Jeckel says that, an angry Douglas Murdock storms into the room.

“Flint, I want a rematch with Will Abel. He cheated me out there tonight and I don’t know about you but that’s no way for an Olympic Medal winner to behave.” Murdock says looking frustrated.

“Ding ding ding, we have a winner,” Jeckel says looking towards a confused Murdock. “I’ll take him, Abel and whoever else you got.”

“Who’s this clown?” The Thug says with an eyebrow raised. “Aren’t you in the wrong place? This isn’t a circus.”

Jake laughs quite loudly but quite abruptly at that.

“Yeah, this one Flint, this one can be downed by the clown.”

Flint nods in agreement, giving Jeckel his first match at Driven. Jake laughs to himself, chuckling about the “circus” comment as he takes his exit from the room. As he does, Will Abel steps in, passing him at the door.

“I’d watch it, there’s a man in there with a hockey stick primed, lubed and ready to enter your ass,” Jake says with a smug look. “But then out here, there’s a Jeckel ready to make his debut.”

Abel smirks.

“I’m Ready, Willing and ABEL!” he arrogantly recites back to Jeckel who looks at him oddly. “Wait, not to have a hockey stick shoved up my butt… I mean… wait a minute…”

The Juggalo walks off down the corridor laughing to himself as Will angrily shakes his head at his mistake.

Having finally had the chance to look for his nemesis; the very man who fooled him last week and threw another innocent victim to the wolves, Crash is searching the backstage area.

“Have you seen Red River Jack?” he asks to a few terrified shakes of the head. No-one is going to answer his question. No-one dares.

Suddenly his phone rings. He reaches inside his pocket and pulls it out, flipping it open.

“You’re on with Crash, what’s up?” he asks. His demeanour suddenly shifts. “Are you serious? Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center? Look, make sure that no-one enters that room. I don’t want anyone else in there, okay?”

Crash quickly hangs up the phone and rushes towards the exit, stopping just before he makes it as Fred Sanders ambushes with a pivotal question.

“C-Crash, where are you going? There’s more of the show to come,” he curiously questions. “Don’t you want to get your hands on Red River Jack here tonight?”

“Jack can wait, Francis. Zander Zane has just been admitted to New York Mercy.”

“It’s Fred,” he interrupts. “It’s Fred Sanders.”

“Whatever Frank, just you mind your own business like a good little scrotum, alright? Crash has some business to take care of and when he gets back, Red River Jack will join Zander in the hospital.”

Crash storms off out of the building, on his way to Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center.

The United States and All Star Champions, respectively, stare each other down from across the ring as the bell signifies the beginning of this champion vs. champion match. Konstantine steps forward and raises his right arm. Brent Kersh understands and joins his hand with the King’s. Next the left hand and we have a classic TEST OF STRENGTH. Konstantine takes the power advantage and pushes Kersh backwards into a perfect bridge. Kersh drops onto his back and uses his legs to push Konstantine away before quickly getting to his feet. Brent rushes Orwell… Irish whip and a clothesline stops Konstantine in his tracks but doesn’t knock him down. The Enforcer off the ropes… another clothesline but King KO is still on his feet. Kersh off the ropes again… Konstantine goes for a BIG BOOT… Brent Kersh ducks… BACKSLIDE FOR THE COVER… One…… Two…… King Konstantine kicks out!!

Brent Kersh catches King Konstantine in a headlock but Orwell lifts the Enforcer into the air and drops him with a side suplex. Konstantine with the cover, One…… Two…… kick out at two. Both men on their feet and King KO strikes with a HEAVY HEADBUTT… but Kersh retaliates with a SWIFT KICK TO THE MIDSECTION. Brent Kersh goes for a school boy rollup… Konstantine ROLLS THROUGH… KO makes it to his knees but he’s met with a WICKED KICK TO THE CHEST!!! AND ANOTHER KICK TO THE CHEST!!! Kersh goes for a kick to the face but Konstantine ducks and hooks his arms… GERMAN SUPLEX… WAIT!!! KERSH FLIPS BACKWARDS AND LANDS ON HIS FEET!!! Brent Kersh off the ropes… but Konstantine catches Kersh, hoisting him onto his shoulders with EXILE!!! BRENT KERSH IS LOCKED IN A TORTURE RACK!!!

