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A Kind of Arson

“It started off as an unusually peaceful day in the Slums.”

“People were performing their daily routines and no thugs were around to cause trouble. Houseworkers did chores, kids played games, and spirits were overall pretty high.”

“They had hoped that this kind of day would go on forever. Alas, someone was about to come and burn that dream to the ground.”

“A man had grown bored of the serenity of the day, desiring some action to keep himself awake. However, he didn’t want to get his own hands dirty and put himself in a situation where he’d get attacked.”

“It took two people knocking into each other’s shoulders for him to come up with an idea. He would twist an innocuous event into something far greater in order to get some other poor sap into creating trouble.”

“He told a would be hero that one of the people who bumped shoulders picked the other’s pocket. When he went to confront the other man, he told a small group of people that the supposed hero was mugging the stranger.”

“When they attacked the hero, he told a much larger populace that there was a gang beating up a defenseless kid. So on and so forth until a full scale riot had broken out due to his gossip.”

“The kindling had unknowingly been set by the dwellers, causing the fire to start by the hands of one man with evil intentions.”

“Starting metaphorical fires from nothing is your specialty, isn’t it, mister Ramsey? You focus on the most minute details with a magnifying glass in order to blow it up into something you can make a story out of.”

“When you find one, you twist the situation into something completely different, much like how gossipers blow small happenings completely out of proportion. When you accomplish that, you tell it to the readers of your paper, causing them to react to your misinformation accordingly.”

“Take your upcoming date with Narcissa as an example. She’s stated that it will be under her terms and as long as you give her what she wants.”

“She’s unknowingly set the kindling for you to start a massive fire. All you have to do to achieve it is to construe what she said into something that sounds more desperate for your love.”

“That’s when you’ll sell the story to the readers that the fashion designer fell in love with a humble journalist.”

“Good luck starting that fire though, Colt. Not only will the truth find a way to expose itself before you can twist her words, but I won’t allow you to make a bigger deal out of small things.”

“You’re like an arsonist, always trying to start fires where there normally wouldn’t be.”

“I know now that the best way to deal with an arsonist is to stop them before they can light the fire. And in order to stop you, I’ll have to break your hands before you can write your bullshit.”

“Be careful when blowing things up. You just might get burned.”