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Aarman’s Box

Long ago, this world was pristine and pure. A tad boring but paradise none the less until one day as punishment for accepting the gift of Prometheus, the divine father gifted a young woman a simple box containing the greatest gifts of the gods and was warned never to open it.

Knowing full well that Pandora was cursed with curiosity.

She resisted temptation, agonizing for days upon weeks yet it was not until a silver tongued whisper echoed through her mind that she gave in.

What’s in the box?

A simple question of pure curiosity led to the corruption of an entire world, as the moment Pandora opened that box, every vile and malicious emotion the gods could muster escaped into the world.

Corrupting once a peaceful world into the broken hell on earth Arcadia is today. Yet as sin and desire flowed through the souls of every fool, did they embrace them?

Or did they see them as curses that dragged them down into the abyss?

The cult leader who professes altruism through sacrifice and flagellation yet his Pride in the sheep that follow his every footstep contradict his pious words

The fool behind the camera who witnesses life through a lens in the darkness and Envies those who truly live, even as he twists their every word and motive to his own agenda

The cannibal who thrives on fear and blood as he Lusts after every person he sees like a wolf desiring its latest prey.

The hero who could not live with his failures even in the moment of true victory and delivers his heart and soul to an endless torment of Sorrow

The simple business man who would do anything to ensure his little piece of the Arcadian dream flourishes, even as his Greed damns his very soul

The so called vigilante, who seeks to punish the wicked and unjust, not realizing his Wrath may have corrupted the innocent far more then they ever did.

And every single one of you fools have walked through my doors, shaken my hand and begged me to release you from the curse of Sin that makes you feel less then human.

Did you every wonder why I obliged without thinking? Did you ever wonder why I gave you what you desired? Or did you simply walk away satisfied with silver tongued platitudes calming your soul?

Not realizing it’s the same voice that urged her to give in.

Because you all remember Pandoras Box yet you never ask about mine.

For while she unleashed Sin upon the world, I take it all back.

The Pride, The Wrath, The Envy, The Lust, The Greed. Everything that makes you feel alive, everything that makes you strong and unstoppable.

All locked inside, festering and growing with power unimaginable until the moment I desire it.

For I am not just some wolf come to devour the lambs foolish enough to deny gifts from the gods, I am the demon you ignored.

And when Aarman’s Box finally opens and all your Sins are mine,

The Devil will finally have his due.

Aarman Fidel