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Old School Wrestling is a 500 word promo microfed.

What that means is that all a handler is required to do is submit one five hundred word promo before the deadline. No other writing is required, but match writing and the creative team are available avenues to explore should you wish to do more.

You don’t need to write your own angles – the creative team do that for you and surprise you with the direction of your character on a weekly basis.

All you need to do is write your promo.

Old School Wrestling is likely unlike any other e-fed you’ve ever encountered. We’re definitely not like the WWE and we’re absolutely not like anything you’d find on twitter. Our characters don’t have twitter accounts – they’re not social media icons. It’s the opposite.

OSW is a television show about wrestling. We have supernatural characters, science fiction elements, high fantasy and even more grounded and realistic characters – but they all exist in this reality. The Sandman is a Dream Demon who can invade dreams, where as Luke Storm is just a regular guy, a failing actor, just trying to get by. They all exist. No-one goes home and takes off their make-up.

Reading an OSW show is like watching your favourite science fiction drama. It’s like watching Sons of Anarchy, Billions or Supernatural – with big overarching fed-wide stories, seasons and volumes.

We’re designed for writers who love old school wrestling. By old school, we’re not talking about the old territories, but gimmicks, characters, creations that we believe in. Characters that we don’t think go home and take off their makeup. We’ve long signed up to the philosophy that these characters are real within this world we’ve created. Just like Lucha Underground, or your favourite Drama. At the same time, we’ve selected our audience.

We play to busy mature handlers who don’t have the time to write thousands of words to participate in this game. We cater to handlers who aren’t interested in character development and just want to promo. That doesn’t mean anyone outside of these categories won’t enjoy us; that’s simply not true.

We have five hundred promo words a week – not including scene description. It’s not a huge ask but it is an enjoyable challenge. To take you on this journey, all we ask for is your commitment. All we ask is that you roleplay when you’re booked, that you take part in the community and if you’re capable, you assist in other areas. We ask that you participate. That’s Old School Wrestling.

Old School Wrestling is a supportive family. There’s no ego, no bullshit and no excuses. Everyone cares about everyone else and that’s the community we’ve fostered here. If you’re looking for a place to call home, where winning or losing doesn’t matter, but when you accomplish things, people are proud – this is the place for you.

Old School Wrestling is a place where you can unleash your creativity. Rarely is a gimmick too far fetched for what we do here. We've got everything from the Supernatural to the Realistic. Check out our roster.

We never produce a late show here in Old School Wrestling. We're approaching nearly 400 events over the past seven years and if there's one thing you can set your watch by, it's an OSW Show. Check out some of our past events.

We have an extremely friendly and supportive community of mature handlers who aren't here to win, but enjoy the experience. Our Discord is full of great people willing to help you write and make you feel at home.


Dean aka Zeus

Fedhead, Creative Team Leader, Match Writer, Poser, Web & Graphic Designer.

Laner aka Grimskull & Gemini

Second In Command, Creative Team Member, Roster Member, Poser Designer & Match Writer.

Hayden aka V1sion and EMM

Creative Team Member & Match Writer

Dawson aka Jackson Cade & Blacktooth

Creative Team Member & Match Writer

Alex aka Colt Ramsey

Creative Team Member & Match Writer

Matt aka Drewitt

Creative Team Member

Zac aka Destructo Boy

Match Writer

Robbie aka Narcissa

Match Writer

Jesse aka Dr. Death

Match Writer

If this sounds like your cup of tea, what’re you waiting for?