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A Whisper To A Roar

A Whisper To A Roar

Eden was a planet filled with laughter, and joy, and freedoms. A planet united in vision and in voice. Until the day the Ashen came. When they took those freedoms from us, they took art, music, creativity and self-expression but they took our voices too. The most jarring change was how quickly things went silent. A once thriving planet suddenly brought to a cruel and unjust stop. We were not allowed to talk to each other from fear of punishment or even death, and the Ashen only spoke to us when they deemed it necessary. The rest of the time we were just shit on their shoes, not worth the energy of speaking to or the bother of caring about.

So where once we shouted, screamed and sang, we learned to whisper.

Whispering became our way of communication, it let us slip by undetected as the Ashen continued their control of us.

But whispering is no way to live.

What is a whisper?

A whisper is one of two things. A whisper is a way to communicate quietly because you’re forced to by outside influences, which are usually bad, or a whisper is secrets, lies, deceit. What use are either of those options? Both are dirty. Both dishonourable. So whilst I did put up with the whispering for a short time, it was only for as long as truly necessary before I kicked it to the kerb and found my voice once more.

And the same applies again. Whisper has arrived on the scene wanting to silence my voice permanently, and he may have succeeded in bringing down the decibels a bit, but he has not silenced me yet, and he will not silence me permanently. I’ll kick Whisper to the kerb at the earliest opportunity too, and find my voice again.

Whilst Whisper stands for lies and deceit, Vigour stands for truth and honour.

Whilst Whisper stands for selling your soul to the highest bidder, Vigour stands for staying true to yourself no matter what.

Whilst Whisper stands for death, Vigour stands for life.

And whilst Whisper stands for quiet and silence, Vigour stands for the fucking life and soul of the party.

I will not whisper, like the Ashen made me. I will build my voice, stronger and stronger, taking in all the energy from those I love around me, and from the memory and soul of Starboy, and you’ll rue the day you tried to keep me quiet, because my voice will build to a roar. A roar like you’ve never heard before. A primal roar, a guttural noise that comes only from the bowels of war, that tells you I’m not for pushing over and trampling on. A roar of a lion, so loud it physically knocks you back.

And once that roar escapes from my mouth, the silence will be defeated, and the whisper will be no more.

So, let’s do it now, and do it LOUD!