The official asks The Enforcer if he’d like to submit but in true Brent Kersh fashion, he’s going to fight until he cannot fight any more. Konstantine finally drops Kersh to the mat and falls on top of him, cover… One…… Two…… Brent Kersh kicks out!! Konstantine pulls Brent to his feet and hooks him for a sidewalk slam… but Kersh catches it and hits Orwell with a RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP!! Kersh to his feet first followed by Konstantine who walks straight into a BACKBREAKER from the Enforcer and the cover, One…… Two…… LORD TREMBLAY PLACES KING KONSTANTINE’S FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE!! The referee has no choice but to break the count!!

Both men make it to their feet and Brent Kersh catches King KO with another swift KICK!! And ANOTHER!!! Kersh backs Konstantine into the corner and mounts the second rope to begin pounding Konstantine with stiff forearm shots to the face…BUT QUEEN KASSANDRA IS ON THE ROPES!! KASSANDRA IS CLUTCHING THE ARM OF BRENT KERSH!! Kersh tries to convince Kassandra to get off the apron when KONSTANTINE HOOKS THE TIGHTS!! KING KO RUNS… SENTENCED TO DEATH!! RUNNING BUCKLE BOMB!!!! Brent Kersh staggers out of the corner into… OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!! KERSH IS FOLDED IN HALF!!! Konstantine with the COVER… ONE…… TWO……… THREE!!! KING KONSTANTINE PINS BRENT KERSH!!!!!!

A camera has followed Crash to Desert Springs Hospital Medical Centre as he frantically rushes through the hallways. He’s mumbling to himself, “D4, D4” as he hunts down the room in question. Finally he arrives and rushes inside, pulling the curtain back to see Zander Zane, laying there in a hospital bed, beaten, bruised, dehydrated and in a very bad way.

“Jesus Christ, what did they do to you?” Crash asks as he closes in to check on his poor mentor. As he gets closer, the hospital door suddenly clicks as if it’s locked. He turns around to see Red River Jack standing there.

“Surprise, mother fucker.”

Jack leaps into action with a right hand, devastating Crash who didn’t see it coming. He pummels away at him like a man possessed, throwing him over the unconscious body of Zander Zane to the opposite side floor. He casually rolls over Zane himself and stands before Crash, who’s on his knees.

“This is where the likes of you belong, man; at my feet,” Jack sneers at him. He reaches out and grabs the IV bar, snapping it down across Crash’ back. “Don’t you ever forget it.”

After another devastating shot to the back, he snaps the bar and leaves it there, looking down at the fallen stunt man. Jack walks back over to the door and unlocks it, heading out into the hall where David Manson and Brandon Hate were standing guard with smiles on their faces, fake hospital security uniforms to match as well. Red nods in their direction and they head out, leaving Crash unconscious with his mentor.

Our World Heavyweight Champion, the People’s Choice is out first to an outstanding ovation. The boss, Errol Flint, himself is out next. Flint shakes his damn near son in law’s hand before Desmond Cross makes his way to the ring… slowly, methodically. Cross enters the ring and stares a gaping hole through the eyes of Errol Flint, who seems both fueled with aggression and scared shitless at the same time. Either way Mike Lane calls for the bell and this street fight is on.

