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A Real Champion

We find ourselves once again inside The Hive. Jinx sits in front of several computer monitors, the VHS Championship in her lap.

“When I think of what it means to be a Champion, I think of someone who is leagues ahead of the competition. I think of someone who can shoulder the target painted on their back. I think of an individual who seemingly can’t be beaten.”

“I think of a person who touches something, and that something instantly turns to gold.”

“However, that’s not the same thought I have when I think of Jackson Cade.”

She spins in her high backed chair, away from the monitors.

“It seems everything you touch, Mr. Cade, turns to ash and crumbles right before you.”

The monitors light up behind her. Flashbacks are shown on the screens of Jackson Cade’s fued with Jasper Redgrave.

“You tried to uphold the law the best you could. You attempted to be the Champion that Arcadia needed by bringing one of it’s most notorious serial killers to justice. You fought in a valiant effort to rid this humble abode of ours of one of it’s most violent and dangerous threats, but at what cost?”

Visions of Riggs and his family are shown on the screen before they’re cut to evidence pictures of Riggs’ and his family’s murder.

“When The Baron went missing, you sought after Harold Attano in hopes that you would be able to crack the case of whodunnit. You thought that it would be you, the hot rookie cop, that would provide answers on the whereabouts of Zeus, and you thought that Attano was the key to those answers.”

The monitors switch behind her, now replaying that tragic night where Cade’s scuffle with Attano ended in gunfire.

“Despite the good you were trying to achieve, you shot an innoncent civilian that night.”

These visuals fade into the moment Jackson Cade had to give up his badge, and then a look at TEC.

“You took the automaton known as TEC under your wing to get back in the good graces of the APD and it’s chief. It worked for a while, but where did it end?”

“It isn’t Colt Ramsey or myself that is to blame for the untimely self-destruct of your former partner, Jackson.. it’s you.”

Jinx leans forward as the visuals begin replaying behind her at a rapid pace.

“You may have walked out of Wrestling Gold with the belt, but you’re not fit to be considered a Champion, Jack.”

“You’re a disgraced beat cop who ruins everything he comes into contact with.”

“At Levelmania I will prove that you’re not the Champion you wish to claim to be.”

“You may think you’re the big dog around here now, but I know your bark is worse than your bite.”

Jinx grabs the VHS Championship from her lap as she stands up, putting the title right in the camera’s eye.

“Take a good look now, Mr. Cade, because this week I will show you and the rest of Arcadia what a REAL Champion looks like.”

“Game Over.”