A Crystal Clear Lake

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[edgtf_dropcaps type=”normal” color=”” background_color=””]N[/edgtf_dropcaps]arcissus was a very beautiful young man that everyone adored. However, there was no-one to whom he would return their affection.

One day, whilst Narcissus was hunting, he came upon a small crystal clear lake and bent down to take a drink.

As he went to drink the water, he fell in love with the reflection of himself.

He was so awed by this person that he could not move. He felt instant and immediate, unadulterated love.

Narcissus tried to grab the image but couldn’t, which made him more infatuated with himself.

The beautiful young man stayed there without any sleep, food or water. He refused to leave the side of such beauty. Yet for some reason, they couldn’t be together.

He called to the Gods asking why he was being denied the love that the two shared. He started to communicate with the reflection and decided that he would never leave it, and if he were to perish because of that, they would at least die together.

Crazy with love for his reflection, Narcissus stayed beside the water and wasted away. He laid down to die, staring at the beauty of himself.

I must give the devil his due, Aarman Fidel.

You do make every dream come true, but not your own.

It doesn’t matter the need, for a price, you’re able to fulfil it. If someone wants love for an evening or an eternity, Aarman Fidel knows where and how to source it.

But you’re a lonely soul, aren’t you?

Everyone loves and adores you, but there’s no-one in which you can return said affection.

But come peer into me, Aarman.

I am the crystal clear lake for your soul.

On Monday Night, you’ll stand looking directly into that lake and do you know what you’ll see? You’ll see a beautiful man that you’ll fall deeply and madly in love with. You’ll see something that you love so much more than anything or anyone in the world and you’ll desperately want it.

You’ll do anything to touch it, to hold it, to have it show you the love you need. You’ll cry to the Gods and beg them to be able to have it, and you’ll receive no reply.

The Ferryman cares not for what the Gods think.

You see, I’m simply a reflection of your soul. I’m the body of water that shows you what resides. I’m not something you can have and when you look at me, and you see that reflection of you, it’ll trigger something deep inside that is unescapable.

I’m a man you simply cannot have

A vision on the water reflected at you.

And it is there you’ll meet your end.

But never fear the end, Aarman Fidel.

The end is where we meet.

And I will send you on your way.