“Let’s go you son of a bitch!” Errol Flint shouts at Cross. Desmond takes a deep breath and begins to chuckle… then he does… he does the unthinkable. Desmond Cross slowly drops to his knees and presses his palms together. Desmond Cross is praying in the center of the ring. “Get up! LET’S GO!” the boss shouts again, but Cross won’t budge. Finally, Errol slides under the bottom rope and grabs a steel chair. Flint slides back in the ring, winds up and……………

CCCRRRRRAAAAAAACCCKKKKKKK!!!!!! SICKENING STEEL CHAIR SHOT TO THE SKULL OF DESMOND CROSS!! But… but Desmond Cross is still on his knees. First only a trickle, followed by a stream of blood hurries down the forehead of Messiah’s Messenger.CCCRRRRRAAAAAAACCCKKKKKKK!!!!!!! A SECOND STEEL CHAIR SHOT SENDS CROSS TO THE MAT!! Cross falls to his back and slides under the bottom rope. Flint follows him and lifts the ring apron. Errol pulls a table out and erects it at ringside as Mike Lane can’t believe what he’s seeing. Flint pulls Desmond Cross to his feet… Irish whip by Flint sends Cross over the barricade and into the audience. Flint grabs the steel chair, now stained with the blood of Desmond Cross and follows into the crowd. Flint SMASHES THE STEEL CHAIR ACROSS THE BACK OF DESMOND CROSS!! Cross rolls in agony before Errol kicks him in the ribs over and over and over again. Next the boss sends the edge of the steel chair down onto the ribs of Cross. Once, twice, three times and Desmond must have a cracked rib at this point. Cross moves through the crowd towards the stage in the school yard and Errol Flint is on hot pursuit while Mike Lane attempts to keep these men corralled. ANOTHER CHAIR SHOT ACROSS THE BACK OF DESMOND CROSS!! Errol Flint is just dominating Desmond Cross as they make their way onto the stage, through the curtain and into the backstage area.

Cross stammers against a wall in the backstage area when out of nowhere… CRRRAASSSHHHH!!! ERROL FLINT RUNS A ROAD CASE AT FULL FORCE INTO THE RIBS OF DESMOND CROSS!! Where did he come from?? Errol grabs a loose cable off the floor and wraps it around the throat CHOKING THE LIFE OUT OF DESMOND CROSS!! Mike Lane looks somewhat satisfied as Flint finally peels Desmond Cross off the floor and barely lifts him onto the road case. Flint spits on Messiah’s Messenger before he pushes the road case back towards the stage- Errol flint is rolling Desmond Cross back to ringside.

Flint rolls Desmond through the curtain and back onto the stage. Errol gets a running start and sends Cross and the case flying down the entrance way to a mighty BBBOOOOMMMM as the case COLLIDES WITH THE BARRICADE!! Errol makes it to the end of the entrance and drags Desmond with all his might to ringside, rolling the former Heavyweight Champion under the bottom rope. Errol makes his way up the ring steps as Desmond Cross pulls himself to his knees, blood now pouring from the wound on his forehead. Errol steps through the ropes and confidently makes his way before Cross who is… laughing? Cross… laughs wildly before he brushes his bloody hair back from his face and stares at the boss. Desmond takes a deep breath before shouting, “MY TURN!!”

AMAZING GRACE!!! F-5!!!! DESMOND CROSS SCOOPS ERROL FLINT AND DROPS HIM WITH AMAZING GRACE!!! The fans in the school yard erupt into a chorus of boos and Flint is out of it. Cross peels Flint off the mat and AMAZING GRACE AGAIN!!! GOOD GOD, DESMOND CROSS!! TWO F-5’S IN A ROW!!!!! Mike Lane drops to the mat to check on Errol Flint but the boss isn’t responding. Cross brings his hand to his forehead and smears a layer of blood across his chest… this is just sadistic. Desmond Cross lifts Errol Flint to his feet… he hooks under the arms… OH MY GOD… he hoists Errol into the air… JESUS CHRIST, NO… THE REDEEMING!!! CRUCIFIX POWERBOMB OVER THE TOP FUCKING ROPE AND THROUGH THE TABLE ON THE OUTSIDE!!! “HOLY SHIT!! HOLY SHIT!!” The crowd in the school yard erupts. Mike Lane rushes out of the ring and attempts to revive Errol Flint, but it’s no use.

