A New Hope

In Promo by Jinx

In the armsss of an angel..
Faaar away from hereee..

Television broadcasts throughout Arcadia are interrupted by the familiar song. A picture of a very helpless looking child is plastered on the screen. His rib cage is showing, clearly from starvation. A line of text appears on the screen as the picture fades out.

The lowest level of Arcadia is full of forgotten members of society. They are lost without food or shelter.

The song continues to play as another picture begins to fade into view. This one of a family of four. They look depressed and dirty, not having showered in months. More text appears on the screen.

99% of the inhabitants of this wasteland are unemployed without a way to provide for their families.

Another picture fades in over this one, showing more and more hardships of the lowest level of Arcadia. Pictures of families digging through trash looking for food, others huddled around a barrel fire trying to keep warm. Each picture getting worse and worse.

Many of them have become very impressionable. Most of them now look to Grimskull for help.

The pictures on screen now change to pictures of Grimskull standing before his followers as he preaches the way of embracing pain. He tortures someone actively in front of the masses to get his point across.

They suffer through pain and anguish, begging Grimskull for some sort of salvation from their unfortunate reality.

More pictures become apparent, showing Grimskull in countless acts of brutality towards his following are followed by more pictures of starving, broken Arcadians.

They blindly follow the ways of a maniac, hoping that he can show them to the light of a better life through their pain and anguish.

Pictures of the narrow passages through the lower levels are now shown, littered with lifeless corpses.

But most of them only find their demise.

Another few shots of helpless looking Arcadians peering into the camera, looking depressed and needy are shown before we cut to a live feed of the lower levels. A pixelated version of Jinx appears, walking through the crowds of the less fortunate.

“It’s time we put this to an end, Grimskull.”

“For too long have you passed on your own lack of self-worth onto many innocent lives.”

“One look at you proves one thing. You’re a man who is barreling towards your own demise. A demise that you seem to welcome.”

“However, I cannot sit idly by any longer and watch you as you herd the innocent lives of these misfortuned Arcadians down that same dark path.”

“I can no longer watch as you preach to these masses a story of blasphemy, one that teaches them to welcome the pain and anguish that YOU suffer.”

“You’re not fit to be King, Grimskull.”

“This week at Thunder, the two of us will meet for the first time.”

“And for the first time, those of who you’ve led down this path of anguish will FINALLY have an ounce of hope.”

“They will finally have someone to look to as a savior..”

“You’ve been playing a game you’ve already lost, Grimskull.”

Game Over.”