Desmond Cross slides under the bottom rope before pulling a steel chair of his own from under the ring. Desmond laughs again before pulling Flint to his knees and then the inevitable CCCRRRRRAAAAAAACCCKKKKKKK!!!!!! HE’S GOTTA BE DEAD!! Blood pours down the face of Errol Flint- the boss is a shell of the man he was earlier. Cross drags Flint over to the barricade and sits him against it. Cross moves to the corner and pulls apart the steel ring steps. Cross runs at the boss… TTTHHHHHUUUUUDDDDDDD!!!! THE STEEL RING STEPS BOUNCE OFF THE FACE OF ERROL FLINT!!! But Cross isn’t done there. Messiah’s Messenger pushes Mike Lane out of the way and grabs Flint by the throat and begins DRAGGING him down the entry way and through the curtain, the Heavyweight Champion following them.

“IT’S OVER!! END THIS!!” The People’s Choice pleads with Desmond Cross to finish the match but Cross keeps dragging the boss through the backstage area near Flint’s own office. Cross turns and stares at Lane before LAUNCHING ERROL FLINT THROUGH THE PLATE GLASS WINDOW OF THE OFFICE!!!!!!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!! THERE’S GLASS EVERYWHERE!!! Lane runs through the door and clutches the mangled body of Errol Flint… but God almighty, Desmond isn’t done!!! Cross shoves Lane against the wall and clutches the throat of Errol Flint again and drags him out of the office. The guttural noises coming from Errol Flint are just disgusting as his heels click against the floor- the proverbial crimson mask upon his face. We’re at the back of the school yard now and Cross places Flint against the door to the parking lot. “END THIS NOW!!” Mike Lane shouts at Cross before the giant runs and BIG BOOTS ERROL FLINT THROUGH THE DOOR!!! FLINT’S HEAD BOUNCES OFF THE PAVEMENT ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE ARENA!!!

“PIN HIM!” Lane continues to plead as Desmond Cross wipes blood from Flint’s forehead across his chest now- a bloody union of sorts. Desmond pulls Errol to his knees, holding the back of the boss’s head. “THIS CAN ALL END NOW, MIKE LANE……… BUT YOUWILL FINISH IT.” What in God’s name?? “NO,” Lane shakes his head, refusing to give in to Messiah’s Messenger, “NO!” “DO IT,”Cross says to the Champion. Mike Lane paces back and forth in the parking lot, frantically grabbing at his hair, staring at Destiny’s father in this most horrific condition. “DO IT!!!!!!” Desmond shouts again at the People’s Choice. Lane is at a loss,“JUST…… JUST,” – Cross interrupts “FINISH IT!!! FINISH HIM!!!” SHADOW KICK!!!!!!! NO!!! NO!!!! MIKE LANE MERCIFULLY SHADOW KICKS ERROL FLINT WHOSE HEAD SNAPS BACK!!! Flint crumples to the concrete and Desmond Cross laughs maniacally, dropping to his knees and placing his hands on the chest of a DESTROYED Errol Flint. Mike Lane counts… ONE…… TWO……… THREE!!! And the bell tolls.

Mike Lane is still on his knees having made the count – looking utterly distraught with himself. Earlier tonight, Errol said he was doing this for his family, a family that included Mike Lane. The World Champion closes his eyes, his head lowered, full of a shame.

Desmond Cross walks by him, patting him condescendingly on the shoulder as he passes. Mike’s attention isn’t even with his nemesis, it’s with Errol who lays broken, bloodied and unconscious before him.

He pulls Errol back to his feet and lifts him over shoulder, making a disgusted walk back into the arena. Lane reaches the door and WHACK! THE DOOR BURSTS OPEN RIGHT INTO HIS FACE!! Mike and Errol tumble to the ground and at the worst possible moment, HERE’S ISAIAH BLACK! Black arrogantly walks through the door with a smile, looking towards Mike as he groggily tries to figure out what happened.


The fans boo wildly back inside the arena as Isaiah Black stands over the fallen Mike Lane and Errol Flint, grinning. The World Champion just can’t catch a break.